We Bought Illegal Car Accessories

Avaldati 20 aug 2021
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You can buy a lot of car stuff online, but not all of it is legal to put on your car. We bought a bunch of potentially super illegal car accessories and slapped them all on our Jetta. Then we called a real lawyer to let us know how illegal they are. This isn’t legal advice, but this is the D-List!

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  • the TRUCKS hat James is wearing is illegal because it's too cool, but we're selling it anyways on donutmedia.com 🚨

    • Cmon I was born in 87 it’s soo close I need that I’m about to make a donation after video even though I really don’t have it like that, but somebody always has it worse so thanks 🙏🏼 for the opportunity!!! I’d love to win this 😭 😭😭! Good channel guys

    • Only illegal after installation and driven on the road.. The parts themselves are legal. Prove that wrong.

    • 5:29 it is so illegal that the editor himself was in shock after watching it .

    • They are only "illegal" if you get caught. Cops can't drive so the chances of getting caught are nil and zero as long as you have plenty of horsepower.

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  • I drive with a radar detector in my windsheild in California daily. I pass cops, chp, sheriff etc... and no problems in 6 years

  • 15:06 NUTS! HA! Got 'em!

  • Show me something that’s more illegal than my family lol

  • i mean i have a radar detector and its 100% legal in michigan


  • 1:42 if you wanna skip the sponsor

  • (Thumbnail) Wait a sec, THATS JAMES BOND!!!

  • do you send the M3 to brasil?


  • In Bangladesh its all legal

  • In norway we have a cool type of radar detector. Its like a network. Almost everyone have it and when people spot a radar they can send a warning that show up to people nearby And its legal because Freedom off information or something like that

  • I see those everywhere in Iowa and I hate them with a passion. It's so stupid and nasty.

  • 4:18 i bought the green ones lol

  • In law enforcement, POV = Personally Owned Vehicle

  • Don't put a plate flipper on your car. There is no legal use for it, and in some jurisdictions you can be charged with possession of an instrument of crime

  • 13:01 and guns

  • Owning police lights and mounting them on ur car is not illegal however using them on non private property or property u do not have permission to use then on is illegal (exp private security can use them or u can use them on property u own)

  • Better call Saul!

  • I like the Grateful Dead t-shirt

  • It isn‘t oversized lol

  • 15:05 You mean even deez?

  • What 1988 BMW M3 is even remotely worth winning if it isn't an EV conversion like their 1968 Porsche 911? I would trade it in so fast it would make Omaze's head spin for a 2022 i3. Also, speaking of illegal things, isn't donating for a chance to win in contempt of the various laws around sweepstakes requiring the organizers to state explicitly that no purchase is necessary?

  • dc isnt a state...ijs for no reason ha

  • Great video!!! BTW, can you please do a review of that coating you put on top of your license plate, so when you go through a red light the cameras are only supposed to capture a reflection not the whole number? Thanks!!!!

  • Better Call JOE

  • So who's R32 skyline is that in the parkinglot

  • As far as I know there is only really 1 mod I know of that is extremely illegal - M.A.S.C. units which is technically military technology, its short range radar jamming, cell jamming, and is Laser gun jamming, and what you bought is def. not it at all, when you buy or build one you need 2 pieces one on the front of the car and 1 on the back and some actual sophisticated electronics. Radar doesn't read, and laser comes up ERR on the gun, You can do it much cheaper for radar with Paint but that doesn't stop the laser once again using the paint on your car can be illegal in some states. You bought a generic ass Radar and laser detector they have been on the market for about 30 years, they are only really illegal in Canada and some states. Red and Blue lights... first of all mounting reflective LEDs in most states is illegal because they can blind people, second technically you can get hit with impersonating an officer if using it on the road ways or in some delinquent manner. Plate Flipper...yeah absolutely but only if caught or reported as in alot of states they have laws about vehicle plates and registration being visible, however I have known people to use them for Media purposes so they don't have to blur out license plates and at car shows..because stalkers are an actual thing. Flame thrower out the exhaust......If used on public roadways yes illegal, esp in Cali with wildfires being a thing. Also PA because well Sch. County Sex, drugs, and alcohol are about the only thing next to sports for entertainment, oh and car mods lots of motorheads doing dumb shit to their cars, kind of all go hand in hand there. Also in most states there is a law about fire projectiles, like throwing a lit cigarette out the car or shooting a 6 foot fireball out the exhaust pipe...........,........ Also yes Truck nuts as they are called are illegal actually(Florida as you stated but by a lot of municipal codes) as they follow what is called "decency laws" every state and county has a degree of old laws containing a realm and bundle of laws that can be primary or secondary charge of laws that basically say lewd sex images, foul language, and other lumped things like corruption of minors are all thrown into if you are displaying male or female anatomy it can be illegal..........However......finding a police officer willing to enforce it unless you go real overboard is really really rare of an instance. Like in delaware/maryland in certain beaches(municipalities) it is illegal to wear a bikini or thong styled bathing suit at those beaches under what is called "Decency laws" Sexual images in public are illegal as long as it is in their Bi-Laws they can enforce it.....

  • I've been wanting to make licence plate flipper for ages, now I know they are real things

  • Ohhh boy think you guys need legal eagle's assistance in case of arrest. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Just for FUN! :-)

  • Why are bright white LEDs as headlights not illegal? Almost gotta wear shades at night sometimes.

