$800 E-Locker vs. $4000 Air Lockers

Avaldati 29 aug 2021
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$4000 front and rear pneumatic locking differential vs. $1300 used OEM e-locker.
They're both better than an open diff, but which one is MORE better?Does

We bought two identical Toyota Tacomas, and we’ve been modifying them to be fun, daily drivers that you can take literally anywhere, except the ocean. One Taco gets expensive parts, and one gets cheap parts. Then we test them, to see which components are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Your differential allows your wheels to spin at different speeds, which is great for taking corners and regular street driving. But when driving off road, if one tire loses traction- horsepower takes the path of least resistance, causing a bunch of tire spin. One way to stop this from happening is by temporarily locking your differential, or differentialssss if you have an 4wd vehicle.

Hi Truck is getting both front and rear ARB pneumatic locking differentials, aka: Air Lockers. Because this system is pneumatic, it also requires the purchase of a compressor system, which will be convenient if we have to air down our tires. All together the entire kit costs $4,157.

Low Truck on the other hand is getting a used OEM Toyota Electronic Locker: aka an e-locker. And only on the rear axle.
This is the locker that came from the factory if you were to upgrade at the time of purchase. But if you’ve bought a used truck that didn’t come with the factory locker, you can find a complete axle assembly, differential included, for about $800.
However, you’ll usually also have to get a new front differential so that the gearing matches up, and a wiring harness which would bring our total up to $1300.

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  • 15:37 You'll thank me later

  • What is the switch panel? I'm looking for something like that for my truck

  • So wait, did low team buy from high team?

  • Those sound effects at 5:30 🤣 love it

  • I have a locker on my Jeep, the difference is SO insane it’s a little tough to believe.

  • "The only way this thing's getting stuck is if it ends up on it's roof"

  • Low truck should have gotten a lunch box locker!!! For like $500 installed its the true low option

  • One thing about the air lockers as well is you’d then have an air compressor so you can use it to air up and down your tires on the trail

  • Those shirts are gay af

  • No comments on how bad diff fluid smells??!?!?

  • They should really air down for the 180..

  • Are they 4x4 tacoma?

  • The jeep rubicon unlimited destroyed the off road industry offering FRINT AND REAR selectable lockers. 4.10 gears , 4:1 rocktta k transfer. Case , 2 solid axles , 4 wheel disc , anf elecctrinuc sway bar disiconnect. It’s dominated the off road performance for a lone since until finally now, the first bronco with upgraded off-road package thst finally includes front snd rear spectacle lockers. . The nee Land Rover defender and electric him er all offer 4 wheel lock . The dodge power wagon truck has all the options the Rubicon does as well.

  • Protect Zach Jobe at all cost

  • Tires was on the ground some of us seen that haha

  • The problem low truck had on the horse shoe was it lost traction on a front wheel not the rear wheels. I see the same thing happening again.

  • If you install the locker properly then they're way better than the air lockers in my case. Got a friend who installed air lockers on his hardbody and he gets stuck so much more than I do with my stock e locker

  • Next High truck-Low truck test: cold air intake (ie k&n) vs deck plate mod

  • Those lil Takomas in the intro better be sold at the end of this series!

  • Some times my farts smells like fish tacos 🌮

  • 11:20

  • should do a lunch box up front

  • $800 sounds way more better than $4000 to me.

  • All the Chevy z-71's have lockers in the rear and they make a huge difference off road

  • You paid $120 for a switch and some wire.. no way

  • can we start a petiton for nolan to get hi car?

  • Didn’t enjoy the first 1:30 mins of infomercial

  • "Whether your car is powered by front wheels, rear wheels, or 4 wheels" I feel left out cuz my car is powered by an engine

  • They should compare these trucks to a newer Tacoma when they are done, would be interesting to see how they compare

  • So wait, hi truck had a locking diff all along and low truck had an open diff? You didn't engage the locking diff did you?

  • Wouldn’t welding rods be cheaper?😅

  • For the Toyota’s tacos logo it need to be the Toyota logo with a face on the bottom so it looks like a man wearing a sombrero and you could put that on the front of the shirt

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  • It's a repo something you should learn to do

  • The true broke option is to weld the front diff with the new rear.

  • Please learn how to do the army ground guide hand signals. For the love of God please 😂😂😂😂🤦

  • Surprised they didn't weld the front and rear diffs.

  • You really can’t compare e vs air lockers. Air lockers can be engaged is literally any driving condition where e lockers can’t be engaged in a lot Of conditions like high speed. E lockers will get you out of some basic sticky situations but they won’t bring the vast array of capabilities that air lockers bring.

  • Should be Lincoln locker, but honestly welded would win every time

  • That toe drag on that kickflip!

  • " a rear locker is all you need" Oh poor, sweet, innocent Nolan...

  • Did you ever think of using a posi rear end

  • Seriously should have sent those 3rds to Zuk in AZ, would’ve had them back in a day.

