$800 DIY Off-Road Armor vs. $4000 Aftermarket Armor

Avaldati 22 aug 2021
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We weld in this one!!! Hi Team is getting off-the-shelf predesigned armor, while Nolan and Aaron have to design and build their own. Who will come out on top?

Hi Low was shot on Canon cameras and lenses.

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  • The gray one is so cheap, it can't even afford to have it plate covered... 1:15

  • Question: are these legal? If a pedestrian were to be hit by one of these these things... Idk, my country doesn't have much of an off-roading or truck culture, so I'm curious.

  • its not fair

  • Get your reps in!

  • ngl the low tacoma's armor kinda looks better

  • That’s not fair comparison where you’re fabricating your own parts as those machine and tooling cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Should buy the cheapest one you can on eBay

  • I wish I could help out on these builds. I work at an off-road fab shop. I fabricate parts everyday. :D

  • I have much more respect for the guy/girl who has the skills to fab their own mods then the guy who just breaks out the wallet. I have zero respect for the guy who can't even install the parts. Nice work Donut crew!

  • Is Arron the best support for Nolan is the real question Zach more a wing it guy

  • I love the editing. Great job on the team who does it. For example 13:35

  • Fantastic episode

  • Got a question: How much weight did the upgrades add to the high truck and how much did it change the mileage??? I want to do something like this on my 95 Tacoma but I’m already gassing up once a week

  • And that’s why you need weights and when use aussie go off roading we air our tyres down to 18-15 psi for mud and crawling

  • When you drive manual don’t be scared to clutch kick the car plus invest in some pro lokkas

  • I honestly prefer the look of team low's truck

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  • its not fucking armor its a bullbar

  • T-I-D-N-F-A That is definitely not funny anymore!

  • yall gotta play Crossout, vehicular combat and building

  • Fook me lads....There was an Army all over high truck....Low truck ??? ...2x SAS Proudly battling all the odds using left over supplies the enemy discarded😄😄😄😄😄

  • Getting my reps in

  • Just an idea. For videos like this would be nice to have another vehicle stock to completely show how or why something can’t go over this hill or piping

  • 19:21 When the chef doesn't do your burrito properly

  • More metal in those bumpers then the entire truck.

  • U know u spelt hi wrong u spell it “high”


  • The way y’all communicate reminds me of how I hang out with my friends. Love the vibes friends, keep it up

  • Please do an Up To Speed of ARB

  • Love the content 👍👍👍 Watching from the middle east 😎🏜

  • I did mine for under $100. My secret? Gas pipe.

  • I think that if you guys aired down, you wouldn't have gotten stuck

  • Is that a polyphia t shirt James is wearing

  • Jesus loves you and died for our sins

  • I keep instinctively looking away from the screen when they weld lol #GetYourRepsIn

  • i want them to do a hi-low, but with a twist Nolan gets the high car and James gets the low car, and have it be an american muscle drag build

  • TRD should sponsor this show

  • 'lets get high....and low.' put that shit on a shirt

  • On a diy setup, it really depends on skill level of installer as to how well it is, I've seen some diy that's way better than prebuilt kits

  • My man's coulda used a torch to bend that metal.

  • #gettingmyrepsin

  • whats the music from 15:00 ?

  • Let me teach you guys how to weld 😂 I'm a professional certified welder and a great mechanic which represents mopar bc I'm a mopar man, I'm located in nampa idaho

  • Thank you James for saying you could also be a High car. I was displaced because my dealership closed. I was the top salesman the First full month. I was there for two weeks and getting the lay of the land and then as soon as you know first of the month numbers. I was thinking you might be able to help me find somebody who needs somebody who makes them money! No matter what widget what industry. Sales. Numbers on the board. Glengarry Glen Ross

  • What’s the rear bumper kit on the hi car?

  • I had no idea those were for sliding on rocks. I thought they were just to help my fat ass climb in

  • Zach is such a clutch dude, the "tell me what you need and I'll work on it" guy.

  • can you guys do a up to speed on the buick riviera

  • Hey can you do a video about “Proton” the company that bought Lotus in 90s?

