Why Are They Banning ECU Tuning?

Avaldati 7 sept 2021
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Big thanks to Richard Gibby at EF1 Tuning. Go check em out! www.ef1motorsports.com/

California recently announced they won't allow cars with modified ECUs on their roads. Today we’re gonna take a closer look at ECU modification, figure out the benefits and risks of modifying them, and see how ECU tuning is actually done. California might be on the wrong side of science with this one! Let’s go.

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  • So another reason why Cali is getting shittier

  • Don't care, still gonna tune, - come and take it.

  • Well this sucks

  • it's only illegal if you get caught

  • You can actually tune your car in such a way that actually improves fuel economy and emissions well beyond the industry standard. This is crazy. I don’t know how anybody in car business survives in Cali I would be bankrupt there. Now the sports car market will take a dump for sure. Catalytic converters, oxygen sensors. Thank god we don’t have that kind of strict enforcement in Florida. If so I would have to ask 3-5k more for vehicles people wouldn’t be able to buy from me. I guess that’s why people are leaving overpriced, over regulated California in droves. Forget about ECU tuning and fix your homeless problem.

  • Simple Answer: Because Democrats Rule It.

  • why is anyone tuning a car still in California? NWO can suck my poop

  • I grew up in Colorado and modified my 2001 Honda Civic EX: AEM V2 cold air intake, DC ceramic coated 4 into 1 headers, custom cat-back exhaust, Apexi chip, underdrive pulleys, etc... Took it for its emissions test and had a nearby cop tell me I was going to fail and he was going to ticket me when I did. Test came back with an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle rating. No ticket for me! And all those mods boosted my fuel economy as high as 45mpg highway. My dad did rack up some photoradar tickets in that car though XD This California law is not well thought out.

  • CA is test ground for first communist state in union

  • Hopefully this means all of the aftermarket car companies and tuners in Cali will start come down here to Texas

  • Why would any sane person live in California?

  • I had my truck tuned with EFI Live and it's MPG went up along with drive ability.

  • Even if California was on the wrong side of the issue they would not be able to cash grab like they do with there other bs car laws .

  • CommieFornia strikes again. Why anyone would want to live there is beyond me.

  • democrats

  • Time for people to start leaving California

  • Most people aren't Tuning Modern cars they Tuning 10 to 25 year old cars most of these are for racing purposes.these are not most peoples daily driver a lot of these cars run mostly on e/85 or methanol not (Fossil Fuel) most of these cars are broke down or in some state of repair a good chunk of the year so there low mileage vehicles.The truck and trailer that tows them to the track probably is doing more polluting than than race car,and they are a very small percentage of vehicles on the road.car's are not as big a problem as say the trucking Industry.

  • You guys need to move the channel to Texas or Atlanta. And tune the shit out of everything.

  • Another thing added to the ever-growing list of reasons to leave California

  • Commifornia at it again

  • They call it Commifornia for a reason. Adolph Newsom cheated recount to stay in office. What's happens in Ca. goes nationwide later.

  • Motley fool sucks

  • Banning Tuning... AOC ... New Green Deal Communists. Electric cars that have batteries that create hazardous waste. Just like they are telling you what is healthy and making you inject something that you may not want. Tyrannical Draconian jerks that tell us to follow their fake science that they do not follow.

  • You can blame the diesel trucks tuning for this issue. Nobody would care about tuning - but roll out the lack smoke and tons of people get pissed.

  • Because you might make your car more fuel effecient and reduce emmissions

  • Another reason to leave Communistfornia

  • They are banning “insert former freedom here” because we are tolerating it. That’s the ONLY reason. They’ll make noise about “muh environments” but it’s all about forcing you into compliance.

  • Frankly... I don't understand why civilian cars are built to let them go faster than highway speed in the first place so this honestly makes sense to me.

  • Officer:"Sir, did you modify your vehicle's factory ECU?" Driver: "Que?"

