Dodge is FINALLY going electric, but is it too late?

Avaldati 9 aug 2021
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  • Fuck dodge. Worst brand on earth that only appeals to meat heads who only care about horsepower and engine noise. MURICA!! 🥴

  • We need to upgrade the electrical grid before everyone has an EV and we run into some problems

  • To be completely honest I am totally down for an electric charger.

  • Market study: millennials but the most dodges. Also market study: the very same people are most open to doing away with the engines that attract them to dodge... I mean, I would like to see more options all around. But the thinking shown here is worrying. It's the same kind of thinking that makes electric motorcycles far from viable. Fortnine does an excellent video about how wrong this thinking is.

  • I’d happily trade my scatpack for an ev challenger if it’s fast

  • Anyone one here think a Hem-E would be a good idea?

  • dodge should make a new viper using a V8 hybrid engine

  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • If this new eMuscle car doesn’t get 1 meter per battery, then it’s not a Muscle car.

  • No they are not too late. By embracing the big power market for the last decade or so Dodge has kept themselves relevant and active in the public automotive conversation. By being unashamedly brash with their ownership of the horsepower reputation they have made sure that their brand was not lost in the endless sea of boring cars and trucks.

  • me and my bro had a conversation a while ago and i said “it would be interesting if dodge made an ev and called it the thundercat…”

  • it would be nice to have an eDart that was a simple EV. Not a leaf or Prius looking thing but a simple car. Don't need FSD, night vison or anything crazy. Needs to be under 30K. For a performance EV though make a M4S Interceptor but to compete with the roadster they will have to come up with something crazy and a bit beyond.

  • I hope they tune the EV motors to be a bit on the noisy side. That spaceship wwwwwrrrRRRRRR when you take off is the cool shit

  • Tear up the streets not the planet. The battery producing process: ima tear up the planet for ya

  • it’s the end of the world….

  • It’s never too late when it’s Dodge.

  • I prefer petrol,but definitely not Dodge

  • I'm not sure Dodge will make it. Dodge isn't Dodge without the burning tires and engine vroom. They'll roll out from under Stellantis and continue to produce their ICE cars. In time, they'll fade away.

  • I don’t think A ev would be a good muscle car I’m going to miss big engines 😢😭

  • I love dodge, every other manufacturer “gotta meet epa’s” dodge “lets concept a minivan with a hellcat”

  • I won't lie. "eMuscle" is the sort of stupidity we love America for. They better sell it in Canada!

  • ghighafactory

  • I perfectly remember that you said laughing that dodge will never go electric

  • People reluctant to change, hated combustion engines when horses used to drive transportation. Look at where we are now. People reluctant to change, hate EVs when combustion engines drive everything around. It's only a matter of time before EVs are everywhere. Get used to it.

  • "be kind" - nolan, eternity

  • you need a new thumbnail guy, that shit was weak lmfao

  • Yes its too late. Now keep making huge v8s🥰❤

  • Anyone else think that hammerhead thing was a little obvious of a hint?

  • in that video it says eMuscle its an E in eMuscle !! maybe a new viper gets build with an e engine or hybrid engine so it maybe can get to the königegg regera i guess!?

  • Guys love ur content but stop pushing back on the EVs theyre gonna happen and theyre not bad cars, they have a lot of advantages over petrol in fact.

  • What about them electronic valves hmm🤷‍♂️

  • Watch it be the return of the viper

  • They should call their EV version of the Hellcat the Cyber Hellcat

  • Idk how I feel about this

  • It better have some big ass xbox type rumblers for that V8 shake

  • Can you guys make a vid on the automotive headlights/tail lights?where they started to where they are now and maybe the future.there is so much engineering that goes unnoticed in the lights.mow pawa baby!

  • Dodge has literally been about the power and the sound of their engines… wtf is this!!??

  • It's super important for Dodge to make EV's. The European market will only allow EV's to be sold after 2030. Though from experience, EV's are really nice to drive.

  • It's going too sell in mediocre numbers, people who get a dodge do it for the raw sound and power, the classic dodge demon design is very nice and it would sell better in 20 years than right now, when we go full electric then we can talk about dodge EV

  • i dont like hows world is changing

  • no my worst nightmare an electric dodge

  • Fuck electric cars who wants electric cars ???

  • Dodge is already trash so how m Bad will it be when it goes electric Btw dodge looks like shrek

  • Naive to think they waited to see how ev technology would play out.. it was and always has been about making the most profit short term.

