We Bought the WORST RATED Car Products on Amazon Again

Avaldati 3 sept 2021
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We bought the worst rated (and also the best rated) products on Amazon and tried to figure out which was which. Some of them were legitimately tricky. This is the D-List!

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  • The real question: who has the 5 star mustache?

  • Actual title: We ran out of ideas but still want to make money on EEpush

  • I feel like this was too easy, there’s such an obvious difference between a 5 star product and a 1 star. I think a cool idea would be to try the products and guess the star rating.

  • ok but where did Jams get that cool lil knife lol

  • Wait does America really still use those water heaters?

  • Neither of those phone mounts are good since the heat reduces the suction and the mount frequently falls off

  • The Gooseneck phone mount is GREAT on a boat window when you’re navigating water. It’s stiff, sticks to the window and holds your phone. In a car on the other hand, it’s useless.

  • “Did you know theres really no such thing as fruit, its all just plants” 😭

  • Best phone holder was left in my car by previous owner and it is very small. Literally is just a magnet surface with sticky out bits at back to fit onto grill

  • I love how that mike has all its wires just hanging there...LOL

  • These are so addicting

  • The heating thing(product A) reminds me of what people use in prison. Below is a link of what I'm talking about. A man named Larry Lawton shows u how to make(basically a bigger version of) it. eepush.info/link/video/xsudmJ-pkIGssdE.html

  • They have got to be stoned lmao

  • Ok the car table thing that goes around the steering wheel isn't for driving but if your by yourself then why, unless you where eating fast food like most folks or used a sonic, would you not eat in containers or in another part of the vehicle.

  • You guys should keep everything you stick on the vehicle, on the vehicle as much as you can.

  • This video is so staged

  • How would you drive down the street with the induction heater in an open top container?

  • The gooseneck phone holder had "amazon choice" on the page, instant meaning 5 star.

  • Where can you buy the knife. Looks convenient

  • the long phone mount would work fantastic for cars with deep dashes, like a mini cooper, would probably be more stable not having 10 inches out in front of you either

  • Liked the vid. And finally subbed because of the “if you throw trash out the car, you are trash.” Ive got into so many arguments for this.. I can’t stand those people.

  • Drive and cook

  • Car tray for use in tesla

  • Long rod need support hmmm

  • Jeremiah reminds me of my tattoo artist when he got out of high school.. I didn’t know I’m back then but they both have this odd Little bit of fried brain speech mixed with kind of a light “broooo” thing going on. Like there’s a guy at the frat party that gets relatively blasted after a couple drinks but it’s really just going to spend the whole night laying on the bed up couch in the basement waiting for something cool to happen in saying Dudeeeeeeeeee before blacking out and waking up in the front yard in booty shorts and dress socks but then walking home like that’s completely normal and just a slight inconvenience to their day. Mildly worried parents are sitting in the kitchen and say where the hell of you been but not necessarily angry more just disappointed. But at this point he’s way too tired to explain but he really wants to so he he hits them with “bruuuu” while haphazardly pointing back pass the door as if the party is right there , giving up on any hope of telling a story, and passing out on the living room couch That.. that’s the vibes I get from both of them. Except my tattoo artist is covered in tattoos and has a wife and kids so like sub party with a garage and 20 year old movies and the parents with his wife. Yea. I feel like this has been an accurate report

  • What I wanna know is.. where did he get that knife? I want one.

  • Where can I buy the knife?

  • this was fun, I'll subscribe.

  • What the fuck? Donut Operator isn't even involved in this channel

  • Screw the car products I wanna know where James got that pocket knife

  • These items are seriously just laughs in real life ... I eat burgers while driving and when I eat lunch in my truck I put a plastic bag on my lap (open) , I never got dirty at work😄

  • Just me or did James make a game of thrones reference with the hotor

  • Jeremiah looks like a snitch with that stash

  • Jame's new shave is interesting, glad i don't have kids.... or a even a girlfriend

  • Fucking Abbott and Costello

  • When we get to the trash can is when we realize they have failed to follow the instruction that says you need to keep those bags away from children.

  • You guys gotta do the gloves with lights in them lmao

  • 4:24 the least funny joke that's made me laugh out loud 🤣

  • Both these guys were high AF.

  • I would _not_ drink out of the immersion heater. Cheap products like that actually break down their heating coils when heated in liquids and leach toxic metals into the liquid. You can really see how bad it is with the “foot bath heater” coils.

  • I'm going to be looking into heated thermos - I snowplow and I'm in the truck for 16+ hours at a time and I hate cold coffee

  • Will Smith: Ahhh that’s hot.

