This Is The Last Great Engine Tech

Avaldati 17 aug 2021
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The internal combustion engine is far from being put to rest by its electric rival. Gas engines not only continues to be developed, but they keep getting better. Today we are going to look at what might be the pinnacle of Internal combustion, Koenigsegg's Free Valve Engine.

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  • I want free-valve Miata

  • The power the crankshaft exerts to rotate the camshaft will be eliminated just by using this tech. WOW

  • still waiting on the engine that runs on farts

  • So you’re saying that if I get free valve on my civic that I can make 260 hp “stock” and be more sufficient 🤔🤔🤔. Honda pls adopt this tech instantly

  • you should 100% free valve one of the cars on donut

  • So if this tech is so good why are they not using it in todays cars? I would love to have a car that was incredibly fuel efficient while putting the power to the pavement!


  • Do it to the miataaaaaaaa!

  • 100% yes please dothat the the mx5!

  • I would love to Freevalve my 2014 M6

  • Fart car will obliterate society

  • Wonder if this will feed into cars in the coming years before electric cars take over?

  • Wanna see what you're working on with that new"gas" tech!✌❤

  • Before this I already know about engine with free valve but I don't know how the concept until today, thanks for the knowledge..

  • a whole vat of cream cheese? feelsbadman

  • My Honda dealers repair shop hated my Honda v-tech engine. They kept fucking it up.

  • Doesn't Hyundai already have an electro-mechanical version of this? CVVD?

  • Electric cars will never take over, nor catch on. By the time they get even close, Hydrogen will blow it out of the water, because no shit people don't want to stop for 4 hours every 250 miles on road trips. ESPECIALLY TRUCKERS.

  • And now every car is going to have this in 5 years and it’s gonna be stupid expensive to fix when it breaks, and some manufactures are going to hide them under everything so you can’t fix them yourself.

  • Do it on motocycle mate

  • Instead of cvt. What about cvv!

  • *installs free valve on Miata for +30%hp/tq -15% emissions and +30% fuel efficiency* California: BAN THIS POLLUTING MONSTROSITY

  • This was invented by a German guy years ago its nothing new

  • Damn, manufacturers should have implemented this tech years ago before electric took over.

  • When I saw this video by one of my other favorite car scientists on EEpush, all I could think is this is a tech that should be applied to ALL new combustion engines because keeping our climate in the comfort zone it is in its pretty important. Whoever owns the tech being compensated accordingly of course. The short answer though: yes please put this in the Miata.

  • Don't megaship diesels operate kinda like this? RT-flex96C operates its fuel injectors like Freevalve operates the intake and exhaust cams, sorta.

  • Do it on a Ls

  • Fart car- sponsored by bush's beans 🤣

  • I want to see that fart car

  • Would be interesting to see how they overcame the solenoid demagnetising delays that could result in valve float at high rpms.

  • Miata yes. Geo 3 cycln.

  • I whould like to see the miata with this Free falve thing.

  • *Actuator goes bad* “Piston, you may kith’ the valve.” ❤️

  • I think if you go back through some of Christians interviews you might see a special sabb w/ this in it?!?...

  • “Making the same power with 3 cylinders that Lamborghini is making with 10” don’t worry about the 1000+HP electric drive system on the Koenigsegg Gemera (the car with the turbo I3). Ya know 3 electric motors, one for each rear wheel & one on the CRANKSHAFT.

  • Hasn't F1 used pneumatically-actuated valves for, like, more than 20 years?

  • This tech has been around since the 90's. Probably earlier. Prototype and f1 engines have been built this way for 30 years

  • its not ... self charging electric motors are the future... you have a dynamo on all 4 wheels so as the car is moving its generating electricty .. the faster the car goes the more electricity builds up so the speed is only determined by the velocity of the opposing forces... combine this with bodywork made out of solarpanels woven.into plastic and hydrogen fuel cells you have a self perpetutating car that never needs could also run flip flop batteries

  • One vote here for the fart car!

