$90 vs $2000 Off-Road Lights

Avaldati 12 sept 2021
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  • bruh how thick is this dude, an ebay light bar has NOT had lumens measured accurately and scientifically they legit make it up on the spot look on ebay now there are listings of 999999 lumens there fake

  • I know a mid tier option isn't really the spirit of this series, but I really would like to see you thoughts on say $500 system.

  • KC lights are over priced and over rated

  • Ohhh god those KC light are bright as balls, my cousin had that same set up on his jeep and turned them on in my neighborhood at night and you can see 2 blocks away ahaha

  • Obviously the KC lights were better but definitely not $1900 more better.

  • Would be interesting to see a long term review on how the lux varies through time.

  • "more real" I think means warmer color (Kelvin) temperature. The NiLight bar looks about 6200°K and the KC set looks about 4800°K.

  • #SponsoredByKC

  • HU-MABBABABA! On trend for chestnuts that iron man line iron men.

  • Make a boat car

    • lot more force/pivot in those areas. I think over time the mounting points would get rounded out resulting in leaks and rust. The KC lights mount individually on the rail and will

  • You should do a rock light set up next


  • Jesus, gutter mounts ftw. They drilled like 30 holes in that roof to mount... lights.

  • bro do a review on the dodge 426 hellephant

  • loilolololololololollol. spending 2k on lights and the mental gymnastics to get there.

  • Yea in this case I would just go cheaper

  • First off, appearance really comes down to preference and I feel like appearance is really influenced by knowledge in this case. I didn't know how much a cheap light bar was and always thought of them as cool looking on a truck. Knowing now that they're cheaper has somewhat influenced what I thought prior to watching the video. The bulbs never really stood out to me like light bars did on trucks before I saw the video because I didn't know they could cost +$1,000 (which is ridiculous imo). Appearance wise, I think both look great so that doesn't influence my opinion between them. Utility wise, I think they both do their jobs well. The light bar shines light only a slightly shorter distance. As for the color of the light bar, it's likely +6,500 Kelvin's which is what gives it the blue hue. There are light bars that are closer to ~3,500 Kelvin's which is around the color of a sunset so the bulbs don't always have that specific advantage. The bar also does a better job at flooding while the bulbs do a better job as a spotlight. Maybe the footage doesn't do the bulbs justice, but for +$2,000 you'd expect something that performs as much as it costs. Considering how hyped up you guys were for the brand of the bulbs, my bet is the price is in the name. Like others have said, a middle -> lower range light system would do the trick. As a side note, the bar and the spotlights on low team could easily be separated with some switches and extra cable for

  • Try it again in 6 months. Lol. One won’t work and the others will be 100% still. Same at 5 yrs.

  • 9:04 “you look like no burnham” 😂

  • Baja designs is the best Offroad lights hate to see that they got KC

  • I’d love some “i love you” and “be kind” bumper stickers in donut font

  • Love this series!

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  • I'm curious how the mounts for the lights will degrade over a long period of time. The light bar is carrying a lot of weight which is distributed to the two mounting spots putting a lot more force/pivot in those areas. I think over time the mounting points would get rounded out resulting in leaks and rust. The KC lights mount individually on the rail and will probably loosen the rail itself before the roof takes on any stress. Its a minute detail in the grand scheme of things since you're taking the truck on the trail but something to consider.

  • Put X10 lights on the cheap car to keep the budget the same!

  • Watch the swearing please?

  • Every one of these. .. I prefer the cheap

  • Would be interesting to see a long term review on how the lux varies through time.

  • On the next hi low build you need to do Jeep Cherokee like the older Jeep Cherokee’s

  • Please do this with tuner cars

  • Criminal or bow fisher

  • I think these guys forget their audience sometimes. No one is going to spend 2 grand on lights when you can get the same thing for $90

    • Rename this ‘expensive vs dirt cheap’ not high vs low. As anyone would spend at least 25% of the high truck in these parts esp exterior armour and winches….

