Porsche's Biggest Fail | Up to Speed

Avaldati 5 aug 2021
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As early as 1971 Porsche felt the legendary 911 was “as good as it was going to get.” That year, bossman Ferry Porsche ordered development of a car to replace the 911. Thankfully that didn’t happen. But Porsche built the 928 anyway, and it remains one of the most unique and influential rides they’ve ever built. Too bad the sales didn't match. Even so, the front-engined, V8-powered Porsche 928 became an ‘80s pop culture icon, and some of its innovative features come standard in today’s P-cars. But some bits are just plain weird. Join James Pumphrey and our distinguished guest, Porsche connoisseur Magnus Walker, to find out what makes the 928 special-maybe even more special than the 911.

Big thanks to the Urban Outlaw himself, Mr. Magnus Walker, for sharing his enthusiasm and expertise. Check out his Instagram, @magnuswalker for a better look at his incredible Porsche collection.

Props to Ryan Hailey for editing this beast of an episode. He's a hilarious dude who’s always down to crack horse jokes. Peep his EEpush channel here: www.youtube.com/c/RyansShorts

High-five to Raghav Arumugam for the Weissach axle animation. Check his EEpush channel for more: www.youtube.com/ragsanimations

Thanks to Rennthusiast and Dutchmann for their clutch Porsche content. Click over to their channels for more P-car stuff.
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  • The 911 looked OLD in the early 80's. You can't argue against that. The 928 still looks fresh today. I want one! NOW!

  • Great car. Timeless design. Think how old that is and how good it still looks.

  • I seriously was not expecting or ready for Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope to make a surprise appearance in this video.......

  • Not true on the Salt Flat run....the factory stock record was held by a Plymouth Superbird almost forever....over 200mph.

  • The separate ptarmigan univariately regret because ship approximately applaud like a snobbish shame. relieved, obese engine

  • #WeWantHorseCream

  • I’ve always disliked the 928. Dull and compromised.

  • I made my 928 into a convertible. I like it much better even twice as much as the hard top that it was. If they (Porsche) would have made it like that they would have sold a lot more units. Twice as many...

  • "Porsche farmer" 😂😂😂

  • Quote: "Imagine a world where Porsche didn't make 911's" The thought surprisingly touched me. There would probably not be a brand called Porsche then. What a sadder world it would have been.

  • 928.plus Renegade Hydrids LS Conversion. Bad ass. I had a 944 and loved it til the head gasket blew.

  • I'm hitting like just for the fursuit (not that I don't love your videos anyways)

  • Always loved the 928 for its looks and being different from the 911. I always believed the rumour that the 928 was supposed to be an Audi but Porsche took it from them because they needed a GT. Or is that the 924?

  • I'd still take one...Wanted one ever since the 90's.

  • The 928 is awesome... i once almost bought one 15 years ago when they were cheap.

  • I loved the actual content - but all these ultra-childish cutouts made watching this video almost intolerable! How can such good content have so much stupid, moronic crap added to it? Please! Your audience for this video isn't teenagers or Millennials; but real adults.

  • You forgot the most famous line: "Porsche there is no Substitute"

  • loved that car, had an '87 s4 back in '89. multiplisticly orgasmic, especially for a 25 year old. I thought there shouldve been a 4 door version then. porsche finally listened decades later and made the panamera.

  • The 928 was a mid engine design. Not front engine. The engine is between the front and rear axles, as was the transaxle. As such, it had close to 50/50 weight balance. Which gave it much better handling than the 911. The 911 continued to sell well, because macho men would be able to brag about how they 'tamed the wild beast 911'. So it sold for the same reason Harley Davidsons did. To this day, these macho nuts continue to hate good handling cars, and deride any man who chooses a better handling car such as the Cayman or Boxster. They even call them 'ladies' cars. Eventually, even Porsche had to admit that a mid engine design was better than the 911's rear engine design, and today LeMan's GT class 911s are all mid engine designs, though the street car 911s remain poor handling rear engine vehicles.

  • 928 was like space age. In 70's, most European cars looked like bit upgraded version of pre-war designed car. US cars in 70's mostly looked like slightly carved huge slab of metal on wheels.

  • I love the 928 !

  • I want, but not sure if I really want, horse cream

  • Just way too much schlock for me.

  • Doug Demuro shout out!

