Electric cars need to chill out

Avaldati 10 sept 2021
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Electric cars are too fast and need to chill out. Seriously.

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  • Wayne's World?

  • Only thing thats stoping me from going 0-60 in 1,1 seconds is children in front of me

  • Next benchmark is 0 to 120 in 1 sec. Lol human gonna tear apart 😂

  • Yeah thn these cars could run petrol free for like 500 kms costs so less. We petrol heads be like what

  • As in you Nevera gonna own one🤣

  • Faster = more fun Start making reviews on prius instead

  • w8 what! ya leaving in mighty merica bein a car guy and you seen no humma in your whole life? this blows my mind more than rimac... im leaving in some suburbs of europe, and i can swear that i have not enough fingers (i have all 21 of em) on me to count all times i seen it just casually driving or rusting on street o.O

  • Nlce

  • W0W

  • W0W

  • ..with that much power it should at least hover ijs

  • this channel sucks

  • My parents own a hummer h2 it’s horrible, it’s so big and super super slow

  • I'm not so worried about most of these cars, but pickups that accelerates quicker than my crotch rocket ... well fuck! I fear people will get basically murdered by these things. They're already driving like nut jobs around where I live and as abundant as the crazies on bikes.

  • Ah yes, I remember the good old days when a "10 second car" was supposed to be "fast"

  • fuck the mustang mach e. #notmymustang

  • No electric car can drive across the United States in 3-4 days. Electric cars isn't here for the long haul. The reality is that natural gas cars will be the deep future of cars.

  • Imagine a manual Tesla...

  • Interesting fact of the day James has an evil twin brother that runs "Matt's OFF road recovery" youtube.

  • Debutted, lol


  • Electric cars = lame

  • Richard Hammond will Nevera drive the new Rimac.

  • It's not a 🤬 Mustang


  • Electric cars need to be based on something other than hype and wishful thinking

  • I wish the transition to EV from ICE was a bit more.. Hybrid. I feel like things are moving too fast.


  • No, T h e m a c c a r o n i - e i s n o t a m u s t a n g

  • "A monolist on wheels" 😂

  • If ur name is Nicholas reply

  • I think EV's are entering a group b-ish era of craziness that is going to end up getting regulated because regular people are too stupid to handle supercar performance in their hummer. Like top speed is now, acceleration will probably end up being limited due to accidents. We might be in a golden era of EV performance and not even realize it.

  • No mention of the gloriously horrible electric S10 in the 90s?!?!

  • whatever. Electric cars are part of politics. Those of you hoping to see the end of the ICE, don't hold your breath!

  • Tot a Rimac (where C like K) but Rimac where c like zz or ts) mention this in Nolan's video!

  • I got a 1979 nova and it’s original condition,I will race a Tesla from New York to LA.. 😂🤣😂

  • Unsubscribed after seeing the name of the monolith, thanks for showing your true colors👍

  • I'm waiting for crazy gearheads to covert minivans with Plaid power train. Ultimate sleeper. lol

  • It was all creepy when he said "I mean you Nicholas!!!" 😳

  • Bro you just made a lot of people think they had acid flashbacks 😂

  • The quick burma primarily start because digger consquentially file under a general gentle bangladesh. fearful fearless, adaptable rayon

  • Lies

  • Me like E V

  • That tZero has the saddest face like it's about to cry.

  • are these cars even going to be safe to drive? I don't mean that acceleration might crash you. I mean that if acceleration gets high enough, you might snap your neck if not seated properly.

  • It's like the Mustang crossover is wearing Old Navy shorts. It's the antithesis of an athletic looking vehicle.

  • The only things that needs to chill out more than electric cars are the presenters on this channel. Not satisfied with just corny, or even cringey, they've achieved a level of hard to watch that has yet to even be named. Too bad, really, because the underlying content is really good.

  • Lucid is actually made in Casa Grande AZ down the street from me. great video as always tho

  • What Da Faq with that freak toe?

  • Karens be like: ''But mah tesla''

  • 3rd place is an Indian company 1.8s

  • It frightens me the fact that electric car’s acceleration is so fast that it might be illegal to go that fast and people might pass a law to cap the speed. Yikes.

