Testing More TikTok Car Hacks

Avaldati 6 aug 2021
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TikTok keeps making new car hacks and we're determined to test them all. Today we're joined by special guest Jackie Tohn to find out if these life hacks are real or scams. This is the D-List!

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  • Jakie has good energy

  • This thing with the Tennis ball actually works

  • I 100% understand why some animals decide to end their own lives after listening to this disgusting goblin of a woman on this video. I made it roughly 50 seconds before I had to close it. Good on you James for making it an entire day of filming.

  • Swear that worked on a mark 1 fiesta or something

  • Another way to get cheap air fresheners: Scented urinal pads. No joke, my dad used one urinal pad in his car for 3 years and it doesn't smell at all.

  • Two peas in a pod, never seen a guest before but this was brilliant

  • The "Hack" with the Tennis ball was a big thing in germanys early 2000´s because it was easy to destroy the lock with a tennis ball.

  • can they like date already?

  • The alternative for the SLIME IS A SIMPLE dry or wet cloth

  • Ten minutes in and im hearing sirens. Hope the crew didn't try a tiktok hack in the microwave or some neighbor decided to do the crate challenge. I'm concerned.

  • Why does she look like the smart guy LOL

  • Arkansas is on donut!

  • Jesus loves you and died for our sins

  • Where did you get the LIttle rock AR Coca Cola hat. That’s dope

  • Bro when she said “eyelashes” it reminded me of how someone ruined a 6 gen camaro with pink paint supposed to be blush and eyelashes

  • I want to know the story behind James's hat

  • 2:48 Dude has some weird fat thumbs. It's like his fat is bulging around his thumbnail...

  • does the headlight lens stay clear? because it gets temporarily clear even with regular water hitting it.... you should check it after it dried, or hours later

  • The tennis ball hack does work and its a known hack of the 90s with cars that had vacuum locks. your Jetta has either mechanical or electrical locking systems.

  • Remember it’s always morally correct to pirate Adobe products

  • Tennis ball trick, first off, it won't work. However, the theory behind the idea is sound but requires a certain set of circumstances to work. No1, the window has to be up an have a good seal to the door. (Otherwise it's like cutting a balloon in half then trying to blow it up), 2nd, the rest of the door has to be sealed nearly air tight (not going to happen). If the only way for air to escape the inside of the door is through the locking mechanism on the inside of the door and you can inject enough air from the outside through the lock with the tennis ball (better off with a basket ball), then theoretically the air escaping the door through the latch hole could unlock the door. In a perfect world.

  • I'm not so sure about putting the grass in the floorboards. I'm lazy enough as it is I can barely keep my car clean now I got to mow my car too I don't know

  • Can't believe that after TV shows like MythBusters did the whole tennis ball car unlock trick and described exactly how it works that it's still being perpetuated on the internet to this day

  • It would be easier to just put a candle in your car

  • Little rock Arkansas hat?

  • the tennis ball worked on many Volkswagen cars in the 90s but this has been fixed obviously by all car manufactures by now

  • The Hack at 3:13 with the Tennis Ball is only working for some old Mercedes i think. Their Door Locking System works with Air Pressure so you can pump air in with the tennis ball and it may will open the door. Pls do some little research

  • That last "hack" reminds me of Pimp My Ride... ahhh those times 😕


  • The tennis ball trick actually works on some Mercedes Modells from the 1980's, tried that in one of my own, just cant remember if it was a W123 or W201. Was about 20 years ago... Should also Work in Others Cars with vacuum driven door openers!

  • You should test the No-slime hack, Just pour baby powder in a sock before bedtime.

  • 1:37 Instant like after seeing it works!

  • Why is she wearing safety goggles? Whyyyyy?

  • I did the astroturf thing with the car mats in my campervan a couple of years ago, it was great. BRING THE OUTSIDE IN!

  • @8:50 mac and chz noises

  • Love the content but JAMES please take it easy with the dogfood...please bro your a valuable and talented person don't end up a headline on someone else's channel.

  • Tennis ball method works with older cars. You gotta have a good seal over the lock

  • I wonder how many minutes that front headlight will stay clear for lol

  • Lot of sexual tension

  • Bruh this girl is my wife

  • The world in 2021, when I was young there was no way I would wear jeans like she has on with all the holes in them, but I understand times have changed. Nothing looks better to me than a well-dress lady in a dress in 2021.

  • 8:02...... I gotta call her

  • This video would be MUCH better if the hosts stopped acting like idiots.

  • Who is sponsoring Adobe? Winrar?

  • Who wants to clean their car with SLIME?!

  • Have you seen Kyle Hill? Hair dryers aren't just for women :P

  • How many people have a cup holder full of glue in a dirty car right now?

  • I love her!! Keep her coming back!

  • The headlight housing was still wet in the "after" shot. Dry it off, then tell me it's a hack.

  • The headlight hack doesn't work... It just looked like it because it was wet. There are no hacks to fix foggy headlights. You have to remove a thin layer of plastic to actually get rid of it. Go to your auto parts store and buy one of the kits for $20 or more (if you don't have a drill, I recommend the kit Sylvania makes), that's the only way to fix it.

  • the tennisball thing isnt a scam . it works at really old cars like a Lady niva .

