Why IndyCar is Better than F1

Avaldati 24 aug 2021
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Some race fans like to compare IndyCar to Formula 1. Both series have been increasing in popularity and, since they’re both single-seat, open-wheel racecars, they even look a bit alike. But it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges, the differences are what make them both cool. So, let’s dig into how IndyCar differs from Formula 1, and what makes it great. Let’s go!

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  • F1 doesn't lose drivers to Indy car. Indy car gets the drivers F1 don't want. Normally due to poor performance, no seat or too old for F1.

  • There's a huge difference between "losing drivers to" and "picking up rejects" You should look more carefully for history and context. If Nikita Mazepin somehow ends up in Indycar, you better know he got dumped out of F1 and not "chose Indycar because it's better"

  • Americans: "F1 is losing drivers to Indycar" Also Americans: "Hahahaha, KHL is NHL's retirement home."

  • This comparison is like comparing the MLS to the Premier League. It just does not make any sense. F1 is the pinnacle of racing.

  • BRUHHHHHH 0:33 that "Buscemi bunching baby" looks like Nads, or @Nadsynads, from Hoonigan.

  • lol Indy gets F1 drivers that can't keep their seats, Indy is the minor leagues at best .... hopefully F1 will "lose" Mazepin to Indy soon.

  • i'm a big f1 fan, but the more i learn about indy the more i find how f1 is ridiculous in many ways, especially money wise

  • if Indy car didnt have so many just turn left tracks just better tracks in general, it would be fun and the best drivers are in f1

  • Good old title switcheroo huh?

  • F1 is overrated...

  • F1 isn't losing driver's to Indy, an no mention of downforce hmm, this vid has only succeeded in making u look fairly ridiculous

  • I still like F1 more lol

  • Shitty title, cause in retrospect IndyCar isn't better. It's a different formula all together. The comparison in this era is completely moot. 5 G's of downforce, LMAO. He definitely meant to say 5 G's in cornering.

  • F1 drivers are more skilled than indycar drivers. F1 doesn't lose them to indycar. Indycar is often a post F1-career option if the drivers find themselves out of a drive for the next season. Indy car is like a piece of bread that soaks up the excess juices of an F1 steak. Love them both though. But those are the facts.

  • Bro, I don't eat Little Caesars''

  • cap

  • Just from the title no it’s not. Ngl you guys make F1 content but seemly never have watched F1.

  • Title : "Why IndyCar is better than F1" Thumbnail : "Why F1 is better than IndyCar"

  • You know that Indycars reaching higher topspeed may have something to do with them actually driving on much straiter tracks but the whole video is like a flat earther saying "if you cant see that the earth is round from the bottom then its flat"

  • For an economic research, i think indycar were better, but for tech research, formula1 were better.

  • In terms of race excitement IndyCar and F1 can't hold a candle to the kings F2 and MotoGP, nothing beats the on track action of those 2. F2 being a spec series like IndyCar and MotoGP a costructor's championship like F1.

  • Well, I watch F1 partly FOR the expensive development process thatgoes in to the cars. I like the team rivalry and drama about new parts like the doubble diffuser and ferraris engine. Advancments from F1 are copied in some road cars. That is one thing I find amazing. The matter of teams having no chance to win a title when they got a worse car? I think that is exciting as well. Seeing drivers outperform others who drive better cars is awesome to watch! And with new regulations every few seasons innovation mixes up the grid again. On top of that I dont enjoy most of the Indy tracks.

  • Really guys? C’mon, you’re better than this.

  • indycar 100% better. F1 to much cheat. example : they banned honda technology , but not mercedes. (Honda auto aerodynamics technology , Mercedes with DAS )

  • This is BULLSHIT

  • Increasing downforce doesn't mean increasing weight/power ratio. Mass of the car stills same. Thus, the Force you need to put on for certain acceleration is still the same. (F=m.a). Only downside is friction on wheels also increases but it is not a big deal. Besides you gain much more grip with this downforce. The main force that avoids the car from speeding is aerodynamic forces.

  • If F1 cars ever had to race on the Indy500 of today, the diference of top speed between F1 cars and Indy cars would be really unnoticeable since it is a matter of aero-setups rather than limitations of the car itself. Honda technically holds the record of the fastest F1 car with 397 km/h back in 2006 (though it was only promotional) so f1 cars can stay on par with indycars on ovals easily just with low-dowforce setups as they do in monza. Indy car is great in most of the things but is not the best in something like F1. F1 drivers go to Indy car because they can't hold their seat anymore or they want to retire. F1 drivers wont necesarilly perform well in Indycar and the same the other way around. F1 is a global sport that visits more than 20 counties world wide and the most exotic, iconic, luxurious and most mediocre race tracks on the planet. While Indy Car is only popular in United States, still the second fastest single-seater motorsport in the world (that can be up to debate between Indy Car, Formula 2 and Super Formula).

  • So... Why is indy car better than f1, because all I know is that f1 is more expensive and is more technologically advanced. I also don't think you can compare them to each other, if indycar is a spec series, you can't compare it to f1, you can comapre it to f2 though

  • The engine doesn’t push against down force. It pushes against drag and friction and acceleration is a function of mass not weight. Tire friction as well as some rolling friction will increase when down force increases but it isn’t 5 times as much.

