Who is Stealing All the Catalytic Converters?

Avaldati 23 aug 2021
Catalytic converter theft has spiked across the country! Who is behind this thievery? And more importantly; why? What makes a catalytic converter so valuable? what cars are the most at risk? Who's making money? And how can you protect yourself from scumbag thieves? We'll tell you.

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  • What is wrong with you, its Cadillac converter.

  • If you have a cat on your car, you might be in a commie state

  • Who's buying these stolen things? Desperate poor people addicted to meth who have not been raised by a good dad.

  • "#SaveYourCats" Sonic: _Meow?_

  • -- Never had a cat stolen, but if I did I'd do the same as if it went bad on previous vehicles: straight pipe it.

  • I love how Cali says no cats are ok but they regulate every other countries and say they do hmmmmmm wow

  • The car at 6:11 looks like a Renault Laguna Coupe. I almost bought one of those...

  • Honestly getting a free down pipe doesn't sound so bad.

  • Cant believe you didn't call them cat burglars

  • Don't f*** with cats.

  • Hey it's just unregulated capitalism. Take what you want to and sell it, the more money you have at the end of the week, the more of a winner you are, that's the american way. Who cares who gets hurt? You have to break a few eggs to sell an omelette. It's not like you have universal credit or some other social saftey net for people to survive on if they don't have a job, so how dare you put down these entrepenurial cat recyclers for trying to pull themselves up by their bootstraps? Not everyone can afford an army to go steal Iraqs oil and get rich that way, some of us have to start a little smaller. Don't hate on people for getting ahead in the socio-economic system you decided to use.

    • Lol I imagine its probably people selling it for a hit

  • anyone selling a cat should have to show valid ID. If it's a legit sale, then they have nothing to fear.

  • HA, all my cars are over 10 years old. 11 years old, 15 years old, and 30 years old. The 15 year old one is too low to get most jacks under, and uhhh well if they went though the trouble of lifting it up they might be disappointed. The 30 Year old pickup, It uhh it's cat IS still there... Uhh mostly. Rust will do that. Also don't recommend people straight pipe their vehicles, that's illegal. Like I don't care, but it is illegal.

  • A week after my mom got a Prius they stole her catalytic converter. This happened towards March or so.

  • Nobody: The Editor: CAT SHEILD @7:08

  • Good luck stealing mine ! It is placed right at the beginning of the exhaust and requires to remove parts of the engine cooling system to get it outl. Also my car is 20 years old. The cat's probably dead for a while now lol

  • If you want to steal catalytic converters go to car lot there is tons of catalytic converters in some of the cars they sale there. You can even steal them off of police cars.

  • My cat got stolen in 2017 in another city while I was clothes shopping at the mall. Insurance covered it and it costs $1900 Canadian then they found out a little later it was the mechanics shop going around and stealing them then taking the cats over to the metal Scrap yard.

  • I can answer this with one word… crackheads.

  • Cris If you see thin comment, shame on you and your “friends”....

  • No one is stealing your cat if it's not there. ahahahhahahahaha

  • Someone stole my grandfathers catalytic converter

  • I think vins on cats is a great idea. And I DEFINITELY don’t think people should straight pipe their cars. Muffler delete is one thing, but emissions matter and cats are a necessary measure to curb them.

  • I put a cheap $60 eBay cat on my 2002 Honda Accord and sold my oem for $900 🙌🏾

  • Me sitting on three cats watching this: :0

  • a vin wouldn't really help on the cat since they can just destroy the contents and sell the cat dust

  • simply don't live in a state with emissions inspections

  • My dad has a ‘05 Prius that got the CAT stolen when this video came out coincidentally enough! Started it up one day and the engine bay the started yelling at us. Still sitting in front of the house. 😂

  • It got so bad in my city that cops started planting bait Silverado's and F250's with trackers installed in the cats. I believed it worked, because converter theft basically vanished.

  • Happened to me last night on my 2007 Prius now it sounds like souped up Dodge Charger but runs as good a Dirt Bike lol

  • That happens also in my country (Portugal).

  • gonna go steal my dads f150 cat now

  • Just get a tesla.

  • I had mine stole off my 2003 honda CRV right out of the parking lot at work. It's been a small nightmare to deal with because the cost of the repair was too high for the insurance company, so they totaled the car and I had to buy it back and put it on a salvage registration. It's been really annoying that someone would just ruin another life for like 300 dollars.

    • Probably less but for what is only minutes of work, it's an easy way for some to get cash.

  • I’m not a target. My car is slammed to the ground u need a low profile jack to get under it. And even if they do they won’t find any lmao

  • In my state, a state inspection station cannot fail any vehicle that has a missing or bypassed cat on any vehicle 20 years old or older as long as the exhaust system is in good working order and free of holes and leaks...so a straight pipe replacing the cat is A-OK.