  • Ngl. Those two are kind of a cute couple

  • That tennis ball trick actually works really well if done correctly. Back in the late 80s to early 90s a lot of golfs bullis and Passats got stolen like that…

  • Lol I've been using the scented wax trick for years never knew I could be TikTok famous for it lol. But seriously, I wouldn't recommend a mason jar that big. I just use a rinsed out baby food jar and like 2 wax cubes. I punch about a half dozen holes in the lid and set them on my dash in the sun. Here in Arizona it melts that shit no problem. Then when I go to drive I just set the little jar in my rear cupholder (I could probably just leave it back there and it'd still melt).

  • James has a overall attitude of why tf am I wasting my time on this crap 😂

  • this video is so rushed, you didn’t even show the bloody headlights dry

  • I want to see the headlight after its cleaned off.

  • I was a firefighter for 4 years, and the tennis ball thing works... Sometimes. We always put it up to the door and hit it with out fists.

  • She's so funny! Great addition to the Donut cult!

  • Ayo James's soulemate on D-List ?

  • The astroturf hack is a recipe for rust. There's a reason floor mats aren't just cheap flat rubber.

  • You can't even get suction from a tennis ball. It's covered in fuzz!

  • I tried the headlight hack on my 2009 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT and IT WORKS. I have struggled with fogged headlights for years with this car and finally broke down and used the RainX headlight restoration kit. It took maybe 45 minutes for each head light and A LOT of elbow grease. The lemon and baking soda trick takes 5 minutes per light including rinsing and drying off and I could actually feel my fingers after doing it. Super simple and super cheap, I’m going to be using this trick monthly to keep up on my foggy head lights and I will never use the RainX kits ever again. Thanks for confirming this hack James!!

  • If oyu believed the tennis ball trick, you took Advanced Physics of Frisbee in college...

  • Funniest episode ever 😁❤️

  • The only thing I care about is that 540 wagon!!!!!

  • love you too, James

  • Jackie is fucking amazing!!

  • I'm just going to say this right now the MythBusters have tested all these car hacks and they don't work, including the tennis ball door unlock. Plus you're just best off getting the product which is only usually from a dollar up to $9 in store spend some money and stop being cheap. Wow that's slime hack my seem to clean your car but will also make your car sticky as hell and like I said in my previous part of this comment spend some money. And who the hell came up with that slime that's the most stupidest product that ever came out and is one hell of a mess to clean up. If your kids ask you to make them slime tell them to go out and play in the yard and if you don't have a yard take them to the damn Park or throw a book in front of them and tell them to start reading if that doesn't work then just give them a controller or make them use their imagination or go play with their toys they don't play with.

  • Bro, I watch this channel considerably. I was born in Little Rock, At. I would pay for this hat. Signed sealed delivered. Please consider.

  • I might actually do the astro turf floor mats

  • Odd to blur out the shirt and hat in some shots, but not in others, no?

  • These two have chemistry! Like two best friends. Bring her on more!

  • I wonder who had the idea to just put grass there

  • Please never make a video with this woman again.

  • Do an up to speed on top gear.

  • Maybe change the cabin air filter too for bad car smell

  • The exploding floor mat literally made me jump....so dumb lol 🤦‍♂️

  • Hey iron pumpfrey! Your girlfriend is hot....

  • I bought an 88 cents candle from walmart and keep it in a cup holder 8n my truck. Definitely works to a degree

  • Those floor mats had me laughing

  • I like her. She is just as cynical as James.

  • She's cute, "All Hail the Algorithm" fun video

  • hey for air fresheners just use dryer sheetz throw em under the seat smell great for months

  • The tennis ball hack actually work on a lot of WV from 90's with pneumatic central locking. But I assume that the tik tok community wasn't born at this time...

  • @ that miata

  • This was pretty hilarious! It looked like y'all had a great time doing this hack! Y'all should definitely have her back for more hacks!

  • At 3:57, obviously this did not work because the window was open. You could not get a pressure differential between the car and the ball. I see no other explanation!

  • The Tennisball trick does work. Friends of my used it to steal radios in the 90s. Also old, heavily used Volkswagen keys worked on other car doors but not in the ignition.

  • Easy hack for car smell. Fabric softener refill bag. Chuck is as-is under the car seat.

  • There cute

  • for that tennis ball one, they were doing it wrong. I literally witnessed someone try this yesterday and it worked second try. it's not the squeezing but you have to push the ball. Like put your palm on it and push it towards the car.

  • Most of these are like a lot of “hacks” found on social media. Sure they work, but they take something that there was already an easy solution for and come up with an overly complicated method using non-standard materials for no apparent reason.

  • This shot is just cracking me up 7:42

  • Oh god Adobe anything is like 999.99$ yearly.

  • Jackie and james! Team rocket is back! 💪🏼

  • actually, on the tennis ball you are supposed to mash it as hard as you can instead of suctioning it *thats what she said*

  • What happened to Up to speed?

  • Why use slime to clean your car when you can use, a dust brush, a vacuum, a damp paper towel, compressed air(it works, not worth it, but it works) and literally any other tried and true way to remove dust from a surface

  • Is car slime actually a real thing that some people use to clean their cars with? Instead of, like, a disinfectant-soaked microfiber cloth?