Car Brands Are Fighting Your Right To Repair

Avaldati 13 sept 2021
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You ever feel like cars are getting harder and harder to work on? It’s not just you. Our vehicles ARE harder to work on, and to make matters worse, some automakers don’t want you to get under the hood! Join us as we explore the issue of Right To Repair, and how it might affect your car.

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  • "Sex predators" is the go-to lame ass excuse to try and get you to throw away your rights. Ask Apple....

  • You have the freedom to microwave kittens, but not to service your own car. Good job capitalism.

  • Let's start our own O E M UNDERGROUND

  • Or you can take your car to Dodge and they will steal your brand new parts you just put in and cost you $15,000 because your motor blew the second you drove it off the property. MFS! 😡

  • This is why I drive and fix my own old cars of you know your electrical basics and some advanced testing as well as mechanical know how you're good. These newer late models you REALLY need to know and grow you're electrical skills.

  • why is it blurred out from 3:23-3:32? some copyrighted vid?

  • Voting doesn't work anymore.

  • I’m fighting John Deere

  • if they want to take our ability to maintenance our vehicles or fix them then they should fork over the service call bill and also labor hours since we are not qualified to fix a vehicle with planned obsolescence

  • Its very simple. Stop buying these new shitty vehicles. My daily is an 86 Bronco. Its as reliable as a new vehicle. Yet much easier to wrench on. All my other vehicles are from the 40’s to 70’s.

  • I see the need for right to repair, but also, there needs to be boundaries on what can and what cannot be done by a DIY hacker given the ever growing complexity of consumer products. Right to repair needs to protect the manufacturers from liability for repairs/modifications performed by unlicensed/uncertified persons as well. For example, Tesla blocking supercharging if modifications have been detected. In this case, Tesla cannot garauntee the safety of you or your belongings should your modifications cause problems and should not be held liable for out of spec operation. Just a thought.

  • I work for a collision repair shop and cars with blindspot and other sensors need calibration 99% of the time. We call another company to come out to do it but they cant do certain cars since those car companies wont release the necessary calibration specs. So we have to send it to the dealership

    • This is mainly why i drive an older truck without all these systems. Im still tryin to find a good 12 valve dodge so i dont gotta worry about any computer systems

  • Ls swap everything lol

  • What's with the blur?

  • Imagine how incredible it would be for marketing and brand image if an auto manufacturer actively supported right to repair. But all these companies care about is paying back stakeholders in the short term.

  • Ahhh I love my 03 Corolla more and more each day 🤣🤣

  • Donut may very well be the best channel on EEpush. Keep fighting rhe good fight boys.

  • So tired of executive ‘orders’. Pass legislation through our elected officials.

  • im at 3:32 and before the video is done, i hope i see/hear a mention of: louis rossmann and rich rebuilds

  • if i couldn't repair a car myself then i couldn't afford to own one, so i guess ill have to become a fucking cyclist if we don't have a right to repair lol

  • Make a simple form like the RPM act so car guys can just put in their information and have a canned message sent to representatives.

  • I’m definitely on right to repair side, but I broke my foot finger cause my alternator fell on my foot ahahahha, but it definitely didn’t blow up and it was cause by my stupidity😂😂😅

  • just repair it and don't tell anyone, right to repair argument avoided. also, this will fall on it's face because nobody wants it, and if it doesn't well you guys have the right to bear arms, so go and bare. i mean honestly someone told me i couldn't repair their junk i'd literally toss it in the bin make my own better one and mock them for loosing a customer. this is not a sustainable business model.

  • i only buy your product if you sign to me that u swear you would give me the right to fix my shit that i just bought from you .that simple if you dont someone else will

  • Let me guess, to keep the video up you had to blur footage claimed by the same car companies fighting this issue.

  • What's with all the blurry fades? They suck

  • Why are there certain clips in this video that are blurred out?