  • Stay with 1974 and older cars or 1986 and older heavy duty pickups. No catalytic converters on those. That's why I kept and still own several non-catalyst vehicles.

  • i bet the thefts are up by a lot because of this HOW TO STEAL CATS video.

  • Thank you for this info now there’s more thieves because now they know what’s so important lol

  • I was working at Chick-fil-A one day, and I had to run a delivery in the van. As soon as I start this Nissan van, it sounds straight piped and like a mustang. Turns out someone stole the cat. Had a blast explain that to my manager

  • VIN numbers VS. 4000 decree crucible.

  • yay lets potentially tell more ash-holes about it so we can expect more naughty naughties.... YAAAAAY

  • Good get crushed you f’n punks!

  • No one is stealing them anymore, the market completely crashed so it’ll be irrelevant here shortly.

  • Please never stop wearing glasses,love the gun cocking sound.

  • Make the shield out of something super hard, like carbide... and add a coating of fibres that tend to get stuck in motors. Bonus points if you can also dye the thief, or make them stink(tellurium anyone?)

  • I had my cat stolen from my 2006 Toyota Prius.... soooo so much for them only targeting newer cars. Maybe all the valuable metals were used up already so they didn't get a good payout though! XD

  • My grandma’s got stolen off her Sportage, she took it to the mechanic and they just welded a straight pipe in the place we got a free cat delete without getting the money from the cat

  • >Cats only last for 10 years. Beautiful. So for anyone wondering if it still get's good mileage after 10 years you can throw the EPA box in the trash where it belongs and not give the slightest of shits.

  • I work in a scrapyard it’s genuinely impossible to tell who has a stolen cat unless someone tips us off about who has it because it’s in a small town we have no reason to be accountable for a non-traceable part. We buy the cat and then sell it to a guy called a core buyer and then they sell to processing companies that tear the cats open for the materials. Random story a dealership I bought my car from had a box truck’s cat stolen and it cost them 15k to replace so again don’t be a scum bag and steal cats

  • I run a fleet of trucks, and I've had 2 stolen in the past month. One cost $3800 to fix. And my trucks are 7.3L V8s, so they are astronomically loud.

  • If someone tries to steal mine they get a big surprise. Might kill them might not. But they'll never do it again if they try. Ever been caught up in a bear trap?

  • noone stole my cat ever - using lowered suspension since i got my driver license - the cops never understood i just did it for protection -_-

  • The cat on my 2000 honda civic got stolen and the mechanic said it sounded like his uncle's boat...

  • It is not essential

  • I don’t care as long it’s from a dealership

  • My cat is gone! eepush.info/link/video/rqfFZK5olW5ugdk.html

  • ((No cat here )

  • Yeah this happened to me😒. My 99 Sebring was just loud as hell one morning. My grandpa just straight piped it from a little pipe from AutoZone.👍

  • CA doesnt require cats? joke right!? dont a lot of aftermarket car alarms have tilt sensors?

  • A group from Florida came through and stole every single cat they could in my city last year. It was like 50/50 that a car would still have it's CC. Apparently they can sell them straight to the metal extractors there. I keep the ring of my exhaust system they left behind on top of a lava lamp. Wanted to just straight pipe the car but you can't do that where I am.

  • They can't steal your catalytic converter if you drive a Tesla.

  • just got mine stolen... and here i go

  • I like the video, but it is irresponsible to even suggest to listeners that they could straight pipe their exhaust. With climate change and high rates of cancer this would cause many more ploblems in the long run. Besides if they could get away with it they could consider this as an option after their cat was stolen but certainly not make that effort before it was stolen.

  • If I'm watching someone steal my catalytic converter and their also probably stolen harbor freight jack breaks, am I legally required to call 911 for them or can I just go get a shower and come back later...

  • This is super helpful and informative! I'm sharing your video with my non-car friends too!

  • Thanks!

  • Happened to my prius twice in mid-city LA within 2 weeks of each other. Got a cat cage and then smooth sailing from there...

  • *Goes and steals the cat from my own car*

  • Do You want solutions? JUST OUTLAW THE SALE OF ALL USED CATS. All used CATS are STOLEN until proven otherwise. Only certified Junkyards and Recycling centers are allowed to buy and sell used CATS. Junk yards and Recycling centers buying and selling CATS must provide VIN #s or Reg # to the state to be checked if they were stolen. Also Junk Yards and Recycle Centers MUST STAMP a VIN # on a CAT converter that doesn't have one in order to be sold. Junk Yards and Recycle centers MUST require a Vin# or Reg# to be STAMPED on a CAT if they are bought. Auto Makers and Part Makers, MUST STAMP a VIN # or Reg # on the CAT converter. Junk yards and Recycle centers MUST ask for an ID or DL AND Social Sec. # of people buying and selling used CATS to be recorded on the State Database. Peer to Peer sale of CATS are banned. Of Course topped with a hefty fine and PRISON TIME. Do you want to add more? Go ahead.... Something like... Any company buying CATS in bulk for its rare minerals must be certified by the State. Muffler Shops installing CAT converters USED or NEW, MUST provide their source information.

