Is this Infamous Supercar Real?

Avaldati 2 aug 2021
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The Devel Sixteen has drawn praise and skepticism ever since its reveal way back in 2013. The car has yet to be seen on the road, clouding the perception around this car even further. Will the Sixteen ever see the highway? Surprisingly, I think so.

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  • Hey guys, I've wanted to talk about Devel for a long time, and I'm honestly pulling for them. I want the Sixteen to achieve the company's ambition. The road might have been longer than they were planning, but isn't that true for so many other things? Make sure you're subscribed, we'll be taking a close look at more *interesting* supercar brands here in the US and Europe, you don't want to miss those episodes. - Nolan

    • There is literally nothing new in this video. The MAT guys have long bailed out of the project. And if you research well enough, you'll find what Steve Morris has to say about this whole undertaking. And it's not good.

    • but did you hear about the devel sixty

    • I just remembered, about a quad turbo 12 cylinder chrysler had that never went to production but was really cool and was fun to drive in game The chrysler ME 4-12

    • My guess is that this is a fake, like the Lycan. Emirates cars are for poseurs - they look, and are expensive, but it is just a fancy facade (much like the Emirates itself). They don't have what it takes to actually design and build anything bleeding edge like this. If anyone could, it would already be done. The hybrid Bulgatti will be the best, and ACTUALLY REAL hypercar before this thing even gets built (if ever).

    • rimac episode?

  • Damn this sponsir is sometin i should but

  • Okay, anyone remember the terrible speed Racer next generation show, there was a special with a race through the desert, the evil guy, I think his name was zazic or something, had a car that looks a lot like the Devel sixty from what I remember.

  • 2 mins after they will release this car, porsche is breaking their record on nürgurgring

  • Has anyone noticed a tie between Dubai and unrealistic expectations

  • When you have billions yet your own people are starving. Hate dubai just place for the the rich to go when there own people live in a 3rd world country. Why not spend money on fresh water supplies or food for kids but na

  • Dubai isn't as it seems look harder.

  • Like w mortars lynkan hypersport

  • This car is a fake as Schmee's hairline will be in 5 years.

  • You lost me at Dubai based carmaker. Pfff Dubai is shit and there's no way anything awesome will ever come from there. Just a city full of morons.

  • If it has 5000 total horsepower, then you would need 2 2500 horsepower v8's or about 312 horsepower per cylinder.

  • great video

  • that's when I unsubscribed to supercars blonde...cause she was just a pawn selling something that wasnt even a thing...

  • Mother fucking fake car

  • amongus?

  • from what I have seen the engine was really built. ...Steve Morris Engines.. I don't think they ever put it in the car and the devel company was a scam....

  • Paint it gloss black and call it the new Batmobile.

  • The most pointless car ever.

  • I wonder if it will be made by slaves, like the rest of Dubai

  • Plz make a video on the Mazda furai

  • Interesting

  • Technically, when I merge with my suit I would be a robot :3

  • SUPRA sitting comfortably in the crowd.😌 Devel 16: is dat a supraaaaaaaaaaaa😱

  • Puts shame to Tesla roadster

  • here's how to fix the devel 16 and make it go up to 350 MPH 1. Bugatti Bolide's golf ball aero 2. Koenigsegg Regera's transmission maybe

  • What a waste of an episode. What did we learn. What was gained. Are we any bwtter off now?

  • Despite the middle east's "strict" religious enforcement (other than the elites which are turbo degenerate), they have a problem of little kid syndrome where they lie and pretend that they can do XYZ. They take themselves too seriously.

  • 12:11 dude looks like Nolan’s grandpa

  • It reminds me of the idr but alot less cool as it doesn't idr

  • In my opinion the modified 300+ mph 2006 ford gt is better in every way as it accually exsists and it did accually go 300 plus

  • I have a battery meant for starting cars and all I have to do is hook it up and turn the key if yours is more efficient then why does mine start the car 4 minutes and 55 seconds faster

  • So it’s a facade, just like everything else in Dubai, huge ass fancy skyscrapers with no plumbing lmao

  • seems sus to me ngl

  • In the same timeframe, Tesla came and delivered.

  • Duke nukem is the video game equivalent.

  • Stuff the car I just want the V16 billet engine. I'll take the 3,000hp one thanks. "Drop" it in something around here.

  • Just get a plaid s

  • 400 lumens? My gun flashlight is 1350

  • Lol, this car is as real as that company that claimed that they had electric trucks...that they were rolling down hill or plugging them into a wall outlet to show that they moved. I'll wait for one to get tested and reviewed. They've been talking bout this car since before I had grey hair. Now I'm bald. Lol

  • I'd like to see that beautiful frame spitting fire from a small modernized jet engine, is this not possible i mean fuck it's 2021 how good can this shit actually get? Lol

  • They should make it a 6 wheel awd monster for extra traction and wow factor, plus it would be a fitting modification for the name of the car 🔥

  • Why don't they put mini fins on the bottom to minimize the whirlwinds under the car?

