Every Car in Initial D Ranked

Avaldati 13 aug 2021
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We talk about Initial D a lot on this channel, and for a good reason: it’s iconic. But of all the cars featured in the anime, which one is the best? Today we found out, because we ranked ’em all! And we brought our in-house anime expert Jimmy along to help. This is the… Initial D-List!

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  • Finally, initial 'D-list'.

    • Lol

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    • Certified bruh moment

    • @Fyre XY REDDIT MOMENT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😳😳😳😂😳😂😳

    • Good one there

  • Wasn't this supposed to be about the cars not the characters :D?

  • Guys there is no GT86 Takumi s

  • Jimmy don't like big cars because his feet can 't reach to gas pedal and thats the same reason he drives a miata

  • All jokes aside WRX, Lancers and altreza are very practical cars for daily use And for delivery as allways all the 86 and 85

  • James are you related to Matt from Matt's off road recovery? The resemblance is spooky

  • I thought they were trying to stop takahashi before I watched this video

  • Next do wangan midnight

  • Ryosuke is literally Cookiezi

  • Wangan Midnight anime next would be awesome, this was so cool seeing Intial D make a comeback to Donut Media!!

  • I hate to say but you forgot the gt-86


  • That list is so wrong I had to comment.

  • Is it just me that watched the stages back after this episode and thought "Why are the guys who own the cars I want all pricks?..." I think I've just learned something about myself

  • Bunta’s car isn’t a GC8, at least I don’t think it is

  • There was a new gt 86 at the end part also.

  • MRS prices are going up like crazy....damn you youtubers. (but also every car is more expensive in cali cuz of covid)

  • Man I love initial d it’s such a great anime and more people should know about it

  • I agree, supras are not that great. The engine is the only thing I love, the car itself isn't that special. Put the 2j in any other car and you'll be very happy.

  • You guys gotta do Wangan Midnight

  • Never seen it. Hard to believe there is no Mitsubishi GTO in the series. I had an Eclipse GSX but the 3000GTVR4 was my dream car. Still is really.

  • God hand?! Griffith wants to know your location!

  • I love this video I like that you guys judged some cars by the driver lmao

  • More like a character listing not car listing...

  • What the AE86 taught me was that a car that is small and light has insane corner speed

  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • Honestly.....I like that they included the characters as apart of the list.

  • Throwing away the Celica gt-4 because "no means no" is pure gold and a amazing bit of comedy and seriousness.

  • EVO7 = LOVE

  • No GC8?

  • Hey i was watching 2 broke girls,i saw james at season 2 ep 24 19:46

  • I’d like to see an American kid who’s dads in the air force, maybe drives a 69 charger, 71 Monte Carlo, or maybe an early 90s mustang, he could be in takumis crew

  • What about Yuichi Tachibana's lux Camry?

  • where do you watch initial d?

  • U don't know there is a Japanese EEpush video when R32 GTR beaten by Tesla

  • Its not 86 make Takumi win. But its a son of legend Bunta

  • Jimmy's right, Supras are overrated.

  • The silvia of kenji have not a SR20 but a CA18DET

  • Love to see new faces on Donut, keep up the great content :)

  • Real manga and anime fans dont want anything to do with the god hand. Lol great vid

  • all nfs cars ranked when

  • where’s the benz 😂

  • Where can I find all the stages on DVD? I have looked online but I got acammed...

  • Is this for kids??

  • I've watched this video about 4 times already and the more I watch it the more annoying Jimmy gets lol

    • @UNICOSUAVE Yeah. Poor James

    • He’s so annoying lol. He barely lets the other guy talk. The other guy was trying to tell us about the specs of the different cars.

  • my top 5 fav car in initial d (besides ae86) - Final stage Keisuke's FD - Bunta's imprezza - Kyoichi's Evo III - Godfoot's GTR - Ryosuke's FC

  • i don't think either of them have watched initial d past first stage

  • cars

  • That blue S15 the most beautiful car

  • Guess I gotta watch Initial D again... GFs gonna be pissed :/

  • Oof, Miata guy was the most realistic thing in the story when it comes to the reality of these types of races. Opposite of the Takahashi bros with realistic expectations.