  • California thinking everyone can afford a Tesla lol.

  • California just voted to keep Newsom. You get what you vote for.

  • answer is simple. Because California is for commies. Leave that Sh!thole.

  • California is the worst.

  • I actually want to tune my car for better fuel economy.. But I don't live in Cali lol

  • It’s California that ban everything it’s what they do

  • They don't want ppl messing with the speed controls and frequencies of electrical cars lol. Breaking spindles, gears, and other shenanigans. Most importantly you think the ecus won't have monitoring ability and means to transmit it out of the car??? Imagine going into the electric vehicle ECU and changing the P.I.D.s to have all types of fragile warranty clauses with cars that most non dealership repair shops don't know how to fix anyway lol.... F that. Put on a piggyback VFD and potienometers on the rear wheels.. only electricians and instrument technicians be able to tune with the least amount of danger.... Hehehe luckily I'm one of them..

  • Gotta love seeing Volvo d12 diesel injectors when talking about switching from a carburetor lol

  • might be Time to go back to carburetors and still do burnouts around these lame O's in there prius working for the epa writing these dictatorship laws. Stand up and say No.

  • California is so cucked.

  • Wtf with the SEVEN sfx? Lol

  • the best laws are the easy to enforce laws.

  • I'm all about caring for the environment, but I don't think that straight piping my honda civic is going to hurt the environment much more than a W16 Bugatti

  • Come to pakistan We have no modification laws.

  • if it's a stock ECU and you modify it so you can tune it how they going to freaking know that you modified it. they can only know if you change the ECU out to something else.

  • I have to call you out on some misinformation at the 6:30 mark. Manufacturers mainly only target 14.7:1 Air/Fuel ratio when the vehicle is at part throttle and lower loads. When the vehicle goes into power enrichment mode (when passing another vehicle on the hwy) they target a very rich Air/Fuel ratio. Usually 12-11:1 on naturally aspirated vehicle and 10:1 on forced induction vehicles which is way too rich. As mentioned in the vid, this is due to the fact that the vehicles have to be tuned conservatively because they have to be used all over the globe. When a car is properly tuned, it is usually producing less emissions. Majority of the time the fuel map has to be reduced to make optimal power. The only exception to this on direct injected economy cars which can target a leaner fuel mixture. However even if you were to tune it (which nobody does) the tuner would still leave the light load lean efficiency areas unaltered and only modify the power enrichment mode.

  • Easy. Leave taxifornia.

  • Typical leftist thinking. I remember hearing sleepy Joe saying that nobody needs so many rounds of ammunition, and I was thinking yeah pretty soon he will be saying nobody needs more than 100 h.p. in their vehicle.

  • Why does the audio sounds weird when he says seven?

  • Yes I live in Cali and yes I'm mad about this!

  • Who is pushing for the change? Which companies have them in their back pocket? Do some REAL investigative reporting.

  • 3:44 That Matrix 4 teaser was lit!!!

  • I think it might have something to do with the traffic law "disorderly conduct with a motor vehicle". which in most states clearly state "Backfiring" under that law. Which you can do with ecu tuning.

  • California is illegal in California.

  • Thats bull squawk. It amazing how tuners make so much money from EEpush and down play it as if y'all don't have any money. Especially tuners who post videos and still charge for fixing and tuning cars but don't have enough money for certification. But are now going on to buy properties also and wanna cry that it's unfair. Got enough funds to buy turbo upgrades, new trucks and cars and move around from the youtube income but don't make or have enough rite. Plus selling merchandise and having raffles, buy more cars than a dealership, host events and even take trips.. lol the list goes on and on so please all

  • In the UK, most tuners offer to remove DPFs, PPFs and EGR valves, and generally offer more bhp if this is done...

  • God damn I xant stand this guy. I cant even watch the show.

  • Good tunes probably don't increase emissions, but there are a bunch of bad tunes out there that just dump fuel, cause popping, etc. These dumb tunes will ruin it for all.

