Hydraulic E-Brake - Is it Worth It?

Avaldati 1 sept 2021
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Rally cars and drift cars have one major thing in common AND that’s that they both use a hydraulic e-brake to initiate skids! Being able to easily slide around has many perks and it def gains you major points in the cool department BUT is it really worth it? Well it’s something we’ve been wanting for the e36 since its inception so guess we’re gonna find out.

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  • can i buy a lil cart like that zach? if so where?

  • Is that a go-kart at the beginning? I need one.

  • Lmao the leg touch as he’s pumping the brakes killed me 😆

  • I’ve always used the head of a ratchet to prevent kinking brake lines 👌🏻

  • I’m not the only one who saw that 350z for $32k lol

  • 🤔 Prediction! Zach will be in a Batman & Joker 🃏 movie in the future

  • What is he riding and where can i get one

  • Intro 10/10

  • What’s the name of that drift go cart

  • Hahaha i speak german/deutsch

  • 6:40 - Either there was no hole there, the hole wasn't large enough, or he was just not finding it. I like how that never came up lol - good editor.

  • Why would I ever care about the diversity of the people that stock autoparts? I just care that the part is in stock and correct. Silly libtards.

  • so.. Is it worth it?

  • Just to be a nanny-state sort of guy, Zach my dear - I strongly advise against wearing gloves when using high-speed grinding tools. Though they will protect you from a small amount of abrasion, they also introduce significant risk of entrapment. If it feels like you are in danger of touching the grinding surface, using vice grips to hold the part is a really good idea.

  • 15:32

  • Should've picked a WRX

  • Where is the miata? You need to track the miata amd fix it after

  • I would love if the e36 got a rally bodykit

  • miss the miata

  • make a new playlist for e36 money pit?

  • Hope u got your Star of David tattoo , i mean vac papers. The whole on a on a plane thing. Adolf biden.

  • Bending these lines must of being the hardest part of the job😩, you bend them too much there goes the whole line😢

  • What if my e-brake is a pedal 😭😂

  • Probably worth it for drifring and rally

  • Yes i sprechen deutsch

  • We miss the miata

  • I remember 3/16 cause stone cold said so!

  • It's been more then a week. I've never gotten that cliff hanger feeling from a EEpush video before now. 😩

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  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • The marvelous steven universally vanish because celery apically raise for a psychedelic crime. ill-fated, busy litter

  • Excellent!

  • My e46 name is Moneypit! 😯 it definitely earned its name. Its honestly a lil easier to work on than my other v block car and even my old mitsy. But dang its definitely made to b a lease car because after like 3 owners there was so much that needed attention

  • Zach probably learned a lot about building brake lines while he lived in Ohio lol

  • I’ve learned most of my in depth knowledge about cars from you guys watching the money pit series and Hi-Low series, you guys are absolutely awesome and put out some really informational stuff, it’s helped me a long way and really made me say “no big deal, it’s just car parts” when working on my off road Cherokee rig. Thanks a bunch you guys!

  • It would be cool for them to put how Long the actual work took in The description to see how long the actual time was for him to do these mods.

  • I’d genuinely be interested in a whole video about different threads and brake fittings 😄

  • Whoever added the laugh track at 6:17, just know I appreciated it. 😂

  • zach is the bob ross of car modding

  • Most smart people have trouble explaining all this stuff, but you're a straight up genius and can explain anything for me to understand

  • I need this for replacing both brake light assemblies and brake light wiring

  • i love how we not only watch the car grow, but also his hair

  • Hey it's wensday it's almost over and no moneypit, did we get scammed?

  • You should put hella rally lights on it

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  • How to series would be tight

  • You guys should definitely compile all the diy into a series

  • 5:50 what is this current era Weeknd type beat lmao

  • Great vid, thanks. Anyone who wants to build cars can get something out of this, even if you snuck it in there with a hydraulic handbrake. One quibble. European cars (and some US domestic applications) use bubble flares, spot on. American cars which don't use bubble flares don't use "standard" flares, they use DOUBLE flares. The reason it matters is that SINGLE flares are used for some other things...but not for automotive brake lines.

  • What’s up with the editing on this one?

  • Could you guys make a off road camaro

  • zach seems kinda off in this video, errytin ok?

  • That boy zachjobe the Ricky Bobby of donut, my mans got two last names. My new name is Williamsjohnson fuq-it

  • I don't even own a car. But my sim cockpit has a hydraulic handbrake and I'll claim it is 100% worth it. And assume that's doubly true in a real car. Makes modulating the brake way easier for drifting

  • some good work. would have been nice to see bulkhead connectors utilized when passing through the floorboard though.