  • No .. 911 are Fast & Ugly Ass VW Bugs. .The 928S4 had an aluminum block V-8 & was Bad Ass. It just needs some more Yank ! or Hers-pers

  • You didn't even mention that the 944 saved the company. They sold over 163K worldwide

  • I will live and die with the 928 as my favorite Porsche.

  • A truly wonderful car ... and an excellent video. Very funny :-)

  • Love the minor threat homage

  • That's blasphemous; the 924 was the black sheep of Porsche not that beautiful 928.

  • It was a failing of the public, the car was fantastic!

  • I absolutely hated this car as a kid. It’s actually aged pretty well.

  • The 928 is glorious. Wouldn’t be terribly hard to bring back either. Chop the back two doors off the Panamera and bam, 928!

  • Keep in mind Porsche's decision to develop the 928 and 924/944 designs happened at around the same time VW shifted from the BEetle and all its stable mates to the completely new Golf, Polo and Passat cars. They did it for exactly the same reasons, the rear-engine, air-cooled technology was at its limits and out-dated, and the future belonged to liquid-cooled, front-engine vehicles.' It was a decision that saved VW. The fact that the 911 is still a successful design has to be viewed as an historical anomaly.

  • he said Porsche. with an E. A dream comes true. GJ ami boi

  • As a Porsche "enthusiast", I have always liked the 928. It's smooth, reasonably powerful and great for long distance driving. You should hear a 928 with an upgraded exhaust system, one of the best sounding V8's ever. Piss on this car all you want, but Porsche was making a pragmatic decision at the time.

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  • Horse cream petition

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  • 15:22 That's so sexist! I love it...

  • Here is the breakdown: 911 for chicks 924/944 for teens 914 fancy VW 928 for men

  • Is this the 442

  • give me hurspurs or give me death

  • I want those 316 hurspurs

  • Love my 86 1/2 928. Horsepower is 288 not 228 for the 32 valve 5.0 pre knock sensor.. Rear sun visors are for the back of the head/neck of the rear seat passengers.

  • Profit is after you keep the lights on, FYI.

  • As a young kid, I remember seeing one back in 1985. It had to be what? 4? 5 years old, not really an old car but it looked really old? It was looking like a crappy random coupe car, not much betterr to a Renault Fuego. When a sports car can't impress a primary school boy, you know it is not impressive. To think that it costed 100,000 only brings laughter... there were people ready to spend that much just for the badge? Of course! They always exist, there, ready to spend. LOL!

  • I remember seeing one of these at my uncle's gas station in 1978. One of my uncle's lawyer friends owned one and he would stop by once in a while and I would get to sit in it, I actually got to park it one time. It was the coolest car I had ever seen at the time. Then this really cute girl set up a hotdog stand on the corner and I forgot all about the car.

  • The Porsche Panamera, Cayenne, 944, 924, 914, and Boxster were all bigger mistakes than the 928. Especially the Panamera and Cayenne, which weren't even sports cars.

  • We want horse cream #weewanthorsecream

  • Horse Cream? Is that a play on Tim and Eric's obsession with Chipped Creamed Horse meat?

  • Horse Cream? Is that a play on Tim and Eric's obsession with Chipped Creamed Horse meat?

  • I think the 928 is a great car especially the late model GT and GTS variants. The performance of the early models was a bit underwhelming and I'm not a fan of some of the wacky late 70s/early 80s interiors but a lot to like about the 928. Porsche mistake was to try and market the 928 as 911 replacement which doesn't make sense as the 911 is sports car whereas the 928 is a GT, albeit a GT with a sporting flavour.

  • A modern LS engine will get this jam up to speed.

  • Being a furry and a car buff, I'm gonna have to like and subscribe

  • 1962-1963 a Studebaker Avanti did 170.81 mph. World land speed record for a production car. Go Andy Granitelli ! Oh it bares a superficial resemblance to the 928 too ...

  • I think you meant Porsche's COOLEST car

  • Good grief, this dude is annoying.

  • oh boy, we get to talk to magnus walker, a white dude with dreads in 2021

  • They should have made it mid-engined.

  • 944 vid?

  • The Minor Threat reference at 22.21 was sweet!

  • Biggest fail ? I do not know ! But I do know that your big face if in the drivers seat would ruin the looks of any 928 from 1978 to 1995 ! LOL

  • 0:28 I've never thought of a vehicle with a massive rear-end weight bias as defining what a sports car should be.