  • Dude looks like John B

  • I want the hanging nuts

  • I’d like the plate flipper to avoid bridge tolls here in Ca😂

  • Is no one gonna mention how The Legal Beagle sounds so similar to Saul Goodman lol

  • the license plate flipper is like a pipe you can smoke tobacco but you could also smoke crack, you pick :)

    • Y'all should test out laser jammers

  • Saul Goodman but cheaper, somehow.

  • Does truck nuts are ilegel at my contry

  • All that cop car equipment is rad, but you would just be turning your car into a fake unmarked cop car. Not a good idea if you don't want to live in that kind of government housing.

  • Isn’t the radar detector thing basically just a car version of a radar warning receiver on combat jets

  • Nice lawyer you guys have

  • Truck nuts are great😂

  • Hold up that’s fucking crazy I’ve always had the idea of having a foldable license plate never knew they made them.

  • LMAO Radar detectors are passive sensors.

  • If im Correct Having Red And Blue Strobe lights IS in Texas Illegal for non police officers but IF its Hazard strobe lights its legal if you have special strobe light permits what can i say Welcome to Texas ya'll

  • I love Better Call Saul's tag hanging off his jacket.

  • fun fact: When "my friend" used to live in a state with toll roads, he had a motorcycle license plate dangling under under the seat using 2 hinges. He connected a fishing line to the bottom of the plate which was routed to the handlebars. When he went through the easy-pass toll booth, he pulled the string and the plate flipped up under the seat. It was so tight!

  • License plate flipper sure would've been useful before the 5 years for driving through mcd's drive thru naked.

  • i was waiting for a whistle tip hahahaha

  • These guys are outing all these products to spoil it for the rest of us.

  • Y'all should test out laser jammers

  • Oh my god that’s my dream car right there!

  • The truck nuts are to tell how cold it is outside, the lower it is the hotter it is, obviously

  • I love how Joe still had the tags like a new york lawyer you meet at a pub and offers to take your case only to not show up or show up late from evading the iris

  • bro we dont have a skate park for 2 hours that the closest

  • Always leave the tags on your suits so you can carry them back after impersonating a lawyer . Follow Joe for more lawyer and saving tips lol

  • holy shit the legal beagle sounds just like saul goodman

  • We bought a speaker.... Oh my God the speaker works....

    • Did u feel the same way when u seen dog nuts? Or its ok to see animal nuts and not truck nutz.

  • Man, please stop in the vid ads. At least put them at the end of the video or offer an autoskip

  • I will put a linus selfie and a meme in the licence plate.the real plate will be at the back.and the fliping one ni front

  • Would the plate flipper work for getting on toll roads?

  • Why is the license plate flipper more affordable then the license plate in a number of states?

  • I remember seeing the illegal license plate flipper in The Transporter. Thought it was the coolest shit ever

  • my dad is a cop.

  • The license plate flipper is something out of Knight Rider. K.I.T.T had that feature. Very cool.

  • I have a project car I’m looking to make pretty epic I came back here to see what I’m allowed to have

  • *It's only treason if you lose*

  • POV is personal vehicle

  • The best thing to watch while stonned

  • Jesus loves you very much repent and believe onto Him and be saved from eternal punishment of sin amen, Jesus DIED + SUFFERED for you

  • Truck nuts are the most retarded thing ever.

  • Your legal beagle is definitely a reincarnation of Saul Goodman

  • Did u feel the same way when u seen dog nuts? Or its ok to see animal nuts and not truck nutz.

  • Did you try it in 2nd?

  • I want that car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • only me that gets Saul Goodman vibes from joe

  • I actually saw a yeeyee truck with truck nuts. It was weird 😭

  • I’ve literally always thought about if I was a thief to make a license that can change or put a cover over it so if I was being chased by the police it would hide the plate. I’ve never thought to look it up to see if there was actually one out there until I saw this video

  • pro tip dont live in cali

  • Why the hell would you hang nuts off your vehicle? Just like ships, they are a "she".

  • Did you see the tag on the legal beagles suit😂

  • If you have nuts on your truck everybody thinks you suck them alone

  • "Race onry / Mede in japan" Yeah, I have total confidence in that schematic LOLOL

    • At least u are licky, in India even changing halogen headlights to leds are illegal. 😕

  • Those are great to have. Being police are using lpr cameras everywhere on traffic lights. So if cops want to play. Then so can we

  • The guy at 3:45 sounds like saul goodman

  • Lol I don’t care what California says about my vehicle they didn’t pay for it no cats I don’t care I love polluting the air

  • hilarious, they look high af 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • i loved the diarrhea exhaust effect.. soo funny. i think the reviewer was joking, as the 3 feet NASTY flame was actually same for him lol

  • 7:35 Only illegal with all of the sounds. A PA system is not illegal to have on your car

  • Let me win the bmw

  • "I feel like I would see the most truck nuts in Florida." Why does he think they made it illegal?

    • "Race onry / Mede in japan" Yeah, I have total confidence in that schematic LOLOL

  • Dudes, you can’t pair three items.

  • Never donate to Omaze it’s a total fucking scam

  • About the truck nuts dude kids are completely safe from this cause either they don’t know what they are or they already have seen real ones before cause it’s just like that

  • Don't do giveaway in Denmark the tax on cars are 150%

  • Drug isn't illegal UNTIL you sell it. Easy.

  • If wahmen can have topless parades, my truck can let his nuts out

  • Dude sounds like Saul

  • You weren’t in second gear