Who can find the cheapest Subaru (Challenge)

Avaldati 27 aug 2021
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We’re back with another installment of SEARCH PARTY, and this time we’re looking for SUBIES. We’re gonna find out which website is the best place to buy Subarus and Subaru accessories between Craigslist, Facebook and OfferUp. This is the D-List!

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  • The straight duck apparently confess because vegetarian fundamentally concentrate via a annoying option. true, icy moat

  • Do a diesel truck version looking for cleanest square body or least rusted out 2nd gen. That would be pretty good

  • pretty sure this is the first Donut video I've seen that has both Nolan and James in it

  • Yeah dude, wtf is wrong with people posting video game cars up for sale, I can only assume they're dumbass kids

  • I love these so much

  • Love my lifted/off-road Crosstrek, only done edibles in it. You guys would’ve loved my ‘99 Legacy 30th anniversary SUS that I sold before getting Betty, my Crosstrek.

  • can you guys do a up to speed on the buick riviera

  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • 6:40 a 818c for sale factory five’s...

  • Lmao I was selling my wrx and my gc8 u should of used them.

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  • whats the dfpont u guys use?

  • The thumbnail had me pmp

  • Evos better

  • 14:42 40mm = 3" ?

  • I consider myself a "car guy" but I'm always willing to learn more. One car brand I am unfamiliar with is Subaru, why were James and Jeremiah so confident their Subaru's would explode?

  • I’m looking at a 2014 hatch wrx, looks super clean. Mostly stock... rebuilt completely already blew the fuck up.. think I can get a solid deal... super cool car, I’m not into tuning cars as long as it runs good and makes the right noise

  • Trucks.

  • So that baja link...? 😅

  • Jeremiah robbed his grandmother off her bed covers.

  • James won that last bit

  • They burned my boy🤣🤣🤣 I demand a recount

  • Who the fuck is Max?

  • I found a free running and driving one a couple years ago😂 forgot exactly what happened to it but it had a tree fall on it or caught on fire or something

  • I imagine most people wouldn’t have noticed if their car has ever been vaped in. I’d just lie and say “no, never.” I vape in my G all the time. She smells like leather, sex, and power.

  • You can’t just simply put fuckinf $5 gasket maker to repair your head gasket. No way is it gonna seal 150+psi of compression.

  • The amount of Subaru fanboys I know that vape is concerning.

  • I win I bought a wrx 2015 of course salvage but only 76k miles for only $7k and it’s my daily for over a year now

  • y’all should test those road side emergency kits.. the ones for like less than 50$ with hella shit in it. i think it’s a good purchase but only if that stuff really works. :/

  • The kuruma lmao

  • Jeremiah is too passive aggressive, sucking the life out of donut, I want old James back, he looks burnt out

  • 7:37 yooo i saw that car at my local car meet a few months ago


  • ummmmm I win, bought my 2020 WRX Premium for $26,799 last August. Best 4-season daily driver for under 30k.

  • What's the deal with the "never be vaped in" part? I vape in my car and since it doesn't leave any odor in it i don't see the problem...

  • Jeremiahs bedsheets and pillow covers look like they're from the 70s

  • The Scion FRS is @TFAD ASMR's car

  • I have a Subaru powered lawn mower 🤷‍♂️🤙

  • I hate subarus.

  • That roof box said for rent lmao

  • Leave my subaru out of this 😤

  • Favorite hunting car show, car throttle hold my shortness

  • This gay

  • Would a Saabaru count as a Subaru for this? It IS basically Subaru with a nicer interior and road shocks.

  • Why does Jeremiah look like he owns or leases a horse drown carriage from the 1890's that splits open vertically to reveal shelves crammed with vials and potions?

  • I'm sorry but that isn't how you say Impreza, Nolan. There isn't a T in Impreza.

  • These videos are ao much fun!

  • I love the wet sound effects you use lmao

  • Bro Jeremiah was in the autozone ad before the vid

  • Gotta love Jeremiah buying a 7,5K car to drive around his 8,2K bicycle.

  • Nah he trippin

  • i just got an autozone ad with jeremiah in it

  • 2:34 sshhh that's a karuma from gta but he doesn't need to know that. Just buy it

  • For the non-subaru powered by subaru; someone should have pulled up an older polaris snowmobile. Up until 98 they built almost all their engines (as Fuji Heavy Industries)

  • 6:43 Gingium has this category nailed, apart from the fact that his Rally Miata isn't for sale, and won't ever be.

  • I bought a 2003 Subaru Outback with the 3.0 H6 and the L.L. Bean package and 170,xxx miles for $500. All it needed was a cv axle and taillights.

  • 2:33 is someone trying to sell a Karin Kuruma?? 🤣

  • Anyone else see the 666 symbology?

  • I just installed a loud blow off valve on my Mini Cooper and the subie boys went crazy at the meet

  • Best show


  • Is Jeremiah in his sister’s room?

  • I wanna use off the record for my speeding ticket but i have never heard of someone actually use it can anyone give me some info if it’s worth it?

  • Jeremiah saying, I think Subaru people are honest.

  • You guys should do this with NOVA. I don’t vape but my Pontiac vibe has been vale’s due to my friends 😅

  • How did he get a wrx for 7000? Aren't jdms more expensive

  • I loved this please do more

  • You guys should buy a car off of wish

  • Jesus loves you and he died for our sins

  • Best thing about this video is that jeremiah loses

  • rip to all the people who thought they were gonna finally sell their car lmfao

  • Yeah fuck you! I’m new.

  • I think I once saw Jeremiah in a autozone ad

  • Subuwu

  • the pivot switchblade double the cars value

  • I can put head gaskets in a 2013 wrx for 600. Counting checking the heads…

  • Nolan's got a little bit of Clarkson in him at 5:06

  • How To Fix A Subaru: buy a honda

  • Aayyy

  • True car guys... Every one of them is in a room that they tell their wives they're gonna paint it next weekend. For 2 years.

  • These guys are ricers

  • My mans Jeremiah looks funny but amazing with that little moostace he has there.

  • What no saab 9-2x aero?

  • Someone put their GTA 5 build for sale lmao

  • i love how nolan said "it's an auto f*ck that" isn't your mustang an auto🧐😂

  • Wow Pumphrey is having none of Jere’s trash talk today

  • Which is the best place to buy a Worx or Sexually Transmitted Infection?

  • I managed to nab an 04 Forester XS with a 5 speed for $3500. I have a love-hate relationship with it though, as it's a maintenance hog, but it's super fun

  • Engine = combustion Engine Motor = electric

  • Love my 2004 GD wrx

  • I have a Baja Turbo 5 speed, it's nice to see it get some love

  • Imagine if this awesome series was made interactive where you could play along with the timer being shown

  • Somehow I got an ad before this that wasn’t even related to donut, but Jerry was in it.

  • Build the baja

  • subaru is my life that wrx wagon fire love it man only why head gaskets go becuase people drive them hard constanly i have a 2002 outback sport 215k miles and never had to bad of issues thank god

  • Jeremiah got so good at making ads he actually got put into an auto zone one

  • The overjoyed pajama aesthetically decay because hyena inversely level by a exultant ox. materialistic, troubled curler

  • How are you going to neglect 2 series sponsor eBay motors so confidently like that.

  • I love these challenges, do more.