  • Thanks uncle jerry

  • Free valve Miata would be so insane

  • Do it

  • Lol why no one used it? It even looks much much cheaper than a conventional solution. I mean electronics is much cheaper than mechanics.

  • Fart powered car: the bean machine

  • What must I say on my comment down below

  • Why isn’t this in racing yet?

  • how about the reliability on free valve?

  • Don't be too proud of those BEV technological terrors...the power to run cars off batteries is insignificant compared to the power of FCEVs! This could work on converted ICEs to run on hydrogen as a last resort modification to older vehicles.

  • Yes. I want to see that.

  • How much would this increase fuel economy?

  • He spoke to my soul with the way he pronounced Lamborghini 👍👍👍

  • I got a donut x AutoZone ad lol

  • 15% is astounding, considering how much money has been poured into engineering internal combustion engines.

  • Christian Von Koenigsegg is an absolute boss

  • Alfa romeo multiair is the reliable variant of that

  • Darn, now I want this for my vw... :D

  • #gaspowercar!!!!

  • This is like if a company made an automatic pooper scooper for horse manure then ford came out with the model A. Electric cars are already better than gas and make this tech very limited use. I sold my supra for a model 3 performance and I'm never going back to a gas car. I loved my supra till I test drove a model 3. There is no comparison.

  • A fartmobile?

  • Mindblowing 🤯 really cool stuff

  • This video is awesome and all but I absolutely lost it when you sliced that fruit 🤣🤣🤣

  • of course the guy who tries to build it in his garage drives a miata

  • Please freevalve the Miata

  • Simple concept but to make video long and full of references still didn’t understand the whole concept

  • Lamb or genie 😂 located in the video at 2:25

  • Renault did this in like the late 80s

  • LMMFAO 🤣. Where's the fart car?

  • Definitely need to swap the Miata. Without question.

  • Its not reliable, thats why nobody use it, too much complicate and lots electronics involved in actual moving parts, means if something doesnt work all becomes tragedy immediately

  • Yeeees ,we like to see that on miata !!!


  • Dude!!! I wanna see that fart car! I’d never have to pay for gas again!

  • F1 has been doing this for a while n i always wondered why this was not trickling down to normal cars. Still dont understand why its only at konegsigg at this point. It should have definitely been down to mainstream manufacturers like 5 to 8 years ago

  • Do it on the miata.

  • Your Miata neeeeeeds this.

  • I'd rather sit here and freeball

  • 9:00 I wanna see that BS

  • Do it;!!!

  • We wanna se the car that goes with fart

  • This free valve system is how Chrysler and Fiats Multiair motors work

  • Please make a video of you guys trying this

  • I'm laughing. This technology was in GM HIGH TECH PERFORMANCE magazine 15 to 20 years ago.

  • 3:14 ... and that's why I bought an electric car

  • Just like the title . Donut . Prefer a main meal ....

  • I want to see how much hurspur you get from farts.

  • Do it to the miata!

  • Electric cars: I don't have such weakness

  • I was thinking the same. It's too late. EV will take over.

  • The first Freevalve car was a SAAB 9-5, i want to make my own Freevalve SAAB 🤩

  • Dodge has it on its multi air engines

  • It's not that much of an improvement, it's marginal improvements to airflow, like less than 10%. At really absurdly high RPMs it can flow more air and make more power, but it's not beneficial to rev an engine high anyway. Engine's create the most torque at low RPMs, where this tech is basically negligible. High RPMs are basically hype. The technology is cool, but totally unnecessary, something I discovered when learning about high performance camshafts and what their profiles actually do. This shouldn't increase fuel efficiency at all.

  • Two stroke snowmobiles have had electronic exhaust valves since about 2001.

  • if your batter voltage is like .01v off its gonna misfire like a VW

  • Why not use this in ALL CARS???

  • I’d totally put that on an 03 Civic. Why? Why...

  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • So It won't take because why? EVs?

  • Nice....

  • 🚗

  • Sounds like this would solve a lot of the world’s problems rather than just outright banning petrol/gas powered cars and strip mining for lithium 🤔