  • 2lbs. Of c4 with embedded caps inside will do wonders at the fences location when they smash it

  • Thank to you there will be more thefts of this kind.

  • Idea? How about 2nd Amendment and a secure border to keep desperately poor people out of the country?

  • I have never heard of catalysts being "used up" in reactions over time. By definition, a catalyst is one that facilitates a reaction by lowering its energy requirement in a certain (desired) direction then it's returned to its original state waiting for the next reaction. I don't believe the metals are used up over time. That makes no sense from a chemistry standpoint. Not sure where you got that information, but if you could provide it, I'd love to look into it. Nowhere could I find any explanation of catalysis that uses up the catalyst.

  • usually when they bring you a cat that's been sawed off its more than likely stolen because cats are pretty easy to jut un bolt from the exhaust.

  • I saw a mistake in this video. you guys said the converter is essential I have determined that this is false.

  • sawzalls are shit. just get a battery angle grinder. 5 seconds flat.

  • A local MX5 specialist has come up with a sheet aluminium cat cover. Aluminium gunks up those reciprocating saws and makes them useless. Pretty decent deterrent.

  • Once the 1st cat get stolen, get a long tube of stainless braided mesh to put over the replacement cat, to foil cutting as it is a moving material

  • steal the thief’s catalytic converter to assert dominance

  • Oh hey, I have a request for a video someday! I'm a big fan of the environment and not dying from climate change, do you guys think you could do an episode on the future of clean automotive technology? Full electrification is still years away, and it doesn't account for things like long haul big rigs and other industrial transportation, I'd be really curious what options there are out there.

  • HEY DONUTS!!! I just wanted to say that I think it's neat that you guys make such a wide variety of shows. DIY stuff, fun stuff, science stuff, I love that you've got 'em all. Keep it up!

  • Make it illegal to sell them..

  • I wish someone would steal mine because I'm getting tired of listening to the thing rattling all the time.

  • You gotta cut the cats off to let the dogs loose

  • Emissions can be 10 to 100 times worse if you straight pipe your car. I love cars, especially fast ones, but I recognize how irresponsible it is to promote straight piping.

  • Judas priest.... The fact the gov't mandated reduced emissions and we complied because we believed it was "beneficial" proves that fact that we are malleable sheeple and NOTHING has changed since the middle east made fuel "expensive". Your converter is just another "mask" for your car. Are you awake yet?

  • I work at a honda dealership and at least 2 times a week for the past 3 years we get the earlier 2000s accords with half the exhaust system gone ,,, for prius they now sell a metal under engine cover to protect the catalyst

  • My dad's 2003 Honda CRV catalytic converter was stolen in August of this year, which this video would have been done before. ☹

  • Thanks 3:21! Now I know I should steal CATs from the Tesla due to how little they use their combustion engine.

  • At my job in Dallas a lady was living in a trailer across from us and would always park in front of our gate where we have to swing 40ft steel beams from the yard to the shop and when we tell her about our inconvenience with her car she would through a fit about where to park, (only needed to go two spots down or so) Again she was in the way and was asked to move her 2011 ford escape, and after throwing a fit again ahe was greeted by a loud 4 cylinder and thought we had stole her cat and threatened to sue boss. After looking at grainy footage it looked like some young guys pulled up at night and left not 5 minutes later.

  • Couldn't the government just step in and say that junk yards are no longer allowed to accept a cat unless it's complete, nothing cut off? If it's truely a wrecked car the person can take the time to hassle with the exhaust bolts where as a thief is less likely to spend an hour under the car using a heat torch and air hammer to free up the rusted bolts

  • I try to keep my cat in good shape by feeding him top quality food and bringing him to the vet.

  • "Stealing ohms" 🤣

  • had a 2007 chevy silverado for 3 weeks when they stole the truck, took everything that wasnt bolted down, took the wheels, the cats, new truck box, and left it in a ditch

  • My cat was stolen 2 weeks ago 🥲

  • Who's stealing all the catalytic converters? Meth heads

  • Unless they wanna take out my transmission. My converters are buried

  • Our junkyards in texas require IDs to scrap anything that's easily stolen ie copper, brass, and CATs