Is a Performance Cooling System Worth It?

Avaldati 25 aug 2021
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So we’ve been testing our rally e36 pretty hard in the desert and recently it took a bit of an L. The cooling system seems to not be too happy being slinged around in the heat and the dirt. However, e36’s are notorious for having cooling system issues so we consider ourselves lucky to have gotten this far. But it’s finally time to revamp the ‘ol cooling bits and see exactly how cheap the factory plastic parts really are!

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  • type "Metal Bits" For 30% off LOL


  • Those cheap material… BMW has the gut to call their product ultimate driving machines when all they do is commute from owners’ house to repair shop

  • The rally car project is looking good

  • My trilateral pull down lol

  • I may be wrong, but you put the fan temp switch on the lower rad hose before the thermostat. Your switch is sensing the cooled coolant after the radiator, not prior. Your fan will always be on.

  • Poor wheelhouse

  • For your information you know that you can repair plastic pieces through welding them together with a soldering iron right a little like making sculpturing to mix two sides properly right? I repaired a pair of headphones this way to at least be useable again instead of being beyond saving but mind having an air extractor to rid the creating of fumes filling up the air which you don't want to breathe in. Just an idea for creating a custom setup for cooling but don't you want the cooling fan(s) to sit in front of the radiator to increase cooling efficiency and the possibility to add a static pressure plate to have the cool air delivery improved meaning that overheating won't be an issue anymore?

  • A BMW? Surprised the block isn’t plastic🙄

  • Or you could just crack the nut on the pump before u released the belts 😁🛠👍✌️

  • Leave belt on and then loosen the bolts lol

  • Rotation on the front’s is backwards.. does not help in a rally.. 😂

  • The weary security immunologically bruise because kiss postsynaptically moan lest a wiry earth. nonstop, adhesive religion

  • By the way, there are two holes on each side of the waterpump, so you can put 2 10mm bolts in there, and slowly "screw out" the waterpump, no hammer necessary 😇

  • I’d love to see you guys to a mid size pick up truck like a 5/6 cylinder Colorado/canyon/ranger!

  • Question.... are harnesses legal in California?

  • Nobody noticed the Apex ae86 behind him😔

  • Keep producing!

  • Nice watch u got there Zach

  • How much do all of the parts in this episode cost? I thought they'd at least mention a ballpark number.

  • can you guys do a up to speed on the buick riviera

  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • This guys living in my dreams 🥺

  • i want Zach's hat lmao

  • thats cool

  • Upgrades people upgrades

  • 7:35 That's what my 1998 Subaru legacy looked like when I was hauling bananas to the doctor's office and the plastic part of the radiator broke loose. Some young guy was walking along the road and his eyes lit up and his mouth dropped and I thought yeah it's cuz I'm really ripping through the gears and then I looked in the mirror and I see fluid all over the highway. 😡

  • “It’s getting late” * looks at bracelet *

  • I’m convinced Jobe could build a car from the ground up with how diverse his knowledge is when it comes to doing anything to cars.

  • Late to party, but are you running an aftermarket ecu? Just wondering as the stock ecu probably won't like the cold coolant temps. It probably has to hit certain perimeters to go from open loop to closed and most ecus use coolant temp as one of the things it needs to be above. Also, efficiency wise, your engine likes to run hot, but for HP it likes to run cold. Tldr: set your rad fan to turn on to the stock temp

  • Car technician skills - around AVERAGE. Cutting with bare razor, unscrewing philips with flat blade, pouring coolant all over the car bottom parts///

  • I like how you replace nearly all the plastic in the cooling system except for most fragile and most prone to breaking part

    • "link right here" no link :(

  • BMWs are always on edge with temperature 🌡️ They really can't afford to risk a degree!

  • I hate wiring

  • I miss science garage

  • It really needs a white wrap with red and blue accents

    • @yuoop noke I wasn’t arguing that?

    • It's very important to upgrade your cooling system in car if you are building your car for offroading

  • I like how you replace nearly all the plastic in the cooling system except for most fragile and most prone to breaking part

  • It literally took me two hours to do what took you six geez Louise I also was doing an E 46 which is a lot more complicated than a 30 LOL

  • That water pump install on those straight 6 are IRRITATING. That stupid retention spring keeps it from going in. Literally taken 6hours to just get it back in place and 3 bolts to get it back in the motor.

  • Even if you just daily drive a bmw. I highly recommend upgrading the cooling system. It's factory trash

    • @bilishu aliss the problem is most of it is plastic, so overtime it'll wear out, or if it overheats it will crack. I had an e46 325i, hated it for this reason

    • using the generic auto parts store radiator instead, seems to work better for longer.

  • I had to take my avenger SE off road :o just rained really hard highway was backed up so I scouted put a route down this back road but it was 100% super wet dirt road very narrow with hills and curves it was a super fun drive home that day

  • The sound of radiator coolant pouring into the collection pan makes me want to go pee. Lol 😂

  • The failure-prone plastic parts under the hood is a major source of problems with BMW’s.