  • Did anyone else get a auto zone ad with Jeremiah?😭

  • Oxymoron donut media is bitching about right to repair. Dude, you're embracing the EV market. You've got a electric generator with solar panels as your commercial?!?! Da fuq is going on in California? Y'all are complete mor*ns !!

  • They have a short memory. Lest they forget that they were bailed out by private customer cash, and now they want to block those same people

  • This is a monopoly

  • This is what Rich Rebuilds has been warning us about for sarcastic years.

  • So, we built the prison we are now in?

  • Had a brand new chevy Silverado engine blew up ! Told me I didn’t change oil or have service record. I provided all documentation proven they were done by an independent company . Low and behold I had to replace my engine.

  • joke biden can't do $#!+ right

  • Here something to consider as well. If all we have is dealers then the mechanic has no choices and at the dealer you are forced to work flat rate. The consumer has no choice but to pay whatever the dealer wants to charge for parts since there would be no aftermarket parts and everyone in the industry would have to be a company man.

  • Did donut get censored for showing repairs or something? Really odd without an explanation

  • Yo video editor wtf is the blurry frame at like 3:50?

  • I had to jail break my John Deere. The hell with this crap

  • They seriously went as far as to claim the way they manufacture their vehicles, in attempts to keep the vehicles owner from repairing it themselves, helps keep ppl protected from SEXUAL PREDATORS?!!! That is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard.. these companies should be ashamed for making that big of a reach. Absolutely ridiculous!

  • I'm good. C5 Z06, a Buell ( :( ) I DO.

  • 🙏🏽

  • Well.. looks like I'm driving my sh#t box for a few extra year's

  • Have fun with that copy right infringement on that new shirt LOL

  • We don't all make that California big city money, how bout shirts for 19.99 for us poor boys in the Midwest.

  • A whole lot more rather than h3ll!

  • "silly things" rather than trying to pretend you are not using profanity with gosh dang. Do you realize you are asking God to damn it??? What a weird prayer.

  • This guy needs a raise, donut. He's always broke.

  • we love you Louis!!!!! Thank you, fight the good fight!

  • This became complicated and expensive because of the greasy government regulations. Now we have to petition big gov that is still getting paid off by big auto, to lessen repair costs. Great

  • Isn't that some Good old fashioned BS, if they were honest the car companies would say ,"We tried to build cars that were too difficult for the average Joe to fix, but you above and beyond average Joe's have become a real pain in our arse uhh we mean revenues, so we are going to do what big business always does when the little guy is beating us at our own game, We are going to change the rules!!! Talk about greedy!!!

  • Just buy Electric

  • Making vehicles so that nobody can work on it is a detriment to Automotive aftermarket sales.

  • I would love to import a cheap car from over seas with a carb or basic fuel injection. I do not want my car spying on me

  • I buy cars that don’t have warranties anyway, I just changed my alternator battery and radiator and they quoted me 2000$ I paid 379$ and did it all myself

  • Stop buying new cars. Problem solved. That first gen tacoma you are modding on is probably going to outlast the new tacomas that people overpay for today. The 90s and early 2000s were a better time for gearheads. Ill never pay a dime for a car that i cant repair myself. Stop being so stupid with your money! This video makes me not even want to support the modern auto industry.

  • Let's just pass a law that requires every vehicle is controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500. ;) Got news for the Automakers, no one "wants" to fix their broken car, they have to. Not everyone can afford a 40K+ new car that is nothing special.

  • That's why I stay with my old vehicle

  • Why can't they obd2 boats

  • They are also trying to take away your Right To Own.

  • Wow nice

  • I’m just starting- I don’t think we loved to fixed them, I feel we loved to be able to be independent- free to know we can right a wrong and see if our own intellect will overcome. It was the mother of invention and the father of innovation. But, I digress- cheers

  • Fun fact: it is already illegal for companies to void a warranty due to you working on the car. The law is called the Magnuson moss warranty act. Steve Lehto from the Lehto's Law channel did a video on the topic.