  • EV’s suck, this is the worst thing to happen in American car history

  • A lot of people openly telling random adults they don't know how to drive and can't handle a dodge lmao that's tough

  • screw eletric cars

  • Assuming Dodge can find a way to take smart, elegant EV technology and turn it into something unrefined, barbaric, and poorly suited to daily needs - and I know they can - then this should be a huge success for them.

  • Yea. Im one millennial who will ride the gas engine to the last moment. Fuck EVs, I love the feel of a built engine, turbos spooling, cams chopping and scaring the shit out of my neighbor. #fuckstellantis

  • "DODGE IS MY FAVORITE CAR!" Haven't heard anybody say that about Tesla quite as enthusiastically. Or any electric cars for that matter. Just sayin:

  • As long I’ll still be able to enjoy the feeling of a screaming demon I’ll be all for it

  • 10:02- did he just said Apex Preparator??

  • The covid vaccine is not fda approved which you should not be sponsored by telling people it's okay to get it.

  • No it’s too early

  • It is not too late! Just sell it online without going through those dealers!!! Set up a selling program, reward your return customers who are willing to use their cars to help your sales directly.

  • Even Dodge don't believe in what they are doing (or have been forced to do).

  • I reckon it’s PROBABLY going to be a Hybrid & no TOTALLY 💯 Electric

  • This whole going electric thing is a fucking scam and let me tell you WHY it is a scam that will not work. 1. Electric cars have literally been around since the pioneering days of the automobile, yet, in the end, the one thing that has worked against them the most is the ability to have distance. 2. In relation to the previous statement, electric charging stations will be far and few between, and, the more rural of an area that you live in, the harder that it would be to find charging stations, so unless you have an adapter and extension cord that can fit into a variety of 50 or 60 MHz plug outlets inside of homes, businesses, and such, and also have super fast recharging batteries, let alone the permission of those people that own those places to plug in your vehicles for recharging, then that will be another set of factors that will work against electric vehicle owners. 3. I find it funny that people that were against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as are against fracking and oil, coal, and natural gas production, all conveniently ignore the fact that the raw materials that are needed for electric vehicles also ironically just so happen to be in the same places that the oil, coal, and natural gas are also located in this world. Where was your false protests then, you bunch of Luciferian globalist elite shilling hypocrites and liars? 4. The harsh reality is that the so-called "alternative fuel source companies" of all sizes are not only working with, but are also owned by the so-called "dirty fuel source companies", and that the lot of them, in turn, are also owned by the same Luciferian globalist elite bosses. 5. Batteries ironically are very harmful to the environment and, the larger that the battery is in a vehicle, the more that it will harm the environment. 6. Electric vehicles run on microwave energy and even prolonged exposure to electricity, even if it is in a natural state, such as lightning, can cause an increase in cancer, as well as other diseases, in humans, animals, and other life forms. 7. Electric vehicles can also interfere in the natural navigational systems of birds, insects, and other flying creatures, which, in turn, can cause them to lose their ways back to their homes, as well as irreversibly damage the flight patterns of migratory flying creatures. 8. Super loud noises can cause harm, not only to animals that have the ability to have hypersonic hearing, i.e., dogs and cats, for examples, but, even in the cases of humans, super high pitched noises can ironically cause far more damage to the hearing of humans than conventional internal combustion engines. 9. The vehicles, machines, and factories that not only would be necessary to build more of the same, but to also build the parts of the vehicles, as well as the vehicles themselves, would still ironically need vehicles, machines, and factories that would still run on the so-called "dirty fuel sources", as the scale of power that would be needed for purely electric/battery power would be so cost prohibitive that it would literally make the so-called "alternative fuel sources" be completely unable to be built, not just in large-scale production, but also in small-scale production as well. 10. Most people cannot even afford, let alone want to, or cannot be able to, for a variety of reasons, such as war, the Coronavirus, and other natural and human-made disasters, and/or that live in places that have completely inadequate road systems for vehicles, buy conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines, let alone even more expensive so-called "alternative fuel source" vehicles. 11. All of the issues with the environment are, contrary to what you might think, NOT the result of humans contributing to pollution, but, ironically enough, a combination of creatures, geologic phenomena, and other things, such as solar flares, axial shift on this planet, other planets, moons, suns, and stars, polar shift on this planet, other planets, moons, suns, and stars, and the rotations of the same things also slowing down, which, in turn, is also causing these celestial bodies to move out of their orbits, as well as to break down. Yes, having junk everywhere is not nice, but what we are doing to this planet is honestly merely a drop in the bucket to the real causes of environmental disaster, along with the envirotards essentially using La Cosa Nostra tactics to force people to buy into their agendas, as well as even outer space heating up, which, as anyone with more than one brain cell can tell you, is not only not normal, but that it is also something that we, as a species, cannot control, no matter how well that we all treat this planet, as well as the other celestial bodies. All of these statements are provable and they are all backed up by facts, so if any historical revisionist trolls, and/or agenda peddling trolls, that are of the left, right, middle, or fringe want to debate me on this, then you will be wrong before you even THINK about saying one word towards my post. Finally, delete the post and it gets posted up again and again until you all get the damn point.