  • Awesome video gents! I got a hydro for my Z3 for autocross but I can't find a flaring kit in this stupid country (South Africa) so it's just sitting on a shelf in my garage :(

  • BMW with Tractor Brakes, nice.

  • Iv gone with modded stock hand brake in my drift car works mint

  • I like how Zach looks for parts in the middle of the night instead of during the day lol

  • Yeah being a fridgie, forgetting to put the flare nut on can be a real asshole

  • 0:22 He's beginning to believe!

  • Man I wish I could work and learn from you guys. Looks like you have so much fun while learning so much


    • Can you make a "Is it Worth it?" Playlist

  • You don’t need to watch the video. It’s worth.

  • Why are you using copper tubing?

  • Tf was he riding on at the start. Looks fun af

  • Fun Fact: You arent allowed to patch up brake lines in germany. You need to replace the entire line.

  • So I'm not a car person, but I'm learning a lot from this channel, and I have a question. He cut the existing brake lines, and then ran the lines from the E-Break right into the lines for the brakes, won't that make it so the brake pedal no longer triggers them, and only the e-brake can trigger the rear brakes?

    • He didnt cut the brake lines. He put a T Joint in them so the foot pedal and the hand lever will apply the brakes. The Emergency brake is still connected and seperate. Unless I am mistaken which surely someone will let me know lol.

  • When the turbo coming?

  • Zach when you finish the e36, can you do the new season with a drag version? Like if people wanna start drag racing

  • Zach what’s wrong you look defeated?

  • anyone who has ever made their own brake lines KNOWS how much of a hassle it is. i have always hated making custom lines. great explanation Zach! very informative

  • Once again, mans just makes things look so easy. Awe inspiring. Love Zach and everyone at Donut, you all really makes these videos amazing.

  • Wonder if you could add a front line to the front brakes. Might come in handy when you need to do a 180 by stopping the front and swinging the rear around.

  • I just had to bleed my brakes and auto parts stores carry these bleeder valves that are one way. They're called quick-bleed valves. You loosen them. Pump the brakes a ton and then tighten them. 1 person job.

  • Do you want to maybe use the actual name for the "standard" flare: a double flare. Edit: 10 seconds later he suddenly remembers the name.

    • When I hear the phrase "Jesus take the wheel", I visualize Jobe. I think that deserves a Donut t-shirt 👍

  • Can you make a "Is it Worth it?" Playlist

  • It would also be pretty cool if he routed the lower cylinder that is currently not in use to the front breaks to do some sick burnouts.

  • Bro you guys are slacking on money pit

  • Zac give that hair a decent cut man, lockdown is no more 🤣

  • Can you come to Norway and engine swap my Audi a3 2004?

  • Gloves and quickly rotating tools… not a good combo

  • Got the flare tool and the tubing cutter but not the $12 handheld tubing bender? C'mon Zach.

  • Donut casually going to the shops just to steal a trolley

  • Hand brake: better to keep it simple and mechanical and directly controled by human input. Hydraulic handbrake kind of defeats its purpose.

    • A standard hand break has a very long pull, and since it is based on wires it can stretch though abuse.

  • Every mechanic can relate to all the weird ways you see him using a floor jack. This is the way.

  • Zach is great, I can ramble but dude is just so good at what he does.

  • #> nah its not the same

  • nice autozone ad at the beginning 😳

  • Can you clean the engine bay please it’s giving me ocd as I’m a clean freak 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • When I hear the phrase "Jesus take the wheel", I visualize Jobe. I think that deserves a Donut t-shirt 👍

  • I THINK SOMEONE FIGURED IT OUT!!! Try running Evans Waterless Coolant in your car it should fix almost all of the issues with the bmw closed cooling system. (Credit to unamed man in an e39 facebook forum) hope it helps *shrugs* but you are the mechanic lol

  • super great, but i would have done a dual caliper setup and the hydro and it would be more easy for the lines and you could have run aditional reservoir

  • hi guys

    • Zach I cut old galvanized with a acetylene torch

  • Never use gloves on a table grinder

  • How does the normal brake still stop the back wheel if he cut the line to the back to connect it to the e-brake?

  • Next money pit should be a drift car! That would be a really cool build. I know a lot of young guys want to get into drifting and what not.

  • why are your wheel studs so long?

  • Double Bubble Flared Brake Line 12:30

  • For your own safety: its not a good idea to use gloves when grinding on a grinder. If your gloves get caught in the grinding wheel you dont have a fun time