  • Its real when we see doug review it..

  • Nolan whose jeep is that?

  • It actually has 1600 hp

  • Infamous?

  • Yeah it's a real fake pos. Only Supercar Blondie is ignorant enough to believe in it.


  • If Dubai was a car…

  • 9:30 Anything with SuperCarBlondie is uneventful.

  • They better hurry up & unleash that beast before every country says no more ICE 😲

  • First time tuning in Donut Media in months and maaannnn Nolan getting swole

  • Dude, you have really gone past the early days... your polish and delivery have exceeded my expectations. Good vids! oB

  • I'd say who cares if it can hit 350MPH. It can probably hit 200MPH and looks amazing.

  • its fake and its pronounced devil

  • Cyberpunk had a bad launch. But its not a bad game. I loved it.

  • A bit late getting in on the big multi cylinder, fuel guzzleing supercar game, when the rest of the world is going voltage ⚡. I suppose the flat roads of Dubai, right beside an oil field will suit this power station on wheels.

  • Even if the car is everything they claim it is, there is no way it can achieve 350mph.

  • I got this in GTA :)

  • It took more than 15yrs to Volkswagen and Michelin tyres companies to only develop a tyre for the Veyron able to withstand speed of up to 248mph. It seems pretty obvious to me that this "Devel 16" is only smoke and mirrors. I mean how can a small team like this (no matter how wealthy it is) compete with such big groups to deliver a supercar that would eventually cost only 1 million euros? This makes zero sense.

  • The Tuatara is another amazing looking car that was in development for an eternity. Despite the speedrun controversy, it’s still one of my favorite cars ever.

  • At some point you have to" take the shot"

  • Cyberpunk was only in development for 5 years, not 9.

  • How do you build the most powerful car in the world? LS engines. Yes. I love this. corvettes FOREVER!!!!

  • i'll still chose a AE86

  • This was my fav car til i realised it didnt exist lol

  • Got annoyed by the commercial and banana comment, i left..

  • You forgot to mention getting tires that can handle the heat and stresses of those kinds of speeds. You can go over two hundred miles/hour in a Veyron but the tires don’t last long at those speeds. The challenges of building something like this is staggering

  • Oh god the amount of smoke out of the off roader

  • only thing i wanna know is why the 0-60 is soo slow for having that much power. a tesla roadster would have a faster 0-60 especially if it has the space x pack.

  • going full speed and then breaking the breaks would melt or it would blow up

  • I tought as a child playing Asphalt 8 that the exaust were rockets XD

  • Its real go to supercar blondy on yt she vlogs her life with Nice cars and she has Seen the car in dubai

  • That car is so ugly

  • I thought I already watched this video??

  • You can even see in the Supercar Blondie video that the steering wheel isn't even straight.

  • Devel Sixteen: Exists Elon Musk: *makes Tesla Roadster* Devel Sixteen: Finally, a worthy opponent.

  • Cyberpunk was dev was actually 3 years 😅 and that explain a lot ! Anyway awesome video as always :)

  • When are u americans gonna start using km/h? Only thing that makes sense really

  • im a robot probably cause they dont excite me

  • This car slow the car I'm making can go 400 sextillion miles an hour

  • I've been a fan of this car for a couple years since I've first seen it. Remember being really excited when it hit GTA.

  • in another 15 years.... they will still be laggin behind buggati.

  • The best video about this car by far !

  • at least its better than that "diamond integrated headlights" gimmick

  • $1.6 million for an LS-V8, LOL

  • “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”- Carl Sagan

  • I’ve worked around and seen more than a few 5000hp engines. But all the ones I’ve seen in real life are about 9’ tall, 20’ long and spin at 950 rpm. So 5000hp engines exist…. But that one seems sus. Top fuel dragsters also run 4500-5000hp, but the engines run 4 seconds and then get rebuilt. A street version of an engine making 5,000hp seems unlikely. Maybe it’s possible. But it also seems like other companies would have done something like before if it was feasible.

  • I mean a top fuel dragster has about 10-12 000 HP

  • Amazing how a fake car has been on the internet for so long

  • No one is getting that thing out of a driveway without losing half the body kit. Probably why we’ve never seen it😂

  • That driveshaft.must be. The buffest😂 also every bearing in the car, damn if they make it, respect

  • Can you guys make a vid on the automotive headlights/tail lights?where they started to where they are now and maybe the future.there is so much engineering that goes unnoticed in the lights.mow pawa baby!

  • wait i have that in gta lol

  • Remember people, 5,000 Horsepower is equivalent to the horsepower of the EMD 20-710, a 14,200 Cubic Inch Locomotive engine, that is 233 Liters of Displacement!

  • this car just epitomises everything wrong with the emirates

  • Holy shit Nolan said “sus”

  • That car is as old as me

  • the longer they take, the more money hey waste, the more time they need for more tech, the more time they need...etc.

  • My aunt has one.