  • Do old muscle cars next

  • 10x price for 3x lux FAIL

  • 7:40 full version when

  • I wonder how much better your LED lights would work if you could add a reflector to make them go forward

  • KC lites will hold up for 10x as long also.

  • I'm really loving the way low truck is coming together, more and more every episode

  • There's no way that there is a $2k difference in the output of those lights...that $80 bar was pretty damn good...

  • You should make hi low episode on truck bed camper

  • 4:35 YAYYYY right tool for the job!

  • That thing is looking awesome tho

  • Dude, there are no way those KC lights are worth the extra money. I mean, I agree that they look badass, but THAT much money? No.

  • With expensive lights you are paying for the better reflector and lens. Cheap lights are great for floods. Expensive lights are necessary for spots/long range

  • supercharger vs turbo kit tacoma for 5vzfe

  • Rename this ‘expensive vs dirt cheap’ not high vs low. As anyone would spend at least 25% of the high truck in these parts esp exterior armour and winches….

  • give nolan the next high car, but make it dumb, like camper vans or kit cars.

  • You guys have completely lost touch. Apparently getting your shit for free makes this show pointless. You can barely tell the damn difference, and you are endorsing the one 22x more expensive. This episode's results are shit.

  • Big difference I noticed is the KC lights are brighter much further away, while 80$ lights are brighter closer around you, which is what you typically need if you're on tight trails and need to see closer around you. I personally would prefer the 80$ lights but they def don't look as cool as KC

  • That rivet gun cost more than the lights lol

  • Seal them drill holes or you’ll have a rust nightmare in 8 years

  • Lol the kc is worth it if you’re in a cold state cause led cannot emit heat and will get covered with ice and then will not be usable yes in texas I’ll use the led setup but if it was Alaska kc is the choice

  • I'd go for a led bar on the roof and spots on the front. You know what, I think I'll do exactly that on my truck.

  • The video content i've been waiting 😅 next is engine mods haha

  • I'm still not happy with those lockers in low truck. Should have gone with a mini spool!

  • Anybody else upset that Nolan didnt get high car this season

  • I will buy 11set of $80 low set up…. Then my truck 🛻 become super bright!!!!

  • “But you probably are a criminal” 😂😂😂

  • Why does Zach look like Charles Manson? Hahaha

  • Of course its brighter, but is it 20 times brighter? Thats a huge difference in price percentage wise.

  • Can you put LED bulbs in the KC's? That'd be bright asf

  • Does anyone else think KC lights are super ugly and dated-looking? I'm sorry I don't need a huge logo on every light just to show off how much I overplayed for lights that I also have to take off every time I want to use them. Back in the 90's, this was your only option, but some of the $50 lights nowadays are just as durable and look better. The modern smoother light throw is really worth it offroad as sometimes old style lights like these KC ones make your brain think there are dips or rocks in places there are not.

  • KC's better...absolutely! Are they worth $2000....HELL NO! Part of buying KC is you're buying a name and that KC light rack I would pay $500 for. Can you get a really nice $500 light bar? Oh yeah you can. So buy KC's? NOPE! Buy $90 chicom lights? NOPE! Buy a good middle ground bar? YES!

  • Im going to meet you in between high and low with a TOMAR TRX. Is cheaper than High and more than Low but the output is incredible. You also get amber for fog, there is a low power, and flood spot combo

  • Low team.... You already drilled in the roof for the bracket. Get a dollar grommet and run the wire through the roof like a good boy...

  • That’s a huge price gap sheesh

  • Absolutely great season guys. Learned a lot saw a lot. Definitely have some more ideas to do to my vehicle. Thanks for the real testing of all the equipment it’s awesome keep it up

  • If you mount the light bar a little further back on the roofline it might reduce some of the wind resistance but most importantly you can eliminate that light popping on the hood

  • "the point of this whole camping trip is to hunt down the man who killed my father and bring him to justice" lmao

  • When you run those screws you are going to want a dab of silicone to keep water out Noland. Cheap lights are fine imo. Most people barely ever use them anyways. Rear lights are nice too if you will actually use them offroad, sometimes you need to back up.