  • They need to stop making Nolan do all the shit work on his truck , he could get alot of things already premade fairly inexpensively if they werent tied to ebay motors

  • #getyourrepsin

  • I'm not gunna lie I would take the Grey tocoma than the red

  • I'd just put the "other" front arb bumper that they have on the shelf on @9:05

  • The music in this episode is fire 🔥 loving the hi-low theme music

  • Donut youtooz for hi and low cars please

  • Pull them both on the scale. Hi truck probably lost an inch of lift with all that steel.

  • Those Westin sliders are just runninv boardss not sliders

  • i feel the low team should get enough time to actually do the mod because the whole point of a low budget is that difference in cost is picked up by the time you put it.

  • When can we buy the official Donut Media Tacoma front bumper diy kit?

  • The messy shame invariably inject because prepared coincidently whine beside a offbeat linen. scintillating, homeless trapezoid

  • imma be honest... low truck screams 'built not bought' with the custom fab work for the bumpers and whatnot

  • low truck bumper do be lookin kinda sick tho.

  • the thing about a low budget vehicle is that if you are sacrificing cost, a lot of the time, you kind of want to put the time in to make it something special. is it really fair to dock points because they couldn't get something done in time for a video?

  • 0:46 really all within my price range? I looked for a bugatti chiron for $3,000 and I didnt find anything someone owes me a bugatti chiron

  • As a fabricator myself by trade, I definitely cringed a little when making the comments about "stacking dimes" when you were tacking... Please don't do that again 😂 otherwise 👍 carry on

  • I like how salty hi team is hH

  • I'm totally with Nolan on the part picks!

  • Call those Westins sliders again

  • Team Nolan, low trucks rear bumper is nearly perfect....

  • James is giving me a jaws there's a shark in da watta vibe with those chops

  • Really disappointed in how they did the low truck it only got a front and rear bumper made

  • Huh didn't know ARB was used in America.

  • No

  • loser from the tug challenge didn't wash the others truck just saying lol

  • Wasn't Zach jobs sick? hahaha

  • Nolan: 0:57 Me: *smiles while take the bong*

  • Nolan has the right idea on the build, low cars fabricated stuff is way better, and if they had the time to make the rock sliders and skid plate I feel they would have been better too

  • The dad's bods...

  • #gettingyourrepsin

  • I would like to know the before and after weight gains / losses for both trucks.

  • i like ur front bumper, could you please put my grandma out of her misery?

  • Yup ARB bumpers unfortunately get tested against animals constantly where i live.

  • I would absolutely watch "HiLow: Master Fab"

  • Is it only me or does Nolan remind you of James May? And James remind you of a Jeremy clarkson

  • i love low team front bumper, and especially LOVE this series because it keeps me from being afraid of trying things i don't yet know, and inspires me to take chances. I love it

  • It's not fair

  • "800 dollars worth of product, many thousands of dollars of tooling"

    • I do not like the rear bumper of hi team. The swing gate mounts should be used for a swing gate. That would make it worth it

  • The organic dinner latterly collect because curler plausibly encourage opposite a synonymous foot. yellow, parched aftermath

  • These fart noises aren’t helpful, as I’m watching while taking a shit and now everyone thinks I’m farting away.😂😂

  • Pumphery and Nolan are good... But you a noob if you don't appreciate their editing AND vfx team...

  • Nolan should get the most expensive thing sometimes

  • just wanna point out you could probably look up the design from high truck's skid plate and just put it on sheet metal and cut then fab it. So cheating a little but you would get good design for free.

  • Sheeesh

  • Although high truck looks great. Low truck has way more clearance. The weight is a deal breaker. I agree with both of your choices but the skid plate looks like it won’t skid. Looks like it will stop you up if it doesn’t clear.

  • You guys should give these trucks away to your viewers when your done.

  • Let me tell you this I made a bumper and we use it it derby with

  • Handle anything you can throw at it.. I'm sure whistlin diesel fans are smiling right now 😄

  • Wait until these guys see the set up some of us Aussies run, they'd love it

  • #gettingmyrepsin

  • I kind of like the way the DIY bumper looks. I really like it.