  • It is always worth it to replace cooling systems in bmws built between 1990 and 2003.

  • Video Synopsis: Metal, Metal, Metal

  • Can you guys make a video explains the pros and cons about adding a “Pedal Commander” to you car/truck please!!

  • "link right here" no link :(

  • “Since it’s not gettin done tonight, *checks wrist with no watch, I guess we’ll call it for the night.” Literally every time I work on my SUV

  • Don't forget to mention that when you swap a clutch fan for a Electric fan you get more horsepower! Also if you redo an entire cooling system on a vehicle that you are going to be pushing hard, swap the ethylene glycol based coolant for a propylene glycol based coolant after a very thorough flush. It cools better and is easier to clean up in case of leaks.

  • It's very important to upgrade your cooling system in car if you are building your car for offroading

  • Bruuuuh. I gots to know where to get one of them fancy pants snap on racing hats...see I wanna get girls...need the hair to get the girls...obviously the hat goes on the head and that’s where Jobe’s hair comes from me out my guy.

  • You should’ve bought a stock automatic E36 Wagon.

  • What about the heater core? There's a bunch of coolant in that.

  • One of the best upgrades anyone can make. Helps a car last longer. What’s next?

  • I liked my mishimoto radiator in my foxbody until it just started leaking from where the fins met both end tanks, couldnt keep more than half the coolant level in it, so i've just been using the generic auto parts store radiator instead, seems to work better for longer.

  • Jesus loves you all and died for our sins

  • Zack doesn't like Rock, he prefers metal

  • “Since it’s not gettin done tonight, *checks wrist with no watch, I guess we’ll call it for the night.” Literally every time I work on my SUV

  • So when you run the a/c how does the fan know to turn on to cool the condenser?

  • Hey "Donuts" Do some thing with Fiesta ST, maybe? It is fun allways lol

  • "Well, our BMW rally car is starting to look pretty cool" No Jobe, you're looking pretty cool

  • could you put the parts list in your description? i need to do the same to my car.

  • b

  • Aussie Zac

  • Where to find the cart he is sliding?

  • i wish there was a way to remove just this BMW crap content from my recommendations while not removing everything else from donut media. Hey Jobe start your own channel so that i can block it

  • 20:22 why aren't you wearing a helmet!? It's caged now, you should always be wearing one. I'm starting to notice these glaring safety errors in most of your videos now and no, it's not cool!

  • Do you guys keep a parts list for your fans to see?

  • Maybe it's time to invest in some quickjacks!

  • She needs blue coolant guys

  • why didnt yall do a flush?

  • y GU u

  • 4:40 is how I lift like 90% off the cars i work on

  • I was just telling my wife, I enjoy watching stuff like this even tho in most cases I know it already because I randomly learn stuff. I put an entirely new cooling system in a 72 Nova and when bleeding it, I never thought about turning on the heater to bleed the heater core

  • No safety glasses, cringe

  • lol. upgrading e36 cooling is ALWAYS worth it. the car is notorious for bad cooling.

  • 16:48 - 17:03 coolest 15 seconds of your life

  • I've always wanted a GTI but this really highlights the biggest problem with the need to replace all the stock plastic bits to make it more reliable and able to handle mods better. le sigh

  • "Mostly low" is that like "mostly peaceful"?

  • Sorry donut, buf in australia all our auto parts shops online and In store have car model selection ha e for years!

  • I absolutely love this series

  • 12:02. the best Aussie accent I’ve heard in a damn while

  • Nobody wanted to watch a video with just you in it….you aren’t entertaining

  • Love the fact that they run a harbor freight floor jack. That’s a real shop

  • I could do that whole cooling system on the particular car in 2 hours tops!

  • Every time he says metal bits I just can’t not think about “little bits” from Rick and Morty

  • Day 94 of asking Donut to make an Up to Speed on Top Secret please.

  • Is this dude Jeremiahs brother? They sound identical.

  • I got a notification of this video the day after I watched it. I was like do you really think so little of me

  • On an e36, ALL cooling mods are worth it 🤣

  • I wanna see an AWD Honda Element participate in a rally cross event.

  • 7:00 lol is that off one of the high low Tacomas?

  • Zach always seems drunk lol

  • Donut should be in either Forza or NFS... I know abt Dirt but lets make that a thing...

  • Don't smoke too much weed before wrenching

  • why don't they do an episode with hoonigan racing?

  • More than 8 hours took more than a day

  • When I put the electric fans on my Jeep I went with the same setup. I hooked my green wire ( the override switch) to my AC relay. So when the AC compressor kicked in the fan came on to pull the air through the condenser. But over all great setup for anyone looking to keep it cool.

  • Would never jack handle comes down and hits you

  • To any South Africans in the comments - uJobe udlala kamnandi or kanjani?! 😅🤣