The Science of the Shake 'n' Bake

Avaldati 31 aug 2021
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The stereotypical image that pops into the layman's head when they think of Nascar might not illustrate the sophistication on the track. To win in NASCAR, drivers, teams and engineers need to understand race-car physics, especially aerodynamics. Today, we’re gonna breakdown NASCAR drafting, and explain how drivers even use the air itself against their competition.

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  • The Donut Wind Tunnel needs new items for us to perform "science experiments" - send us your best stuff or lemme know what we should put in it next - Jeremiah

    • Put a pair of truck nuts in there

    • Hey Uncle Jerry your always talking about how ur gonna steal our legs 🦵but I don't wanna give em up! However just a few years agoo I lost my hand while cutting down a tree... long story short I had it cryogenicly frozen... if I were to send you Uncle Jerry my frozen hand could you get your nephew Jeremiah to put it in his tunneling wind machine?

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  • Who else didn't think it said "shake" and bake

  • Meanwhile i'm here on my Mtn bicycle slipsteaming behind a giant public Bus going 60km/h on a flat road. The hard part is keeping up with the acceleration after it dropped some peoples or a red light forced it to stop.

  • i wont watch nascar until they stop going in circles for a bajillion laps

  • crash into anyone tht gets into your way. tht's how you win nascar

  • 🔥

  • When Jeremiah first showed up on Donut I was like "whatever" now I love this dude lol

  • i dont think people think of nascar it self being low tech, its mostly the fans that have the american stereotype

  • As the inventor of this method I approve of this video.

  • I still don't get the point of nascar. Guess that's a form of racing only americans can understand

  • Send you anything to put in the wind tunnel? Really? Anything? You know you are gonna get a bunch of dildos right....

  • 97% success rate. Tells you everything you need to know about speeding tickets.

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  • One thing that wasn’t mentioned is the trailing car gets less air to its radiator which raises engine temps which limits how long cars can to the 2 car tandem.

  • NASCAR !!! Talladega nights best movie ever made

  • please throw some truck nutz in the wind tunnel, i need to know how much those babd boys are gonna slow me down

  • I may not like nascar but that noise hits different🔥🔥

  • After years of making fun of it, I'm starting to like NASCAR. The fans, tho...

  • So, just like mario kart 8, you get a like 3 seconds boost.

  • The animations were top-notch in this one!

  • More neighs more horses more yeehaws mo powa baby

  • I really dislike Jerry when he was first thrown into B2B. But now he is one of my favorite

  • This is a very cool video

  • can you guys do a up to speed on the buick riviera

  • I think i’m obligated to tell y’all this. Donut Media and especially Jeremiah’s science videos made me apply and get into Automotive Engineering 🙌🏽

  • caralho, que dahora

  • NASCAR helped me save 15% on my mpg

  • Your voice cracked in the 10.40s

  • Please do a DIY for that wind tunnel. I think that would be a fun weekend project with the kids

  • i love the yota's catos ad. her voice is so beautiful

  • Loved this episode

  • I ride a Honda Grom, slipstreaming is love, slipstreaming is life.

  • Bro I was just chillin then I hear an angry man yell "Did ya Bruce" then punch the monitor I was not prepared to hear my name at 10 pm

  • Wow mr j u went thru puberty ur voice seemed to change too

  • Formula One crews do this to make sure their number one gets top qualification times with the tow

  • what troglodyte edited the 'understeer' explanation with footage of a car oversteering?

  • Someone is going to send in a rubber male extremity.

  • This is soooo basic aerodynamic techniques....🤣🤣 This is prehistoric compared to whatever kind of single seater cars with a bit of aero, racing on GP racetracks. And I even don't talk about F1.

  • Also fun fact, the race Brad used the real shake and bake was also the race where Kurt Busch ran a Ricky Bobby paint scheme with the cougar on the hood of the car.

  • The side draft is probably such an enormous part of the package now because the fastest tracks have enormous spoilers. It becomes an equally enormous parachute when you push your bow wave onto it. One of the legends of NASCAR is that Dale Earnhardt could "see the air." IMO what he actually did was figure out side drafting before anyone else did and keep his mouth shut so his secret didn't get out. If you watch vintage NASCAR footage the broadcasters would often say when the cars started to get side by side the aero would suck the cars together. Then they switched to saying the passing car would tuck in close to try to hide in the bow wave of the forward car as long as possible. Drivers probably thought that's what was going on at the time.

  • This somehow actually made me want to watch nascar tbh

  • No body in NASCAR calls it the "Shake and Bake"

  • "Whats a shake and bake?" *Takes one step to the right* ... *NASCAR is changed forever*

  • I hope to see electric auto racing the speeds and aero will be fun

  • nazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzcar

  • Was the garage hotboxed ?🤣

  • This video made Nascar infinitely more interesting for me.