  • There is one flaw tho, asking manufacturers to share their tech and documentation. From a companies perspective, this is just stupid. They've spent millions developing tech and r&d not mention design just for it to be exposed?. Also, what's stopping them from massively hiking up price parts while at the same time, reducing the prices for parts at service centers.

  • Goddamn dirty lobbyists

  • You guys should watch the movie “No Sudden Move.” Goes to show how grimey the car industry was back then.

  • So "why" #gg.

  • Bruh, I don't even have a car ! Why the hell am even... eh, what da hecc, it's entertaining.

  • Thanks Socialism and Apple...and Tesla of course.

  • Hey guys let me know which auto companies are fighting the right to repair so I know which companies not buy from

  • Ive seen some of the results of “right to repair” or in a lot of the cases “right to youre lucky youre not dead cuz youre an idiot” 😂 its illegal to practice medicine without a license but sure go ahead, find out the hard way what that bright orange insulation means 😂

  • Monetizing TFL’s saying? I guess someone has to try and make money off it.

  • Hackers are working to crack Ecus at this moment…specialist tools are being created…the manufacturers will never win.. We the diy guys are way ahead with research..

  • There's no way existing dealerships can keep up with their own repair/service ideology. Too many cars. Right now it takes a month to get an appointment for simple repairs at some dealerships and it will only get worse if they don't begin sharing repair info with owners and independent shops. Only the car owner suffers...

  • democracy is dead in the United States. Politicians are bought and paid for, it's simply rigged elections.

  • I have been learning about that with EVs and Tesla. It's nice to know your car and fix it yourself sometimes, especially if it's to save money. I don't mind closing myself off to most car companies if it conveniences me.

  • No glasses reload!! >:(

  • Honestly, I get a weird vibe from that Rossman guy.

  • Lol, don't tell the GOP that we all have the right to vote still.

  • What if the push for electric vehicles isn't for the environment but to make it harder for us to work on our own cars.. another loophole they found


  • *Pays for EEpush Premium* *Still has to watch ad*

  • Muh country Muh rights for once😔

  • They want to limit access, so that the only ones that know how low the quality of manufacture, is mechanics. Trust me, it’s a lot of garbage designs covered up by shitty cheap plastic. They create special fasteners, like torx head. Or the newest version, torx plus. This isn’t a new to the industry thing. Now it’s just fancy programming, and proprietary bullshit.

  • If it's a question between speed and privacy; I'll take six seconds, zero to sixty.

  • It's honestly getting to the point where I'm more and more refusing to buy a new car over my old one because my old car at least is built in such a way that I can work on it. If I continue to maintain it properly it's not going to give me any problems. I look at Tesla's, I look at new Ford's, GM's, anything out of Europe, and I just can't be bothered to care. Working on cars was something I did with my dad when I was younger and even if I'm not a mechanic I still learned enough from those weekends changing oil, spark plugs, working on injectors, watching him tear apart and rebuild a transmission, etc that I'm comfortable enough doing some of the stuff myself. If manufacturers take away that right that I have, to repair and work on MY bought product or get someone qualified to do it, then I just won't buy their new one. I don't care about being "eco friendly" or "autonomous driving" if I'm going to get bent over and absolutely fucked when it comes to maintenance and the forced obsolescence they put in these things now.

  • Search bar history O_O

  • I beg to differ. But isn't it a mechanic's job to do the fixing to your car. If you ain't qualified to do a repair, don't do any repairs. DIY videos just make this issue worst.

  • lol, "your" catchphrase....

  • For the longest time Donut never gave credit to the music they used in the videos. THANK YOU for adding it to the end of the last few months of videos.

  • Nolan should lead the next House of Cards with that American politics bit

  • 3:12 M O N E Y

  • We will never surrender our right to repair

  • Follow the money

  • Im not remotely mechanically inclined but my 94 mr2 is rather easy to work on

  • And this is why I always own cars and trucks from the 80s or older so I actually can fix everything myself 😉

  • 4:38 OBD-II*