Is Ozone Injection Better Than NOS?

Avaldati 3 aug 2021
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We all know and love NOS... but is it possible that Ozone Injection could be better than Nitrous? Does it have the potential to give you mo' powah, or is it just a disaster waiting to happen? Well, today on B2B we're about to find out. Join us while we dive into why Ozone is - or isn't - the NOS of the future!

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  • ... or just use pure oxygen. :D ... and burn holes in the pistons.

  • That is not how nos works. It called a "MONOPROPELLANT" please please stop spreading misinformation.

  • Ozone can be created by devices like electric motors. It could add power as two O3 molecules are broken down into three O2 molecules. That could possibly make N2O obsolete. Problem is that it is still an oxidizer to the extreme. For the average person rust is iron oxide or FE2O. Not only would it destroy the soft parts but hard parts of the motor at a much faster rate. Your basically causing destruction by causing things to burn. Which is basically what oxygen does. Lower the flashpoint of any given material. So rust or any oxide is burning metal, basically.

  • Chemistry dumb talks about chemistry. You forgot main reason, liquifyed ozone is shok sensitive high explosive. Lot more sensitive than nitrogycerin. You hit sand grain size bump on road and your whole car is gone - not a wreck, its gone.

  • Spin off of him explaining science subjects and relating them to cars. Jeremiah the science guya

  • That was a good idea using a ozone generator inline with the air intake.

  • What is Jeremiah's degree? He comes across as a guy with an engineering bachelor's or something. OH! He actually mentioned an engineering degree. Found this on another site: University of Florida, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering

  • this nigga smart af

  • For ozone still explodes. Some investigators believe that the explosions are initiated by traces of organic peroxides in the stuff, which come from traces, say, of oil in the oxygen it was made of. Other workers are convinced that it's just the nature of ozone to explode, and still others are sure that original sin has something to do with it. So although ozone research has been continuing in a desultory fashion, there are very few true believers left, who are still convinced that ozone will somehow, someday, come into its own. I'm not one of them.

  • That's funny... someone who looks like a muppet is scared of muppets

  • You are on the wrong track with OZONE!!! Oxygene is NOT burning but works chemically as a catalytic substance!!! What is actually producing the power and the bang in a combustion chamber is the nitrogen combined with "a" primer. The Primer can be Benzin (Gas), Diesel, Nitros Oxcide, Alcohol, Methanol, LPG etc. Do you know what ANFO is (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil)? Look up the chemical formula! Think about, why you have an Oxygen Sensor (Lambda Sensor) in your Vehicle! What exactly does it measure? Why is it called NITROUS OXIDE? Does it eventually ring a bell - meanwhile?

  • Can you guys make a vid on the automotive headlights/tail lights?where they started to where they are now and maybe the future.there is so much engineering that goes unnoticed in the lights.mow pawa baby!

  • lol. man ozone is super corrosive. good luck.

  • It's true that when you crack nitrogen oxide you get oxygen, you also get nitrogen an as I see it the nitrogen burns as well. 🔥👍

  • What about a video on the science of coilovers, or more information on spring rates

  • Ozone generator?? please, i can generate NOS by drifting

  • Could you inject hydrogen peroxide?

  • Florida man

  • Nevada is close.

  • Nitrous. Not NOS. NOS, is a brand name

  • Could still inject pure oxygen like diesel, right at combustion. And since it will run super rich up until oxygen injection/combustion you get some extra knock resistance, meaning you can increase manifold pressure and thus save on the pure oxygen. Might have to add water injection for some cooling and coincidentally, even more knock resistance, allowing for once again increased manifold pressure. But that may as well just be a bit of daydreaming.

  • the trouble with an ozone generator is youd need an oxygen concentrator as well, as a regular ozone generator converts atmospheric oxygen to ozone meaning that the actual number of oxygen atoms hasnt changed

  • Intriguing. I mean, yea ozone is dangerous to add, and the generators, do they even generate liters of ozone or just a few atoms at a time? And do you need amps or volts to make ozone, flywheels translate to volts quite nicely. Maybe tell Jerry to point up with his left hand?

  • 9:50 assuming a container had pure ozone, the pressure would increase 50% when it fully breaks down into oxygen. 10:50 being reactive, ozone attacks rubber and similar materials. Noticed near brushed motors e,g,, as their sparks can generate it.