  • if we send you something to wind tunnel you send it back right? i have something i wanna see in there but it's very special to me...

  • I love the wind tunnel

  • Who owns that handsome speed 3? I’ve seen it in a few vids

  • Did someone get offended over old thumbnail or smth?

  • Any other 11C's on here hoping to see a different shake and bake

  • Also if u get rid of the spoiler there is less drag

  • Btw spoilers make airflow worse if u use them u r dumb

  • If NASCAR actually still raced STOCK cars I'd be more interested. At present, the association is misnamed, having completely moved away from its roots. If I wanted to watch a race of basically the same car, I'd watch a model-specific race. It is really cool to see a breakdown of the aerodynamics involved with drafting.

  • I've gained a tonne of respect for NASCAR after this vid!!👍🏻


  • where's the cap?

  • I kinda like how this show is slowly turning into Home Improvement with cars.

  • TLOP4

  • Guys would you make a video with a list of the best affordable engines ever put on cars?

  • So when is Bart coming back?

  • Brooo!! By far my most favorite episode!!

  • As a Bruce I feel attacked

  • The aero techniques are interesting. But I’ve got to say (just give me a sec to zip up my flame-retardant suit) - I find NASCAR boring. I just don’t get it. The track is an oval. They only turn left? Someone fill me in on what’s so interesting? Disclaimer: I’m from the UK, so more accustomed to F1, DTM, rally etc

  • I know the saying from SoCloseToToast and I always wondered what he meant by it.

  • Can you do a video on the achates opposed piston engine?

  • Nascar is Lv0 of racing all that "technique" whas discover in the 30th in f1 or le mans

  • This was an excellent explanation, thanks! As someone who doesn't know a lot about NASCAR, I learned a lot. I hope the 2022 cars won't make the shake 'n' bake go out of use!

  • What actual donuts have the best and worst aerodynamics?

  • Heyyyyy this isn't a meth cooking tutorial!

  • NASCAR aerodynamics: Yer car sucks, bubba! If'n I hang right behindja, it'll ventchally suck me right pastja!

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  • I don't know how you Americans can find interesting a race turning all the time left in circle/oval whatever, Boring.

  • Love you guys but those shirts are too expensive

  • I'd really love one of those shirts but that almost 500 buck where I'm from🤣🤣

  • I'm a huge fan, of both your channel and NASCAR. I LOVED this explanation. One I already knew, but how can you produce this particular topic, without using the man that could "see the air" in it? I'm not gonna name drop and start a stir. Those that know understand what I meant. 2000 Winston 500, just for starters? You just simply can't discuss aerodynamics in NASCAR, without this reference!

  • Missed opportunity to talk about the Mercedes CLR airplane at Le Mans.

  • He really was the first to think of breaking the tandem to prevent being passed???

  • oh no send anything aka here comes the pleasure your self toys

  • Someone send a lobster and a Jeep Wrangler so we can compare their aerodynamics.

  • how many dildos have already arrived in their po box?

  • Nascar is like a physics professor from Alabama. If it wasn't for the accent it would be taken more seriously.

  • That’s why teams will bumper draft to Benefit both of them


  • Donut should have a section teaching how motorsports strategize racing for different tracks and car

  • 4:07 Bully McGuire understood physics in order to put some dirt in your eyes,

  • The wind tunnel kit is a legit FANTASTIC idea... There's so many good options out there!

  • 1:13 i hate when lawyers tell you they have a high success rate. i mean, they choose which cases to take, and they only choose ones they're certain they're going to win. so yeah, their success rate is obviously going to be high.

  • Engagement engagement engagement

  • I miss the tandem drafting at the super speedways it was wild to watch

  • Ricky bobby

  • I wanna see a donut in the donut wind tunnel

  • nascar sucks... you can't make going around in circles interesting no matter how much you try

  • Interesting, in my former career, Shake and Bake involved 1x Phos, 1x Frag

  • I'm not a NASCAR fan, but I would like to be. This video was very helpful in understanding it better. I was wondering if someone could tell me which NASCAR series has the cars on road courses as opposed to ovals? Thanks and have a great Labour Day.

  • Nascar don't have wing....

  • Ever since I learned drafting 5 years ago, every single time I drive a go kart (I mean the amusement park rides) I literally have slipstreamed and tagged along on the rear bumper of another kart to the point the exhaust soot would accumulate on my nose (this one I go to requires helmets, and I have my visor open so it doesn’t fog up) I reserve overtaking for corners

  • does the bread coating company Shake 'n Bake sponsor a nascar team? That would be cool

  • That does actually make NASCAR more interesting. Thank you.