  • In every 🇺🇸American🇺🇸car related video it is mentioned that you get the lame version of every car in America, but you guys get all the cool 🍔🍺V8's 🇺🇸while in Europe we are used to 4cylinder petrol and diesel engines,as well as owning a car over here in UK🧐 🇬🇧and Europe 🤵🇪🇺is a significant expense💵 with fuel,tax and insurance prices📈, not to mention how even harder is to own a car in Greece🇬🇷 where I am originally from where just road tax costs 600 euros per year for a 2 liter, and car prices are double compared with the UK and salary is, 🥁🥁🥁🥁 650 euros per month 🧿🇬🇷

  • One of my favorite cars of all time!

  • I have never thought of the 928, or the 944 as fails. I admit to purposely ignoring the 924, it's a worse fail than the 914 ever was. I actually loved my '73 914 2.0, it was a blast to own!

  • #wewanthorsecream

  • How about the 944


  • In those days, if you wanted a Porsche that staid on the road, the 928 was a revelation. The 911 is and was a pathetic automobile which today lives one as a marketing success. The 911 marketing is and was phantastic, the product lousy, much like Beaujolais nouveau (and who wants to drink that stuff).

  • Biggest fail? It's the only cool car they ever made. And better than the 911, which is just a 1001 ways to remake a Beetle.

  • For what I've read, the (also) front-engined Porsche 944 was one of the most successful Porsches ever, its discontinuation more due to its cannibalizing the much more profitable Porsche 911 line...

    • The 944 skyrocket in sales for one reason: the movie Sixteen Candles. Every rich kid at my high school got one. The 911/Carrera/982 has been and always will be a chick car. The 928 was a man’s Porsche. Just my observations from back in the day.

  • How did Porsche get it wrong VW commissioned Porsche to design a parts bin sports car and after vw back out Porsche bought the design and developed it

  • #WeWantHorseCream

  • Is no one going to mention the Ryan cameo?!?!? Amazing!

    • Wait?!?!? Was Ryan the editor? I def get the Ryan vibes haha

  • ..... the 924 with the worst Porsche by far

  • If you'd like even more obscure trivia that has nothing to do with the video, the car at 3:19 has a Belgian number plate and would have been registered sometime between late 2016 and early 2017 (based on the number)

  • Do the 924 next.

  • will there be an aventador SVJ ?????

  • Awesome machine. Cool vid, subbed.

  • Looks like a squished AMC Pacer.

  • Donut Media: Eric Andre/ Tim and Eric meets Top Gear

  • IMHO the 928 is ugly as sin. The 935 is the beautiful one. Even the 2 Gen 935 is sweet.

  • I always loved the 928,still on of my favorites

  • I want an up to speed on james pumphrey

  • The 928 was my dream foreign car all through my youth. I loved it well before it was in any movies, only adorning magazine pages. Risky Business wasn't very good, but I loved seeing that 928, and almost cried when it got dunked. I still adore it.

  • I thought they took Volkswagen project ?

  • It's crazy how diverse the Porsche range is yet how little Porsche top-end vehicles differ. Beetle was rear engined RWD, the Porsche designed Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausführung D is rear engined FWD, the 356 is RE RWD, the 911 is RE RWD, the Boxster is rear mid-engine RWD, the 917 is R-ME RWD, the 919 pops the engine behind the driver and gives the beans to all 4 wheels yet all these vehicles are radically different in performance and one always blows the competition away. Then Porsche created that thing. That monstrosity.

  • Infantile video, in content, style and presentation.

  • Always loved the unique look of the 928.

  • #Wewanthorsecream

  • In my opinion only thing worse than a 928 is a 944.

  • I need some horse cream to moisturize my upper lip

  • Whores cream or horse cream ?

  • I enjoyed every mile of the one I owned. I sold it 14 years ago. It is still on the road.

  • I loved the 928 growing up, weird science & risky business may have had a lot to do with that. Damn sexy car tho 🤔

  • 928 was AHEAD of its time, period!

  • Can you maybe do a shortish video where you tell us about what horse cream could be and then we vote on which we like? I'm imagining numerous things and some are neat and others are kinda horrible.

  • This A.D.D. style video editing is getting old, but love this car so I watched the whole thing anyways