    • The Takahashi bros were insanely rich their parents owned hospitals.

  • Now do the Wangan Midnight cars.

  • Would you seriously take an EG6 over an NSX?

  • Next is wangan midnight

  • Not a supra fan? Reason He loves ugly nissan 🤡

  • That's a nice Top Gear content 🤡

  • Y'all should do a whole animated episode

  • They should’ve put a mk3 Supra in the show, I feel like it would’ve fit better than the mk4.

  • How about the GT86 at the end???

  • Rate Wangan Midnight's car next

  • I'm just here for MR2 content

  • gas gas gas!!

  • Im a car guy. I love seeing these different cars in an anime and having so much love put into them.

  • 5:48. *(Zooms at front side window of Jimmy's Miata...)* ... Amatsukaze?!

  • Kyoko's RX-7 so low =(

  • I recently bought a building block car of the Initial D series, it's so cool

  • Joshima's S2k is an AP2. eepush.info/link/video/rre2g6-Dl5CysM0.html @0:42 seconds you can see the gauge cluster. its the revised AP2 cluster with the round temp and fuel gauges. Unlike the AP1.

  • FC over FD 100%

  • You guys forgot Papa's Mercedes

  • In Initial D, the list goes like this 1.Mitsubishi 2.Nissan 3.Toyota 4.Honda 5. Mazda

  • Sil80 is my fav, the color and the gold wheels!

  • I thought his name was "god arm" ..?

  • This was fun I like this d list.very creative and it's engaging with a lot of different types of people who love art , Anime,cars and bridges the gap between them I for one love cars and art but I've never seen this show and it looks pretty cool. Thanks for such a unique episode.

  • I missed this episode just now watching. I didn't know about the show but I do know about all my full star/level stacked arcade cards from the initial D game and how much money I took from kids with my STI and type R. Can't remember who's cars they were but I will find those arcade cards now lol

  • this is the first time I heard about this cartoon

  • Feel like you should have gone a bit in-depth about each vehicle

  • Iketani's S13 should be n°2, behind the (stock) FC

  • As a FC owner I approve of this list.

  • Believe me or not any car u have u can race it but u can't race my Suzuki carry (1963) also called as omni in india

  • They forgot otaku’s Nissan s15

  • "He's a weird guy. He's got... long hair" Me, with hair half way down my thigh: 😐 Also me: It's kinda true though.

  • "Before this show, nobody thought this was a great car" - J. Pumphrey. Dammit James, I don't like this, but I have to call you a dirrrrrrty liar on this. Come on man, give your head a shake. You're not gonna get a 20 valve talking to the community like this.

  • Tofu tax is real

  • Where did that shirt come from.. did Donut and the Grateful Dead do a Collab????

  • “God Arm”

  • Does anyone know where I can watch initial d for free

  • What about the mercedes?

  • Extra Stage is missing, damn

  • now make a D list of inital D characters based on their cars lmfaoo

  • one important fact takumi is able to beat all those cars with an 86 only because they race going down hill. imagine racing a 600hp r34 going up hill in an 86...

  • are we ranking cars or drivers? traashh ranks

    • @SharinganRebirth nah

    • Who cares. Feels like rank of both. You too serious about ranks.

    • @Wayon not hating, i didnt like the video. you realize your allowed to dislike something right?

  • "Almost every car on this list Takumi beat fair and square" U mean being a gary stu and having plot armor?

  • They left out that Silvia S15 that battled against Iketani and Takumi. Those 2 Tokyo Nerds

  • Now do a Wangan Midnight car list cause it's all about Power baby!

  • What about the 86 gt we see in the end of the last episode's credits

  • Can you guys make a vid on the automotive headlights/tail lights?where they started to where they are now and maybe the future.there is so much engineering that goes unnoticed in the lights.mow pawa baby!

  • what about mfg 86 ??

  • A proper D-list. Now rank the cars in the new manga made by the creator of Initial D

  • you guys forgot about the gt86 that showed up the very last moments in the ending

  • I just rewatched this and they forgot the s15 vs the turbo 85