  • I was hoping for an answer to the question posed, but instead got a detailed explanation of modern tuning at a grade school level. Towards the very end, "I don't know" if tuning is good or bad was offered. Perhaps this guy only thinks he is the smartest guy in Florida , I have often enjoyed better content here.

  • Welcome to the communist state! Doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, they won’t allow it!

  • Mecca of the car scene. Cali all show no go. sad

  • get out of Cali basically

  • Political now?

  • I hate this state...

  • *California: tickets cars that have tires*

  • The same reason the government bans anything: power and control. These people fly in private jets everywhere and tell us we're killing the planet by tuning our vehicles.

  • The fact you stated you love Cali proves you are NOT the smartest person from Fl. Plus we have actual Scientist in Fl., and astrophysicists.

  • Thank you CA for being the ONLY STATE to have the BALLS to actually DO SOMETHING about Climate Change.

    • Switching to e85 is actually cleaner and better for the environment, which requires you to tune ecu, good job California but we’re now moving backwards 😂😂

  • Well you could go out of state and have it done! Not that I would tell anyone to break the law! :)

  • 1 mil yet?

  • brooo florrrda tho haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • If you dont like this...stop voting for Democrats. Wake up.

  • California is the Florida of the world.

  • "I'm the smartest person in Florida." Meanwhile in Florida ...... as long as it rolls you can drive it legally.

  • I live in New York and am only really interested in cars from the ‘60s and ‘70s so that means carbs and distributors for me. I’m still worried though because California tends to lean the country in whichever direction it feels at least with cars

  • It's probably too easy to me considering I completed Arma 3 and Factorio already

  • California is very rapidly becoming a failed state in so many ways. 😥

  • Motley Fool: Hey, Donut, here's the script for our ad. Donut Media: Thanks. Do you want scruffy Jeremiah to read it, or his better-looking twin brother with a neat mustache and no tats?

  • has anyone started a petition to remove California from the united states yet ?

  • My grandad's Model A, as built in 1928 by the Ford assembly plant at Arabi, Louisiana, had a "spark advance" lever on the steering column to let the driver tune one of the parameters of performance as he drove.

  • Keep voting for power grabbing democrat trash like Gavin newsom and you'll get what you vote for. 👍

  • California Itself needs a cancer warning.

  • Fuck motley fool worst bunch of morons ever. Those dinos couldn't pick a good investment of it fell on there lap

  • Are car tuner need to know about ecu tuning ?

  • What i learned is dont move to Cali and if you live there, leave. Ohh wait nvm i already knew that. Cali is beautiful but fuck their laws.

  • I do live in Ca. and hope this gets sorted out somehow but kind of doubt it will. I guess we could flash a car back to stock tune for smog testing.

  • 2:44 Manta Manta

  • Californiastan strikes again. What wi they take away next? Your medical rights?...oh wait!

  • My ECU, my choice!

  • All you need to know about 1962 chevy corvette! donut media

  • LAX gets 80 million people through its gates every year but cars are the problem?

  • So you can't tune a 2l Toyota but you can buy a 6L Pickup? lol

  • Because the government is too pussy to tax the real polluters; the corporations that run big business that are responsible for the majority of pollution like the airlines, for one. There is no significant environmental changes from people tuning cars. It's bullshit.

  • Let me guess. ECU’s are giving California’s cancer.

  • Why did they stop the “mo powah babeh” schtick?

  • If you haven’t noticed our lawmakers across the board are actually dumb and make laws to quiet the loudest of the whiners rather than in support of the people. It’s fun watching California slowly strip freedom away and the residents clap to their own downfall. Now record amounts of people are leaving California because hobos live in their lawn and they’re on their way to ruin Texas now. Great job lol. God forbid we actually enjoy our cars and our short time on earth because some idiot passed a law that doesn’t help anyone.

  • $ride

  • Motley Fool is shit and they support the evil hedgies