  • The deafening pediatrician postauricularly preserve because grandmother topologically name anenst a evasive buffer. sable, flashy drizzle

  • TOO LATE? LMFAO WTF are you talking about? I know VERY FEW people with full electric cars. And so do you, fact.

  • Will be buying Apteras 0-60 in 3.5 seconds for under $30,000

  • Spending power + electric power + horsepower = success Considering they are +4 years behind, they might not have enough performance power to compete (looking at the Mach E and Model 3 being current leaders)

  • Wonder if they'll bring out a dodge charger 🤣

  • Y'all buy one what are the adapters to plug it into the Tesla chargers they should just stay gas and show the other company's like ford that electric isn't the way

  • 2023 the all new charger batteries sold separately

  • Imagine most famous american muscle car maker beeing told what to do by a French corporate

  • Im never getting an Ev

  • Why are you guys pushing that poison?? Just do cars !!


  • Dodge = Junk!

  • Future will be really boring, i just can't see there being a fun car enthusiast scene around electric cars 😒

  • You skipped Chrysler's bankruptcy in the 90s which caused them to sell out to Mercedes many people seem to think that this was a merger those people are wrong Chrysler went bankrupt because they couldn't update their technology to obd2 they were fined by the US government in 1998 because there were still selling Dodge Ram with a 318 that had a throttle body injection system and ran on obd1 this is why Scotty Kilmer a much more successful Automotive EEpush channel go bankrupt every 10 years it's true in the 90s they went bankrupt and sold out to Mercedes in the early 2010s they went bankrupt and sold out to Fiat 2020 they went bankrupt and sold out to stillantis

  • I guess they got tired of losing to the Tesla fanboy machine😂

  • They should just make a PHEV with a 30 mile range and keep V8 with some kind of a hybrid transmission. There will be a weight penalty but we can deal with it.

  • Need dogcoin to hit 50+ so I can buy me a Tesla roadster

  • People complaining about evs should go watch a formula e event. They sound like damn space ships. Its cool as hell.

  • As usual Dodge is always late to the game lol

  • Why are people so sad about it? If it's faster, more durable, etc., why use worse old tech? For me, all ICE cars are dead already, they make more noise instead of more practical things like power, quietness, and efficiency.

  • iM Ready for the eViper. Nothing will compare.

  • Late means less pricing. Since most Companies will release their EVs. Unlike Crappy Tesla with a price of a house.

  • Ok ok I know it’s been a week but I just remembered dodge was trying to get the vids name 3 years ago…… I mean just think

  • The Model S is already more of a muscle car than any Dodge.

  • Nah fam it’s too soon

  • He said something about a hammerhead shark and the pictures that we've seen so far if you can find a good enough artist you could probably make someone come up with a complete render that might look pretty close to the real thing if you keep in mind they obviously used a hammerhead shark for inspiration.

  • that front end looks way more like a 69 charger than any of the retro comebacks yet

  • Imagine this it’s 2050 almost all of the cars are electric. And out of no where a big old v8 comes rumbling threw the street it grabs every ones attention

  • bruh idc if they bring back srt and keep making hellcats i will love dodge

  • Please don’t use muscle and electric in the same sentence

  • The Challenger outsells the Mustang and Camaro, so why the hell would they change it? P.S. nobody wants an electric car.

    • Actually alot of people want a ev

  • It would be cool if they made the cars look like the 60s while being electric.

  • From boat to Electric boat

  • So excited for this 😍

  • I don’t care if everyone drives an EV. I don’t care about saving the earth. I don’t care about 500 mile ranges. I care about recharging on road trips.

  • I’m sorry but slamming the gas to the floor and hearing a fan turn on is never going to beat the sound of an engine idk how fast it is

  • I would love to work for you guys, keep up the good work

  • I want one, ev is where everything is headed, but I dont want to drive a prius

  • EV's: "I am invadable."

  • An ev dodge will 100% fail

  • The all new 2024 Dodge Hellectric Emucscle 🤣 because you know they're keeping the satanic theme🤣

  • I’m guessing that’s a new shirt Nolan