  • The politics of F1 are a huge downer, like wth?

  • F1 is getting more parity by the race. You guys are clowns if you think it's the Lewis show still. How do you explain monza . It was the tightest top 6 I've seen in a long time. Battles everywhere

  • i was eating Little Caesars watching this...

  • F1 has a history and majesty no other motorsport can emulate. Engineering and driving skill of the highest order.... But you can go banger racing....

  • F1 is french cuisine indycar is mcdonalds i can eath both of them gladly but you can't really compare

  • Indy may be more cost effective, but F1 is the pinnacle of automobile racing. Full stop. Donut should have “Preparation H” as the sponsor of your car.

  • Indy is better, they drive and turn left, and turn left again

  • Marcus Ericsson is swedish..not german..

  • Same for WSBK and MotoGP. I have gone to Indy GP and COTA and did the paddock pass at COTA which was awesome. I have yet to do WSBK but MotoAmerica is like Indy and the paddock is wide open and tix are $60 for 3 days. We also have ex GP racers in MotoAmerica so very similar to this comparison. Great vid

  • I’m sorry oval track bores the living shit out of me I’ll stick with F1

  • Indycar basically MLS and F1 top 5 league in the europe

  • Ah yes, misleading video on a subject you aren't educated on. Again. There's no such thing as "one does something better than the other", they are completely different approach to the same sport. It's like saying "helicopters flies better than fighter jets" like.. no ? They both fly, but differently, period.

  • Too much hate on the comments, I'm a f1 fan, but recently been getting into indy and it's great.

  • Couple notes: -Downforce does not equal weight, it increases the rolling resistance equal to the amount of Gs times the weight of the car. In acceleration and cornering the weight or 'momentum' is based on 1 times the weight of the vehicle, the only extra force is drag. - Formula teams also have low drag setups, just not with removing major wings from the cars, for example monza vs monaco - most 'F1' drivers that go to indy car are retired, although i can definitely imagine its more fun to drive indycar

  • Donut media, you guys are smoking crack 😂. I bet you don't even watch f1

    • @Grunchlk neither of them raced for top teams...

    • @Robert Arnold like Zanardi and Bourdais?

    • well, it's a boring form of racing... Put Lewis in Alfa Romeo... how great would he be? Indycar is competitive for drivers. Take a top Indy driver and put them in Lewis's seat. You'll have an Indycar driver winning F1 lmao!

  • Can someone explain how downforce is measured by acceleration (not by force) and how does downforce increase a cars inertia so power to weight ratio would be ruined? This video is a bit of a scam, definitely needs rectification. You can compare indycar with f2 or f3 which are all spec races. But f1 only limits the "formula" which is "formula 1". Comparing f1 with indycar is like comparing a deliciously topped pizza with standard issue lapd donut.

  • It just isn't. 🙃

  • It's like trying to compare horse racing to donkey racing. They look similar but handle completely different and donkeys cost less money,(for obvious reasons)

  • Nice bait title

  • Comparing maximum speed between F1 and Indycare, I don't thinks its equal. Both of its run in its own circuit. When F1 car racing on Indycar circuit, it will close to a fair comparison

  • Shock! Horror! Americans trying to justify their watered down, women's versions of the men's sports played elsewhere around world...

  • This is such a stupid video, completely different approaches to racing. F1 is at the cutting edge of technology where as IndyCar is more concerned with a level playing field for racing. F1 tracks are also far more different and interesting than you make it sound. The racers that move to IndyCar are all drivers that cant find a drive in F1, would like to see more IndyCar driver end up in F1.

  • 9:43 excuse me lol

  • That’s why the best drivers are in Inbyc... oh wait. They’re not. You Americans keep thinking whatever it is you have is better than anyone else’s. That’s what y’all do.

  • Imagine the day Donut gets an F1 team.

  • Yeah... Indy is stupid, its literally fast cars driving in circles, like Nascar, vs F1 actually uses real race tracks that actually have corners and variables that keep drivers on edge, vs indy is sleep for 2/3's of the track and then corner... in the same direction...

  • I would rather watch formulae than Indy car

  • Nah F1 drivers aren't losing drivers. Those drivers probably got washed up in the F1 then transferred to Indy

  • The difference between F1 and Indycar is I will pay to watch F1 and I won't watch Indycar even if they paid me to watch it. 😂

  • I would like Indy car if they didn’t only make left turns.

  • I have an uncle that lives in Spain. I visited him in Madrid a few times. He casually watches F1 and I asked him if he liked Indy car. He said he had never even heard of it. All I could tell him they look same. Open cart racing in the US. F1 is world wide but I guess Indy car is mainly known in the US.

  • F1 is F1 and that's fckng it!

  • You say "outengineering" like it's a bad thing. Every "criticism" you leveled at F1 is exactly why I love it. It's not just about who can make left turns faster. Oval racing is boring. Oh and the Indy 500 is totally an oval.

