Why Some Cars Are More Fun to Drive Than Others

Avaldati 10 aug 2021
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You’ll sometimes hear enthusiasts describe their car as a “driver’s car,” and it’s tempting to think that’s just an excuse for not having enough power. But what they mean is that the car lets you experience driving. A driver’s car doesn’t isolate you from the road, it amplifies your connection to it. It makes driving engaging. Greatness doesn’t happen by accident, and today we’re going to figure out how to engineer a car to give a great driving experience.

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  • That BMW is actually my dream car… too bad I live in canada

  • I drive a 5 speed 01 Prelude... This fckn car is insanely fun!!

  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • BMW Z4 E85 w/the N52 motor.

  • The best driver's car, for me, is and always will be the Peugeot 205 Rallye, the 80's hot hatch with no radio stock, super lightweight, N/A engine, and one off the best chassi's ever made.

  • Jesus loves you all and died for our sins

  • I would rather Drive my Car then my Car Drive me

  • I didn’t really like driving. I thinks driving a car really boring. Recently, my brother in law told me how much he likes driving. He told me how fun it is to feel free and adventurous in the road. I think it’s really fascinating that some people really thinks a car like their loved ones.

  • Porsche. The answer to the 9/10 is always Porsche..


  • OMFG this is my city on 3:53 ... Abraços de Natal, RN - Brasil.

  • Any car older than about 12 yrs old or older .. My fav was 86 Corolla sr5 loved it and would trade any car i had since then 4 it

  • The Camaro ZL1 1LE. It "communicates" so much, my wife can't stand riding in it...but I tell you, it's raw, firm, and powerful. The GM Rev match system paired with a 6 speed actually gives you something real and undeniably worthwhile as a benefit of having electronic throttle controls, and even the best heel-toe driver can't get the throttle blip this perfect. Just remember to turn off ALL the nannys!

  • Rover 25, just trust me on it, it's a rover 25

  • open roads. even a kia would be fun. or a hyundai. even a toyota. maybe a honda. possibly a ford.

  • I traded my wrx for an nd2 miata this year and havent looked back since

  • Can you guys make a vid on the automotive headlights/tail lights?where they started to where they are now and maybe the future.there is so much engineering that goes unnoticed in the lights.mow pawa baby!

  • I'm from Mexico and I drive a Chevy, which is only sold here many years and face lifted twice. An old Opel Corsa. With some modifications done to it, it's a bit safer but also a lot more communicative to the road. Not the best, but very fun to drive.

  • Ngl steering with no power steering is fun guves me a splash of testosterone, i think companies should make it optional in a car like truning off and on traction control and such

  • When Jerry was talking about how cars are like relationships right after talking about hitting a car when it makes a noise you don’t like I really thought he was gonna say hit your gf when she says what you don’t wanna hear. Jerry don’t scare me like that lol.

  • Audi RS4 B7 has it all

  • RX8 Miata Austin-Healey Sprite MGB Jaguar S-Type yes Porsche is definitely a driver's car although recently I have driven 2020 911 and it had a lot of electronics on it. It's still felt like a visceral experience though. It's very nice that you made this video I've always wondered why no other car channels talk about this exact issue. The feedback the car gives you the communication and what's the difference between a Toyota Camry and a Mustang. Yeah Mustang in most of its iterations is a driver's car. I also must mention Corvette that is a driver's car really is it definitely has a lot of emotion coming from the controls and the seat.

  • Man I am starting to enjoy Jeremiah's videos so much more in the past couple months. This is awesome!

  • Two of my personal cars are from the late '90s, and both could be described as "driver's cars" because of the lower level of power assistance. Truth is that they're just hard work, but I don't think that's a bad thing and maybe that's the point? My 3rd car is a 2021 Skoda Superb with a 7-speed DSG and frankly it can out-perform my others except for cornering. It's a far better car overall, no exception. But I'd rather be in the Tomcat or the Cougar just for the fun of it... exactly as your video said about old farts like me.

  • The number one thing that makes a car a fun car? Manual.

  • The whole video is an advertisement for Jeremiah.

  • An 89’ MR2... non-supercharged... with poly bits replacing the original rubber bits... bliss defined...

  • You just had to hit us with the sad facts at the end there…

  • My crx hits much of that. Added a strut bar tho cause it had a bit too much flex, I'm about to VTEC it too for more power without sacrificing my fuel eco on the normal drives.

  • 4:18 "Adult Liquid" 🌚🌚

  • My '73 Datsun 610's.. Manual everything (incl. choke), 3 pedals, 4 spd, full independent suspension, 110(ish) hp and rack n pinion. Not what anyone would think of as a drivers car, but I was once told - "You don't drive that car, you wear it. If you wiggle your a$$ the car goes sideways". I miss rallying it.