  • I'm just here to admire those sweet sweet staches!!! 👨🏻👨

  • "What car are they driving where they need a neck that long?" MK1 Audi TT

  • This guy seems drunk

  • I love that you point out he can dunk haha

  • can you guys do a up to speed on the buick riviera

  • Speaking as someone who bought a house with the garage laser already installed… it’s actually pretty awesome. I don’t have that exact model, mine is motion activated and has a little flood light about half the length of the garage stall so you can see when it’s dark. I aligned the laser so I know I’m pulled up when the laser crosses the vents on the dash. I can’t knock the laser

  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • Okay now do Car Accessories from Ali Express

  • Should test a bunch of boost gauges to show how budget friendly someone can go on one. Just hook a bunch up to one car all at once and see the deference between them

  • FYI those things blow up

  • This is giving strong MythicalBeast vibes but with cars.

  • Finally a show without Nolan annoying ass cat.!

  • James, I need to know where you got that lil knife

  • Okay so I've had both the magnetic and the long neck phone holders and I can tell you that the magnetic ones suck. The magnet that you put on the back of your phone eventually falls off after a very short period of time. Then it's useless. I drive a pickup truck and the long neck is perfect, holds my phone tightly and the vibration really doesn't matter because you shouldn't be on your phone anyway. Lol

  • Do the best Japanese car accessories

  • Why does everyone have ron Jeremy molestache's

  • So this is GMM now?

  • Car

  • problem with the immerstion heater is everytime you use it you now have to take it out to clean it the cup is just a cup you can clean it with your other cups and the charger piece stays in the car

  • That mustache should be a felony

  • Hell yeah, off the record! Let's get those law breakers out of trouble!

  • ❤️

  • Damn, it's been awhile since I've watched this channel.. and you're thick as hell now.

  • I saw a autozone ad before this and I saw jeremiah in it and I said to my self isn’t he a car-guy?😅

  • 5 star impressions👍👍👍

  • I just want a link to the knife James is using.

  • Where can I get that lil keychain knife

  • Skodas come with a car trash can, at least mine did.

  • Fruit ain't plants, fruit is plant's junk!

  • I love these as I have a mk3 golf so it's nice to see them test them in a the same environment.

  • The LITLE hot wheels Cars are moving Back and wort

  • I’m Jeremiah in my friend group, I can get very nerdy and smart time or time but I’ve got friends like the donut crew who like that about me

  • Holy shit, I didn't know Jeremiah was like, 6'6"!

  • if you some how make your car messy enough to need a car trashcan. then youre a 1 star car owner

  • Lmao

  • i throw trash out the window😂😂 the hood ain’t changing.

  • Can we get a "there's no such thing as fruits it's all just plants" shirt please? 🤣

  • It’s Chinese😂

  • i’m gonna do so much coke off that bamboo car tray

  • I always wonder if those magnetic mounts don't damage the phones electronics

  • 2:30 I thought he said he worked at the saag factory. I'm now disappointed.

  • I'm a fan of the 3rd gen ram dinky truck, how much for it😂

  • anyone else here just impressed by how sharp his pocket knife is? It's also so small and adorable lol

  • Why don't you recycle your cans and bottles?!

  • Have the Park Ranger for the wife. Total win in every way except it blocked me from building my Rube Goldberg alternative which involved a tennis ball, pulleys, and a cord that wrapped around the garage door tension spring shaft so it would lower the tennis ball when you opened the garage door and winched back up when you closed it. Damn it.

  • Bruh I keep thinking these guys are related to donut operator

  • That’s TOO many plugs for all your stuff. Subs, underground etc ruined the flow of the show

  • I thought I was watching Beavis and Butthead for the moment, it is so similar...

  • No one is gonna say anything about the switch blade?!

  • The little cup trash can is the perfect size for tissues and candy wrappers. Empty drinks just move to other less convenient cup holders.

  • Love this series.

  • Just got an add for AutoZone and jerrryyyyy is in itttt 👍👍

  • 13:08 OMG I HAVEN'T HEARD THAT TONE IN FOREVER! I might need my own $500 Jetta just for nostalgia's sake.

  • I would be interested to know the price of each too

  • Is it just me, or is James getting a little chubby cheeked?

  • Want to a holiday gas station and bought a phone mount. Only thing wrong with it was if u tried to take it off. It had a weird tacky gel on it, it would leave a nasty circle on your windshield and would almost cook itself to the windshield if in the sun

  • Hotor actually sells cheap Car vacuums on Amazon as well, and pretty good ones! I've been using it for the last 2 years lol

  • Does anyone know which OTF knife that is that Jame’s used?