Is the Tesla Plaid ACTUALLY that Fast?

Avaldati 14 sept 2021
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The Tesla Model Plaid is probably the fastest accelerating car you can buy today, but that’s under a “very specific” set of conditions. So I got curious. about what those very specific sets of conditions are and why are they so important? So today we’re gonna break them down and figure out how you can stack the chips in your favor to beat it in an actual drag race.

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  • @10:30 🤣


  • Dragtimes did 1.99 on the street, unmodified, just after delivery. You don't need a prepared drag strip.

  • did u forget porsche the under claim their 0-60

  • Elon - Take him f**kin down

  • And 60mph is less than 100kph

  • i can go sub 9.5 seconds with 40k. i have an R8 instead, but if i or anyone wanted, those number are acheivable with that amount of cash. so if drag times is what youre after, look away from teslas and demons.

  • lose the stash, jerry. freal.

  • Teesla plaid on Mickey Thompson street radials all around….that would be slick

  • Rimac>>plaid

  • while i will not argue that the car is fast it really feels pointless you might as well be a passenger since it's the car doing everything your just along for the ride

  • I don’t care what Jerry says, A Tesla Roadster pulls up and i’m snitchin’ like Randal from Recess

  • I don’t like this dude …..sorry kiddo

  • I love the give it the beans shirts but it’s thirty bucks…… That’s a lot of bucks for a T-shirt. Love y’all to death, but that a lot of beans for a T-shirt.

  • not the fastest as advertised

  • You got me sooo bad with yo mamma! I didn’t see it coming. 🤣

  • for a race we wont be ready all the time so no model S plaid slowwwwwwww (haters will hate,elon will skate)

  • I like how the red animated Tesla is a Model 3

  • 16:00 Actually they can still go drag racing but they need to achieve above 10s and below 150mph.

  • Hurr durr no prep rimac go brr

  • Plaid or Plad?

  • When did they replace Jeremiah with Pedro Pascal?

  • Rimac has entered the chat

  • Mustache.......... Just say no. Doesnt fit brotha man. Good vid tho

  • I can’t help but think about Dirt Every Day when I hear them say give it the beans

  • you can beat it.. for 10x the money

  • What about ramic nevera 8.58 sec world record 1/4 mile time

  • This guy is the epitome of cringe

  • I remember getting hyped seeing sub 4 second 0-60 cars popping up like crazy 10 years ago, now we're starting to see sub 2 second cars. Come 10-15 years we'll start seeing sub 1 second 0-60 times and I'm all for it!

  • The demon dose 9.11

  • he rockn now a 'stach....? ;) someone please help: i dont understand, wasn't B2B at the beginning a totally different concept? with special cars being displayed from; "bumper to bumper"? (back then with james) its a question that i already have asked somewhere in the vast worldwideweb. cheers

  • Once again all we hear from Tesla and their fan boys is the Drag strip times. On the street. Waiting around at the set of lights for 8 1/2 minutes whilst you prepare your car to take off. Good luck with that. Then, the big elephant in the room. Going around a track. No one into performance cars chooses a tesla. Never seen any Tesla win any endurance race. Never seen teslas in the hills. Only seen nerds go on about 0-60 times. One party trick but I have to wait 8 1/2 minutes for and then God knows how long for the next time you can take off that quickly. However, all its performance attributes aside. Paying all of that money for possibly the worst build quality of all manufacturers in the world. Stands to reason though the way they treat their workforce.

  • No engine = not cool. Idc how fast it goes

  • $120,00 Plaid? More like $140,000, peasants. I (on a whim) decided to spec out a Tesla Plaid (If I won the lottery) I'd love to have and I was at $141K before I knew it (I DID add Auto-Drive, though., so there's $10,000... In for a penny, in for a pound at that point).

  • Considering it’s only about 15 sec faster than the FK8 from 5 years ago now at the Nurburgring I still take Tesla’s as a flex car not a sports car, it’s fast in a straight, but makes the wheels squeal for mercy every corner

  • ´martians are going to be pissed if you bomb them

  • I truly wonder if Mel Brooks has a lawsuit against Elon Musk/Tesla for Is using such words as Ludacris speed edit, and now plaid... We all saw what happened to Lord Helemt when they stopped

  • LOL quarter "faster than any production car" 🙄 yeah right. Nevera would like to have a word--and has--and the Model S bestest-evar edition is not even close. That said, it's also nearly twice the power and costs nearly 20x the money, so it's not really unexpected. Both are crazy quick but yeah that claim seems plainly false.

    • Its has been tested already

  • Will it be awesome in 10 years? I mean you will probably have 2000 pounds of batteries with mandatory recycling fees to replace and a bunch of no longer supported hardware that you will probably have to "jailbreak" and hope the open source community has reverse engineered so you can bypass the predetermined end of life on your "smart floor mats" that is stopping the car from starting.

  • Why isn't it spelled Pled?

  • we're Super Stache Bros

  • Can you imagine what people will say in the future when they think about us in the past and see that this was the top tech in our time and we had no idea this is nothing compare to the future

  • I watched this while being high. And you guys are actually genius and very very good (and funny but in a good intelligent and sarcastic way)

  • If they launch from a carrier with the cat in a vacuum ...