  • Zach Jobe looks different

  • My moms 2015 nissan altimas throttle response is so excruciatingly bad i fucking hate it, you can blip the throttle and your foot will be off the gas pedal before it starts even raising rpms. Utter shit. I fucking hate it

  • My favorite drivers car is my car

  • Nice vid Futuuuuuuuuuure

  • I have an 08 mustang, and a 00 Mr2 Spyder. The Spyder feels like a street legal go-kart, and it is so much fun to drive. You can feel everything. My Mustang is automatic and uh....a cruising option when I feel lazy from a manual haha.

  • Your bellybutton is kind of adorable.

  • Hey John B

  • A balanced car is key! The cheapest one I had was an Infinity G35 coupe. Not too bad for a cheap car.

  • Dodge Charger Hellcat

  • Lotus Exige

  • The problem now days is the younger generation doesn't appreciate cars like previously, they have access to smart phones tablets etc. whereas when we were kids we played with hot wheels, played racing games like gran turismo or nfsu. ALTHOUGH Nissan coming in clutch with that new Z.

  • 2014 nissan sunny

  • OMG this guy makes everything boring... BOOOOOOOO🤮🤮

  • Does race kart for karting have power steering tho?

  • Ugh I hate the electronic throttle on my current car, so laggy

  • Anyone else think Jeremiah looks like the guy from outer banks?

  • 5:06

  • 0:04 "Jeremiah Burton: NOT Zach Jobe" 😄 tbh i do sometimes forget they're two different people....

  • Take a corolla t sport facelift and get it sum billstein bits, not the quickest out there, but you wil smoke the track for sure.

  • Thumbs down cause the best driver cars have a low cg and old school manual....so the car takes input from all your limbs and becomes an extension of you. None of this was mentioned.

  • The new GR86😍😍😍

  • At 5:51 can we all appreciate the actual endurance test that poor folding chair is going through right now

  • Lol I see late 90s and 2000s ppl talking about their car like if they had anywhere close of the driving experience a 70s or 80s car had, dont think these guys ever experienced that.

  • "There also shouldn't be any delay in that response, and power should come on smoothly" *stares at 2016 chevy spark*

  • Honda Integra DC5 for me, the way honda got that thing to handle straight out of the tin i take my hat off to them, mine is on mugen springs and shocks and michelin pilot sport 4 tyres and i don’t think twice about throwing it into a corner worrying about grip, it’s light agile ok not the fastest car in the world but thats not what they were made for really i suppose 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • E36 M3

  • Civic type r ep3 is the quintessential drivers car! Cheap, easy tune and puts a smile on your face every time.

  • For me a true driver's car is an e30. I've had two and loved them. Will be buying a 350z soon I hope I'm into it as much as I imagine.

    • Why not wait for the 400z

  • I swear the editors always adds Jeremiah's spin out at the track whenever they can 🤣🤣

  • I'm driving my grannys ford ka, it's quite rusty and feels completely unsafe when driving 100km/h or faster... Other than that it's amazing to drive compared to the c3 my mother owns

  • Carrera gt in a tunnel with out the roof of it (you can take the roof off)

  • That’s why you turn the music down when you’re lost!?!?!?

  • I love my 97 Land Rover discovery, even though I’m only 17 and haven’t had the opportunity to drive many cars, I absolutely love driving it on and off road, it’s a little low on power with the 4.0 V8 and 4 speed auto but what can I say, it’s not meant for speed, it’s an off road car with road like manners

  • e46

  • I have to say my 280z I think it had to do with it felt as if my ass was inches from the road the space between was air factor in tires. Next over all control I give it to my BMW 325i with my Added option. Keep in mind these are cars I own and the add experience of working as a car jockey At hertz

  • My 03 BMW Z4 is the most fun car I’ve driven

  • So far my Alfa Romeo Ti Sport is the most fun car I’ve driven.

  • I picked a fiesta ST for a reason. All the awards and auto journalists weren't wrong

  • best car to drive out the lot a 1992 honda accord ex or stick shift aka cb7 ...

  • I have driven many, many different cars. I spent some time thinking about why some were more fun or a "driver's car." And what I noticed is the ones that I typically like to drive the most are small, nimble cars, because driving "fast" is relative. Driving an AMG Merc 100 mph is nothing. But driving a small hatchback 100 mph is FUN. Some cars that I love are; GTI, 86, MX5, Focus/Fiesta ST. Not only are all of these super fun to drive, but they happen to be inexpensive too.