  • Resonance in Ozone is high school stuff my dude. Seems a bit lazy to not include that info since it’s pretty interesting

  • hahaha laughed more than I should on that scream 1:05

  • Hook it up with one of those box things

  • Wait so then what's the problem with just strait O2 gas

  • The main reason why nitrous is used in the first place is because it is can be stored as a liquid and maintains its own pressure, just like CO2. Since liquid is far more dense than gas, you can store far more of it in a single container.

  • Standard air is nitrogen 72%, oxygen 18%, and the remaining 10% is a mixture of other gases. So why not use oxygen bottles from a cutting torch with a regulator and run the hose into the intake. Set a valve like a cutting torch head and use the compressed O² to displace some of the nitrogen and get your intake closer to a 50/50 mix of nitrogen and oxygen... you now have almost 3x the amount of oxygen in your cylinder. Set up a tune like you would with NOS to adjust fuel for the valve being open and you now can produce much more power safely.

  • Just use a liquid oxidizer shot through a second injector. Make sure it isn’t hypergolic with your fuel.

  • How does I fit the ozone system om my Tesla model 3 ?!

  • The nitrogen stabilizes the reaction. Using O3 would likely cause a reaction so volatile that it would micro-weld your piston to the sleeves

  • It's always fun learning brainy stuff from the Time Thrifter! You should really cameo that shirt in one of these vids.

  • So, mmm what about liquid oxygen? Is that an option?

  • I was in denial about the ending of this video. Where's part 2? I wanna see the hardware and the math!

  • Does Ozone react the same to silicone as it does to rubber?🤔

  • Oxygenated gasoline maybe?

  • Auck-chi-gen.

  • now then.. time to see if a HHO generator will work great, as you dont need to worry about the fuel/air mix when you inject.. as it already comes with the correct mix of fuel and oxygen ;)

  • sorry but im not sure you need an engineering degree to build an ozone generator, i think i was 16 when i built one off some sketchy internet plans lol

  • 1:21 "that's half your mom"💀💀💀

  • How much would a ozone generator weighAnd what else you're feeling to realize is the engine can only take so much sprayed horse power Yes the ozone makes more power but you're gonna spray less of it Just spray more nitrous to make up the difference it doesn't matter how much you spray it's the horse power level you reach that will hurt the engine In a nut shell

  • no one talks about power to rate rate ratio of of NOS because it's probably the best thing you can do pound for pound and and at the drag strip it will last the whole distance of the quarter mile And if you have a 1/2 mile car it can last that 1 too

  • “Is summer out? Cuz we are back at school” was said for the first time in the history of humankind in this video

  • Gotta love Max

  • Lean is mean my friend why do you think that is

  • Anyone here who tried?

  • 3:08 switched out the NOS bottle with an ozone one too soon, junior.

  • Well then, bad news for you is that you are constantly breathing ozone in with every breath from the time you are born and take your first breath...........4 parts per billion actually, so what is California going to do..... Arrest air? The air you breath? Ozone is generated in nature by nature, the EPA's report is a crock of BS because the generator they used was an industrial unit meant for 3500 sqM and stuffed it into a 35sqM room and set it to it's highest setting WOW!!!!!!....... after 10 minutes the concentration was lethal....... Really? You don't say? I've been using an Ozone generator, self built actually (been 30 years now) and you know what? I'm still alive...... EPA BS!!!

  • I've always wondered what hydrogen peroxide would do to a car engine.

    • @Hotrob I know. That's what makes it good for rocket fuel. I just want to see someone try it. You can get much stronger stuff from hair supply stores cause it's used for bleaching.

    • Probably would cause knocking due to spontaneous combustion when it came into contact with the fuel. It's pretty violent stuff when you get it in a pure form (unlike the 2% stuff you can get at the drug store)

  • that ending was unexpected

  • FBI: Stay right there

  • Reminiscent of the onboard air compressors on recent Volvo and Koenigsegg cars, the ECM would blast the air into the turbine housing to improve throttle response.

  • I put dry ice in my airbox once.. didnt work

  • ...So you wouldn't use an Ozone machine to clean your house as a regular's used for cleaning out newly vacant homes or apartments over a period of a couple days. This is because the place is 100% completely unoccupied and the machine basically makes the place unlivable during the duration. As in all the Oxygen in the home is taken out and converted into Ozone which combines with odors to eliminate them. This also has the added benefit of killing most pests living in the home because the Ozone is deadly + no oxygen.