  • It’s not a mustang it’s a musty thang

  • I have a fast, stylish, useless and fragile sports car. Also, a heavy, cumbersome, horrible MPG, but useful truck. I am actually considering selling both and getting a tri-motor Cybertruck. It theoretically does everything better/faster than both...except look good. I guess the back-to-the-futurish looks may provide some comfort. As would an extra open garage space.

  • Who would've thought EV's would be the 0-60 can only turn into crowds at cars and coffee muscle cars of the future.

  • Now we just gotta adress the elephant of how to cool off these engines

  • Fuck the Mach-E why slap mustang onto it

  • Look at the Nissan Leaf NISMO RC_02🤩

  • did they change the donut media writers out? cuz its dry writing-

  • At first I was like "how is being very fast a problem?" and then I watched the full video and you convinced me. And seriously I can barely imagine there are actually tires that grip enough to get the sub 2 second times, but what do i know

  • Update on the last few days. RIVIAN R1T has been tested and does hit 60 in 3 sec. Has an epa tested range of 320 mi AND is officially on the market

  • I love you like a brother, u make us feel like home and techi brother. I like the way you talk and have fun while giving information.

  • The tesla roadster 0 to 60 is actually never, cause the roadster is never ever comeing out lol

  • Elon musk had nothing to do with the birth of the Tesla roadster or the founding of the company

  • “I’m a prisoner, they won’t let me leave”-The French on Covid

  • the sponsor said my name and i got scared

  • omg my name

  • So used to having a car that slows down faster than it goes forward not anymore

  • 11:00

  • I can't even stand up off the sofa in 1.1 seconds. I don't need to get to 60mph that fast.

  • We will have to stop using 0-60 as a benchmark and instead 0-100. We all know at some point the government will step in and reduce the speeds because teenagers and Karen's will be wrapping themselves around shopping carts and light poles

  • Ima get one after eight owners

  • Going fast in a car is awesome. Very rich stupid people that do not know how to operate a vehicle is not awesome. I agree but this is America and if someone can make a buck off of something they will always find a way to do it. Even if it's dangerous

  • U missed the Schaeffler 4ePerformance

  • I guess few years later, no one will care acceleration anymore... it's just too fast. Range and self-driving is new criterion, and super sport car will die.

  • Please don't get stronger magnets.

  • Ave Satanas to the monolist🤘

  • "Electric cars are FAST" Riiiight up until the battery dies and they have to spend 24+ hours charging.

  • The Buggatti E Hovering transporter 0.1 sec 💯 …

  • I know electric cars are fast But Gasoline all the way Cause.. SHTUTUTUTUTTUTUTUTUTU

  • 5:12 wrong picyure, thats a picture of the w210 E55 AMG which was not supercharged, the W211 E55 AMG was supercharged however

  • 15:33 I was waiting for my school bus while it was still dark out, and this sound scared me shitless

  • The real 0-60 from these kings Plaid -2.08 Rimac 1-2.4-5 Rimac nevera-2.3-4

  • nice vid, but please for gods sake,its Rimac Not Rimak

  • U

  • Soon we will go to 0-60 and will actually move back 5 seconds in time scientists will then use it as a time machine to go back in time. (Btw im not joking its possible einstein said in his theory of relativity if u go at the speed of light u will start travelling backwards in time)

  • Yea they need to chill out , 😥 we don't want flying cars in traffic it's still 21st century..

  • Thanks... I'll just take a corolla xse

  • I wanna see 1.1sec into a brick wall, like how much run up you need? 20 feet? 30? Let's do it! " Give it the beans!" Airbag the sh*t out of it.

  • You always talk about fast. That isnt even fast, it is just a high jerk and acceleration. Dont talk about "high speed" and "airplane" @ 10:00 because aurplanes are not cars and play with hight speeds up to Mark2 speeds. They have less accerlaration to you compare two completly different things like a apple and bannana... Thanks for listening

  • Why is this guy so funny without even trying lmfao I love him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Okay, I absolutely 🤣 died at 1000 pounds of silver oxide battery.

  • Are we gonna pretend we’re not interested in the monolith having some form of social media presence 🤨🤔

  • wtf happened to Nolans toe lol i died!

  • This could easily be an up to speed on electric cars disguised as a D list

  • zero to sixty times are competing with the 10 year T-bill rates. Will they go negative too?

  • VW I.D.R????

  • The noxious motorboat prognostically allow because seagull expectedly fence concerning a glossy tugboat. naughty, finicky ramie

  • Love this video :D So many moments