  • yeaahhhhh, i totally want a auto driver car in city bullshity no walkable traffic, but, i want control the beast under the rood in middle road... this is a double edge sword

  • I was surprised when I realized driving a Honda CRX with a little extra power under the hood was much more fun than an automatic C4 Corvette... It's a like driving a fun little stick shift go kart VS the Corvette where you can barely see over the dash despite being 6'3 due the seating position, full of blind spots, hard to climb in and out of & mainly made to go fast in a straight line.

  • Mk3 GTI with a VR6 only...my favorite drivers car :) ive had mk2 and also an e30 but test i prefer the mk3 for some reason i cant pinpoint

  • The Gordon Murray T.50 is definitely one of'em.

  • Guy says Porsha lol

  • Video starts at 2:15 . Click to skip the ads

  • The Fiesta ST is the best moderately priced drivers car available now. I have 200k miles on mine and plan on doing many more.

  • My 350 is pretty fun

  • For me, every Porsche that has ever been made… I started with a $5k Boxster and now I have 2 911s and 2 Boxsters. Every Porsche is a drivers car. All other cars feel tame, no matter if they are waaay faster or better at something, the Porsche is the entire package of the driving experience and emotions from driving.

  • 1.Is it nimble? 2.Does it has a relatively huge boot space? 3.Does it has a relatively flat torque curve? 4.Does it has a tire that useable during rains? 5.Does it not overpowered and not skid every few miles? 6.Is the spare part readily available? 7.Is there a lot of qualified mechanics for the car? 8.Is it not an enthusiast car? 9.Is it not featured in Initial D? 10.Does the car never appear on Jalopnik? . if all the answer to the above question is 'yes' then it's a fun car & will not make you miserable.

  • While chassis stiffness is for sure important, throttle response fairly important, so many other things mentioned, while still contributing to “feel”, are far less important than suspension kinematics and basic physics principles of cars. Center of gravity location and height, polar moment location, and instantaneous roll center locations would definitely be a few things to mention.

  • I love to engage all the sense while driving. For example, the smell of burning oil in my 96 tercel is so strong that you can taste it. True drivers car!

  • Easy. Swap to all poly bushings. Stiffer sus. Solid bushing for steering rack.

  • If it's RWD it's fun to drive!

  • The best American Drivers Car is the Dodge Viper ACR.

  • Don't jeravinci ever again please 🙏 🙂

  • If you want the best drivers car then go ride a motorcycle and then talk about engagement my personal advice is go start on turbo Hayabusa @YammieNoob @TurboBusa @YammieNoobOnemillion

  • r56 Mini cooper s

  • My TA is fun but when it rains I begin to cry 😭

  • A drivers car at 8500' altitude needs a turbo

  • My car has 90hp with really sticky rubber. It's a blast. 2000 new beetle tdi.

  • The best driver's "car" for me is a motorcycle. I love cars but daily commuting and regular highway driving are a lot better with modern cars. Yeah if I had the money I'd buy an old Porshe (or any other 80s sports car) for weekends. Since I don't have money to insure and maintain a "fun car". Getting a motorcycle is the next best thing.

  • I knew you looks familiar to someone! Ain't you a Johnny b from outer Banks ? 😅

  • Drivers are getting so oblivious, I think manufacturers need to step backwards and keep cars engaging, the way it’s going? in 10 years?… scary stuff Also! Art+Science? Rstea Psyents ? 🤪

  • Modern cars get worse all the time, that's why I like my 2006 Porsche 987.1

  • #2009HondaCityivtec

  • My '87 MR2 was definitely the most fun to drive car I've ever owned. Damn I miss that thing.

  • I'm 28yo quite young to dislike electronics people would say, i drive a BMW X5 e53 that's quite a few years old, and it already is irritatingly insulating from the road, and the Electronic Throttle is so much annoying i can't stand it, i'd rather go for a joyride with the Daewoo Lanos that i have with power steering delete and having it feeling like smashing its self on the road. I simply CANNOT DRIVE a car with an electronic throttle, there's a safety issue in every corner where i have to know where my throttle is so i can get on moving safely, i also can't imagine of having some crap like electronic steering, or lane assist, or any crap that would intervene my driving. To whoever would have anything to say about safety on technology, there are persons who belong behind the wheel, and people who belong on the passenger's seat, if one is only responsible and able to seat as a passenger safely, there's no electronic assist system that would save those persons from getting in trouble. There are technologies who would save a responsible driver in a time of need, but all i see is bored people doing much shitty driving and relying on those systems and actually ending up having more possibilities for a disaster.

  • I drive a K20Z1 swapped 2005 Honda Civic Si and it is so much fun to drive. Very engaging and definitely gets moving when you want it. Yea it only has 210 hp but when you’re on the highway….. maaaaaaaan