  • Alcohol Injection System.

  • I think the UFO's fly on ozone?

  • Ozone generators act like powder coating it will charge the dust and trash in the air and stick to everything. >your walls

  • Digging the science in all this

  • This sounds like the Next Fast and Furious Movie that he's talking about....but It might work if you #Family to make it happen

  • We have decked in our work truck. Great thing to have

  • YES! HEELYS! 12:04

  • The sneak diss lmao!

  • Annoyingly, I learned nothing.. 😒

  • All your click here’s to watch don’t work ahaha keep it like that it’s funny af!!

  • Didn't want to juice but using SARMS and prohormones

  • as far as public health goes... o3 can be beneficial - however takes careful handling S

  • The reason they don’t use oxygen is because when you mix it with fuel like NOS the explosions aren’t controllable. Wait did I learn that here?

  • The advanced resonance that he refers to isn't incredibly confident. A bond represents 1 electron from either molecule that is donated to keep the molecule together making it a pair. A double-bond is two pairs of electrons. The resonance basically says that all of the oxygens are double-bound, just never simultaneously, so that double bond "bounces" around the structure via movement of electrons.

    • I have also realized this is really hard to explain without drawing a picture lol. I am still pursuing my degree in Chemistry, but if someone else can explain, or wants to chime in feel free.

  • 1:22 caught me off guard lmao

  • California is the worst state so who cares

  • Place the "ozonator" in the trunk. Throw aparty couple of induction vents in front of the back wheels, channel the air, via duct, to the ozonator. Continue ductwork, for exaust, ot the tear of the vehicle. Now, uour ozonator has an air dource, and an exhaust channeling exposed air away from the driver. Cooling problem solved, half life problem solved. Now go ozone yourself into the stratosphere... shouldn't take long.

  • What something is Illegal in COmmie-fornia. Haha u don’t say

  • I wish Jerry would use some nasal spray before shooting. 5:23 “hybrid resident structure”

  • 3:07 your Nitrous animation says OZONE on the bottle. Just sayin'.

  • Spray a mist of HYDROGEN PEROXIDE H2O2 at 95% concentration. Now you have cooling effect while on boost. Whitens teeth too !!

  • Ram air works wonders.

  • You know what else works? Boring the cylinders, port and polishing head/valves, bigger cam!

  • This is an Ozone No-zone.

  • #Family I am dying

  • What about compressed liquid O2, you can get a medical oxygen concentrator. But i feel like you'd be better off making a hybrid system(adding one or two electric motors to the non-driven wheels) Becase the energy needed to concentrate, pressurize and store the O2 would make the stored 02 less energy dense than LiFePO4 batter pack of the same size. Sure if you made the O2 at home and refilled it you could make it using solar, meaning you wouldnt have to wory about the energy used to create it. but if you're using the alternator, or a starter/generator to create the O2 while driving, i think a battery pack would be more effective.

  • Could you say, increase efficiency by burning the same amount of fuel, with higher oxygen density under vacuum resulting in a much larger expansion ratio, and less resistance on the compression stroke?

  • The fact that he didn't say the word "baby" once after "more power" is a war crime

  • A B2B on fuel octane differences would be awesome!

  • Did they fire the dude that used to do "how does it work"??????

  • Occs-eee-Jen. Not octxogen. SMH

  • Anything that cools the intake charge can increase power baby

  • Speaking of ozone...

  • I love Donut, but Jeremiah speaks too smart for me mayne 😩

  • I heard somewhere that putting icecubes in your air filter chamber produces more power. I'm on the fence but would like to see someone experiment with it.

  • Am I the only one who thinks Jeremiah sounds just like Zach in that ad

  • What about hydrogen it can go 💥boom 💥 look at hindenburg

  • The extra oxygen is not why NOS makes power m8. When you break the bond, it releases a tonne of energy... literally explodes... that s what gets you more power

  • James is the funniest but jereamiah is BY FAR the smartest at donut!! Thats why I love donut because you get the best of both worlds 💯✔

  • Remember the Ionic Breeze? Lol.

  • Woowww complications.Ev’s are simple and faster.

  • Why not just put oxygen, you know from the welding supplies store... Or can you run a cream gun on a scooter/dirt bike for a little nos shot?

  • We get more power but we all die🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ozone in high concentrations is extremely toxic to humans, eats metal and it's spontaneously explosive as it breaks down, so I don't think it's really practical.