  • 9.2 to 9.4 is not bad for gas powered car.

  • you wont be able to buy a good deal on a used ev later. the batteries will be wrecked from too many pulls and will need tons of cash to replace.

  • @16:42 forgot to mention it cost $2.4 million dollar

  • Theres no stock car you could bring to a drag strip that will beat this however actual drag built cars run sevens lol .

    • The nevera can beat it, there are vids on both cars racing against each other and the rimac won, but that is over 2 million so the tesla has better performance for what you are paying for

  • Sub 2 seconds on a prepped surface not the street

  • As long as shes not in it😂 and then the ohh

  • that whole sequence is a unique experience too, it’s good advertising as well

  • those squeaky toy sounds get my dog sooooo heated every time

  • Rimac Nevera… hold my beer 🍺

  • Wow, an honest and straight forward review of a Tesla Car by a reputable & well known source. Am I dreaming?

  • Thank you Rimac for beating the Plaid

  • . . .2long fin pilot whales . . . Americans will use any measurements except the god damn metric. . .

  • New Classic... Yo' mama's so fat she does 0 to 60 in 1.99s *

  • I have looked past the fact that you are a bat shit crazy yank and admit that I really like your posts. Keep up the good work.


  • To be fair to Elon, simulation theory is actually pretty solid. If it is ever possible to completely & accurately simulate the universe, then mathematically it is almost certain that we live in a simulation. Problem is the size of that "If"

  • Soomeday, someone will convert a minivan into an EV with Plaid powertrain. It will be an ultimate sleeper. lol

  • leave the comedy stuff to James. This guy is on cringe mode. The rest is just great as usual. it's just the comedy part.

  • "The fastest car you can buy today, but under specific conditions." The conditions: Have enough money to buy one

  • Nevera?

  • I can’t wait to buy one of these used, 15,000 for new batteries, all kinds of parts replacement from stress on all drive train parts etc.

  • Its crazy how fac EV's have come... but they still look like sht

  • Rollout is cheating. There is a big difference between rotating and stationary when it comes to your drivetrain, wheels, etc. Your clutch initial slip at bite point is not part of it either, nor the time it takes to elastically deform the tires. Stationary and very slowly rolling are not the same and simple "calculate the speeds" will not do as that has none of the initial transition from stationary to moving. Physics say it has to be stationary or it is not 0-60mph.

  • Tesla roadster 1.1 😳

  • 🇺🇲🚀🐐🐐🚀🇺🇲🚀🐐🇺🇲

  • I'm surprised they don't just time it with no one in it

  • $120,000k car that looks exactly like their deer magnet 40k car. Meh

  • Do a race in zero degree weather. My understanding is the battery would be greatly weekend.

  • "as much as 3 F1 cars, a typical SUV, or 2 long-fin pilot whales or 1 short-fin pilot whale" Americans will measure in anything instead of the Metric system.

  • Jeremiah asked for Nolan's help.thats new

  • Porsche. PorschA!

  • This world is not ready for electric cars. We don't have the energy we need to support everyone on earth driving one

  • I wanna see what the electric Harley can do

  • Squeaky toy noise. ❤️❤️

  • I hate Elon so I’m never buying a Tesla 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Is that Tom Delonge?

  • "The EVO is fast that its ILLEGAL in the U.S." - every high school kid in the late 90s who didn't know anything about import laws. "Car goes whoosh" - Elon Musk

  • I put nitro methane in my mom's minivan. Just so you guys know that is not covered under warranty

  • Jerry that is one SWEET mustache

  • Elon: Here's our Plaid+ that does a quarter mile in 9.23 seconds on a prepped dragstrip Rimac: *Understandable, have a nice day!*

  • Where’s the fun in tesla at the drag strip tho no tunning or building, like how much can you modify a Tesla? That’s like half the fun is pushing and building

  • But isnt the rimac faster??

  • If you're second in a drag race, are you a drag queen?

  • fun is driving my 5 speed manual. personally, I'm glad i'll be dead before all manual transmissions will be gone. automatics = BOOORING... at any speed.

  • the first thing I'm wondering is what tires are they running?

  • Isn’t the Rimac Nevera faster?

  • There is a Plaid owner on EEpush where the drag strip request them to start braking at the 1000ft mark because of safety issues think the Tesla has weak brakes and won’t be able to stop on time at the end.

  • You’ve got that “cool Mormon” vibe going. I dig it.

  • I love you Jeremiah :) lol

  • You didn't mention that it needs 110 octane to do 0 to 60 in 1.99s.

  • What're the Americans gonna do when the road isn't a quarter mile stretch but longer? And god forbid it has a turn.

  • This guy is cool. I would be a stepdad to 1 of his kids. I would trust him with 1 of mine to. Team stepdad.

  • No matter how you cut it, the Plaid is INSANE

  • The Plaid is going to be an accident monster, the moms who buy this car the punch the peddler the first time are going to go straight into the walls. Normal drivers will not be ready for this level of power.