  • Indy car without the oval would be interesting, but oval racing is super boring

  • Ummm, roundy round racin is dumb

  • Wow this guy is such a douche, could be a good channel if they had someone else that wasn't an idiot talking in the videos...

    • He could maybe get more views on onlyfans...

  • Indycar is like the Imperial system, the US is proud of having its own thing, even though the whole world uses the metric system, and watches F1.

  • Heres a better title. "We're going to piss off euro snobs"

  • It isn't

  • its like comparing the premier league to the MLS.

  • New Rule: Once you become a celebrity, you no longer get a say in how your name is pronounced.

  • It will never be better than f1 boy..

  • Looks like indicar is a racing of 1990s / F1 is the 21st century racing. Indicar don't have fans outside US. only Americans enjoy their old boring racing. F1 is a racing all around the world. With huge fans worldwide

  • Indycar is just like 100 times cheaper version of F1😁😁

  • IndyCar is more exciting than F1. IndyCar has a more competitive field. I also have a track close to me. So Ive been to a couple IndyCar races. F1 is great because it travels the world and race at different tracks each country and mainly Tilkie tracks. F1 has the innovation. F1 also has Max Verstappen. They are both different forms of auto racing, with similar characteristics. I am person who loves all forms of motorsports. Nascar, IndyCar, F1, IMSA, USAC and Moto GP.👌

  • Steve Boost Hemi

  • This guy really doesn't have a clue does he?

  • who can even watch indy cars, it's an advertising fest with small amount of race cars in between. Get's really boring fast.

  • I think this comparison is a little bit the same as saying: My local teen soccer club is better than the champions league because i can watch the same game for free. F1 races get many more views, both on the track and on the couch. The amount. Indy car isnt better, its different.

  • steef boosjimmy ftw. also every f1 lover bit budthurt, awesome... well done again Jeremiah!

  • I just cant understand why should we care about what is cheaper. Its their problem bro. We as viewers dont care, we need speed and action and how much money they spend to reach that speed and action is not something we should care about.

  • No.

  • Every time i hear someone saying F1 is worse than other motorsport events my brain freezes. Having the best racing drivers and the best technology sure, doesn't necessarily mean the most fun, but it kind of means the best. Indycars are pure garbage on a regular circuit. Seeing MOST of racing drivers wanting to get to F1, really does tell you that it's mostly better than anything else. Since IndyCar is the retiring place of some F1 drivers, again, tells you something similar. IndyCar race strategy doesn't even come close to a F1 race strategy. And many, many, soooo many more reasons I strongly feel you are wrong.

  • You are much more handsome than that hairlip Mando actor. Loved the show but I was really expecting someone more handsome underneath.

  • ya buttttttt. you didn't mention rpms indy 10k.. F1 15-20k ,. indy is 236mph on a speed way which = circle track only .F1 is road course . laptimes. = mo faster thats the right perspective , better is in the eye of the beholder. it takes cash or knowledge in F1. if you want to see what a manufacturer can do on a track in Rome . F1 is your race. ,, if you want to see how driver pits against driver , indy is your race . there is no better ..unless you consider the track girls and celebrating with champagne and not hot milk ...

  • Because F1 is not F1 anymore

  • Important point: since F1 cars have never driven on a speedway, they have *never been configured for a speedway.* If you hold a race on one, teams will have to bring an aero package specifically for the event.

    • @Armouredfalcon Forza Minardi!!!

    • *flashbacks to 2006 American Grand Prix*

  • I'm not enjoying the snarky attitude on this vid. It's not as funny as you think it is.

  • F1 pushes the whole humanity forward. End of story. You can understand that he is wrong when he says: F1's engine is more expensive because it's more advanced and consumes less fuel and has many regulations but Indycar's engine is cheaper but has good power, so Indycar is pretty good if not better than F1. F1 is so much things guys. The money are spent to make cars safer, more economical, better. F1 is the pinnacle of motorsports. That's all.

  • f1 is better

  • Typical for Americans, fuel consumption is not important.

  • I watched the whole video and now I'm convinced that F1 is definitely better than IndyCar.

  • IndyCar tracks are more diverse!?!?!?! What the heck? Did this guy actually watches F1? They literally tour around the world, with every circuit being a complete different one in all aspects, IndyCar is fun but tracks are kinda boring

    • @Metrofilmer88 yeah, put a few tires next to an airfield and call it a racetrack...

    • He does have a point though. Indy has Ovals, Street Tracks, and Road tracks with similar diversity as F1s tracks. They are all in North America but provide far more diverse challenges

  • Indicyar is an american motorpost, F1 is a global one. It´s clear the difference in magnitude between both. It´s like comparing American football to actual football (or soccer)

  • Why does Marcus Ericsson speak with a german accent?

  • Value for money is Indy, but for the best is F1. Cost for improvement is not proportional like one getting a mark from 85 to 95 requires more than an increase of 15% effort.

  • can you guys do a up to speed on the buick riviera

  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • If you tune F1 car for oval race it would go over 240mph easy

  • Lost a sub because of this nonsense. :/ Bye

  • 90 minutes without TV advertising is great