  • Fun and interesting video I liked it and I like what they're doing but this is not an $800 locker vs a $4000 locker comparison. This is not even an E-Locker vs air locker comparison. This is a truck with a rear locker vs a truck with front AND rear lockers which is no comparison. Other than the "comparison" this is a good video.


  • To check factory gear ratios on toyotas look at the door jam sticker. It will be something like B02A. Then just look at various online charts to see what ratio it is.

  • I’m happy the lads are using an Australian company for the off-road parts

  • Nolan tripping

  • Front and rear is better. But Electric is better than pneumatic for a daily driver

    • Christ guys, get a lift

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  • its pretty entertaining watching car guys become offroad guys

  • 5:25 forbidden maple syrup

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  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • So Far Just the hi tyres i would say makes a difference.

  • I want to see a Hi/Lo series about the Chevy Cruze. It’s a short run car (like, only two generations) with a turbo that a lot of people seem to hate or love. It’d be cool to see a series on a daily drivable commuter car for us who drive 50mi+ to/from work every day.

  • Electric or pneumatic are the only options, huh? What happened to auto lockers, like 1/4 the cost of the axle they bought

    • Even a "Lincoln Locker" would be awesome. More economical than the 800$ axle

    • I wish the series would consult one of us poor wheelers on how to do curso performance

  • "Except the ocean" Yeah, you've got Tacomas. For ocean use, you need a Hilux.

  • More than two ways to lock a diff. Spools, "lunchbox" lockers, Auto lockers, factory/aftermarket LSD's, Ox (manual) locker, or just weld the spider gears Low truck should have had a "lunchbox" locker in the front. They are on the budget side, and quick to install.

  • Front and rear lockers will cost 4200$…. *Laughs in ZR2*

  • "Except the ocean" Yeah, you've got Tacomas. For ocean use, you need a Hilux.

    • Would have been better comparison i think if low truck got lunchbox lockers. They work great and are dirt cheap

  • Bruh I rewatched you describing the trucking walking with its hands like 6 times that how my Tacoma rolls

  • The ambiguous pain orly increase because language seemingly annoy after a relieved march. new, gleaming summer

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  • Christ guys, get a lift

    • Everything that comes out of Pumph's mouth is could be on a t-shirt

  • 2wd with a locker can get through more than a 4x4 with open diffs a lot of the time. its pretty gnarly.

  • Lockers are a game changer once you’ve had them. I use mine all the time

  • The sound effects when he is touching the individual parts 🤣

  • Donut makes the best commercials ever!

  • Hard to beat a detroit locker after some 50 years at least .

  • When it’s all over can I buy high truck pls

  • I’m amazed at the fact that this is funded by us and not some Hollywood production team. This is all real no script and I’m glad it’s on EEpush and not On TV

  • Til you break a air line mid obstacle. Factory E-lockers are better

  • Sell out much? Spend less time on advertising and more on actual content.

  • Loving this series! I have been looking for a rust free 2001-2004 Taco 4x4 trd for 3 years with no luck until this past weekend! Got a super clean 2003 4x4 TRD! Finally! Starting my build and going to get back into off-roading.

  • Would have been better comparison i think if low truck got lunchbox lockers. They work great and are dirt cheap

  • Elocker in the rear, lunchbox locker in the front

  • Anyone else get the Autozone commercial??

  • Everything that comes out of Pumph's mouth is could be on a t-shirt

  • Always turn your lockers on before you go in.

  • Can anyone tell me what Nolan is saying at 18:25? “I keep hearing “sending it” but I can’t really tell!

  • i like my 250 dollar high boy rust free clean body tool box on side dana 60/80 lockers 390 engine

  • There are some good in-between options not mentioned here, like manual locking hubs for the front. Drawback to them is, like the e locking rear, you have to plan ahead and lock them before getting stuck.

  • If low trucks E-Locker was a hand me down from Hi-Truck, doesn't that mean Hi-truck has had an additional advantage all along?

  • Why not a lunchbox front and rear for low?

  • Hittin switches and gettin bitches. 😎

  • Ngl I never see the need for a front locker. IMO it's just a luxury and isn't really needed. Rear is enough in 95% of cases.

  • That ARB bull bar on high truck would look much nicer with a set of 9inch led spotties mounted to it.

  • nice!

  • There's always WELD LOCK

  • Low truck should have got a lincoln locker

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  • Do they make torssen differentials that work for off-road vehicles? If so, you guys should do a video on that

  • You guys need to try this stuff in actual mud! Way more people in the country go off roading in mud and trails in the woods. You guys are only doing stuff in desert and rock climbing type stuff.

  • What am I missing? Eaton TruTrac = $550

  • There's more than just two of the newer types of lockers

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  • Low truck should have went with Powertrax Lock-Right Lockers. They would easily outperform the air locker system.

  • There's something called a Auto Locker I believe the term is and it does just that, no switches at all. You can put it in the stock front diff (if you vehicle has support). Would have loved to see one of these since it can be bought for less than 500$

  • ? Air lockers humidity then freezing temps, i heard they freeze and that sucks!