$700 vs. $3200 Off-Road Suspension | HiLow

Avaldati 1 aug 2021
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Hi Low is back!!! Hope yall enjoy!

**Intro sequence by @mbarek_abdel***

$700 suspension upgrade vs. $3200 off-road suspension upgrade
Does more expensive mean more better? Let’s find out!

We bought two identical Toyota Tacomas, and we’re modifying them to be fun, daily drivers that you can take literally anywhere, except the ocean.

One Taco gets expensive parts, and one gets cheap parts. Then we test them, to see which components are worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Upgrading your suspension with new, longer travel springs and shocks can improve your truck’s ground clearance, ride quality, and ability to keep all 4 tires in touch with the ground while driving over uneven terrain.
They also let you run bigger, sicker wheels and tires.

Today, Hi Truck is getting….
An ICON Stage 4 Suspension System including front coilovers and rear shocks --both with external reservoirs-- a pair of add-a-leafs, and upper control arms all for $3200.

And Low Truck is getting a Bilstein 3” lift kit which comes with springs, shocks, and an add-a-leaf kit.
Our suspension upgrade costs $700-- less than a fourth the cost of Hi Team’s kit.

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  • You could call the expensive truck the Hilux ....

  • Should have done this with rangers

  • These guys are fucking hilarious!

  • I had heard about of Bilstein, but never of the other brand. I thought they would buy something like King in the "Hi" side

  • Looooooooooow Truuuuuuuuuuuuck FTW!

  • LOL the "do not do at home", I remember my buddy teaching me this right way when we did my struts... then proceeds to do it. Also, never body lift and do a lift kit! Another buddy learned the hard way of that (they seemed to clash with each other stressing out the truck's suspension or something more)


  • Time to crawl some rocks... but not like babies, like scary lizards!

  • 2:16 _sus_

  • 3D graphics were great on this episode! Loved the horseshoe visualization.

  • Bob the beds and e lockers. Did you use the e lockers in the trd?

  • I wish AARON was my friend he is the best mecanic I ever seen

  • 4-low is your friend.

  • A body lift is not just for aesthetics.....the purpose of a body lift is actually to give you more clearance between the wheel and wheel arch so you can fit bigger tires without any scrubbing...come on guys.

  • Legit first time I watched the sponsorship the whole way through. Gotta respect ebay for bringing the sponsorship to their whole season

  • Both should have necessary work done like bushings ,bearings & fluids etc then headers exhaust intake injectors plugs fuel filters,oil & a tune then to race them on road off-road and drag race

  • ha ha ha look at nolan acting like a boyscout "cop to it" ha ha ha

  • Crawling over obstacles isn’t going to show the difference between these shock setups. The icons will outshine the bilsteins anyday with higher speed bumps and washboard roads.

  • Glad I got the short bed after watching this lol

  • Man those are totally different suspension kits though, Icon will definitely win but ultimately you buy for what you’re doing.

  • Bilsteins are a good product they may cost less but are very good quality

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  • You guys should switch it’s fucked up how the other guy gets the cheap parts lol just saying

  • Slam the stock truck

  • Surely it's Nolan's turn for the hi spec vehicle this time around...

  • Idea for next season ether high low drift/rally or a high low dragster

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  • "GILA MONSTER WITH BACTERIA IN HIS SALIVA!" I'll never get tired of this show.

  • Body lift is functionally better because it's no strain on other parts!

  • Nolan doesn’t deserve this

  • Can't go wrong with a suspension made by Mr. Bill Stein himself.

  • Installs different kits that give equal lift and tests them where lift is the most important factor...... How about off road ride quality at speeds faster than a crawl which is where the money difference actually lies.

  • I wish I could have got a full bilstein lift for 700

  • 11:40 💀💀💀💀

  • U forgot portal axles, the ultimate lift

  • They need fast off roading for high truck. But I think low truck did better. Hi truck maybe did better on last test.

  • More bester!