    • The ability to point lights are nice though, I went with a cheap kit, medium size bar in center and spots next to it angled out slightly, and a spot in back

  • Yeah but after a little white the light bar will fill up with water and turn yellow

  • Nah you could literally buy specific cheap-o lights that reach further and still be 1/10 the price of high truck

    • completely negligible. Aside from that it wouldn’t be very difficult to spend some extra time wiring up some switches to make the $90 lights more functional.

  • What will you all do with the two completed trucks??? Will they appear in future videos????

  • That's gonna be a 10k lb taco by the time they're done with Hi Truck

  • Best series for a long time on YT. Keep it up...

  • Was he joking about someone killing his father

  • You guys should make an episode when you spend the same amount of money on cheap parts as you spend on expensive ones, aka imagine a low truck with 20 cheap lightbars like that! I wonder which one would be brighter in that case. 🤣

  • $2000 PLUS install. You guys did your own. Most people can't, don't have time, don't have tools, don't have the space. Most people have to hire someone to install.

  • Forgot to measure/compare against factory headlights... You should've measured amp draw

  • What is James smoking? lmao. If this was 500$ it was better yea, but not 1500$.

  • I think with the cheaper lights, you should've ordered 2 of the light bars, had one on the grille and one on the roof. Also, you could have just wired the spots and the bars into a different switch each. But for that amount of light, a 20x price increase seems a touch steep.

  • Can’t wait to see the “water” test after install… didn’t see silicone applied to screw/bolt holes of hi-truck, so will more be better? At least low-truck holes were on side and inside weatherstripping dripping rails. Cheers.. can’t lie, that switch panel in hi-truck is phenomenal and I know good, no, great switch panels are not cheap.

  • Do you have the lux of the regular headlights at the same distances vs with the additional lights for each truck? I want to know the difference between headlights vs accessory lights

  • Lost respect for you two this time, what did KC threatened you witb legal action or gave you a free sample for the show?

  • Other things that would be worth it for a more expensive light, Less RF in radios and electronics: generally better lights have better RF shielding. The cheap bar also bounces way more light off the hood which will cause eye fatigue and more light close to the truck means your night vision isn't as good to see further away.

  • I actually prefer low trucks lol

  • Unless looks are literally your most important priority on your truck, there is no way in hell those $2k KC lights are worth buying. The practical difference between the two is completely negligible. Aside from that it wouldn’t be very difficult to spend some extra time wiring up some switches to make the $90 lights more functional.

  • Twenty times better?

  • expensive train horn vs cheap train horn?

  • I mean he could have had the pod lights on low truck run separately if they were just wired up on a separate switch

  • I know it’s not the point, but if you were to add hi-trucks spot lights on to low-truck, you’d still be under $600 and have, in my opinion, a more “worth it” setup. And I’ve done my share of aux lighting. Quick fact, Alaska is light all day in the northern parts in summer, but is dark most of the time in winter. Lights are a big thing here.

  • The ole BroDozer lights

  • I have an inexpensive grill mounted 22" light bar and a couple cheap pods I use as fog lights, whole setup including wiring was around $200. Going on 3 years on my truck, still super bright and 0 issues with them.

  • hi car should do an engine swop im doing it to my Nissan patrol only 15k

  • Already before watching it. I already know there’s gonna be different. Led lights bar built for spread led spotties obviously going to be more of a spot light I reckon

  • Now listen hear me out what if we used both on the same truck

  • Add mid car to next season. That’s gonna spice things up

  • How bright can be a $hit? 😁😁😁

  • Having done some off-roading at night, I would NOT want the blue hue given off by the cheap light bar…I also wouldn’t spend $2k on the KCs, since I don’t do that much night driving…so I’d go somewhere in the middle. The color temperature of the KCs is right on to prevent eye fatigue.