  • Heyo donut @ 19:01 theres something dangling and loose on low truck that isnt dangling in high truck wtf 😂

  • “Alright I really don’t advise you do this at home, but it should be alright” I’m living by it my friend

  • I went from 2015 Tundra with Bilstein shocks to a 2021 tundra TRD pro with fox shocks, and I can tell you with 100% assurity that the Fox Shocks are superior and absolutely every way.

  • The Icon set up shines at high speed off-road. The UCA’s make a huge difference, but Low truck can add a set for less than $200 bucks.

  • What brand is Zacks glasses from? They are sick!

  • Low budget truck did much better

  • 11:10 song name anyone?

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  • Pls supercharge them

  • Man I'd love to see Arron on the show more, he's an incredible person if uk anything about what he does for others. Not to mention incredibly good at modifying cars

    • @Randin Dragonheart yeah, he seems like the more comfortable he gets with everyone the more his fun side comes out too.

    • Agreed, you need Aaron to balance out James's Matty Matheson vibes

  • Both those kits seem like a pretty good deal to me!!

  • I WANT A STOCKY TACO!!! Make it happen Donut

  • mmmmeeeh i would have jumped them pos and seen which suspension landed best..lol

  • I'm glad I subscribe to EEpush Premium so I can still sit through all your fucking ads

  • Y’all should do a cheap vs expensive F-150 single cab 5.0 build 🤙

  • Sick video! I live on the big island, love my yotas!! I was thinking of buying icon suspension for my 99 4runner. Thanks for the vid, it was fun watching🤙🏾

  • Bilshtien

  • 7:49 True, a body lift doesn't give you anymore suspension travel or ground clearance for the frame. However, a body lift does give the body more ground clearance so it is less likely to get hung up on obstacles. Body lifts also allow for larger tires and we all know the benefits of larger tires.

  • 6:33 That is not a strut, it is a shock absorber. A strut takes place of an upper ball joint.

  • As a German who always uses Febi Bilstein for his E30 and his E46: Use it. It works, it’s the cheapest „high quality“ Part Manufacturer. At least here in Germany.

  • can you guys tell them to bring ebay motors to canada

  • "A complete coil over kit... is worth the money."

  • “This lo team baby!” Hahah yes

  • Keep up the good work guys. The difference will be performance on the suspension setup.

  • Just bought a first gen crew cab Tacoma Just bought a Bilstien 5100 kit Just bought it from eBay …And 5 hours later.. Just ran across this video 😂

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  • When the camera man got an umbrella boy

  • "Cheap" parts for trucks are not the same as cheap parts for cars. There is really not that many "ebay" brands and are better quality than the xheap cars parts.

  • Learn how to drive guys😂😂

  • this should be redone with UCAs on low truck and long travel on high truck

  • They should have had a couple of '84-'85 solid axle Xtra-Cabs with sway bar disconnects thrown in.

  • James is so freaking funny. Never change, my man!

  • I LOVE HI-LOW!!!! I was SO happy when I saw a new season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “I’ll take 3 inches.” “ I wish I was jaden smith so I could cuddle with my dad.”

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  • Shorely u guys get snorkels

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  • Bilsteins are the go to for full size trucks

  • bilstein are not cheap and theyre really good

  • You guys need to get some real off-road roaders to do these tests because most of these problems can be solved with a driver mod lol

  • I am so happy HiLow is back

  • Bruh Nolan deserves the hi truck after all the pain he’s gone through with low car ;(

  • tyre pressures guys lol

  • Kind of an odd question, but would you know where I could find a 4x4 46rh transmission for under $1000?

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  • "thousand pounds of dude" needs to be on a tee

  • “This seasons kicking off with a whole lotta” ad pops up and ruins it

  • If your lift kit doesn't give you the items to fix the driveline angles don't buy it. Both trucks will be worn out in 20k miles

  • Give nolan the high truck this season

  • shocking to see Bilstein at the "low price". They're actually a really high quality shock manufacturer in germany.

    • @Marius Dragomir very interesting, thank you. I was under the impression Bilstein is high end stuff. Never looked at the lower end stuff, B8 etc. Thank you for mentioning.

    • @Müllerman Didn't say they weren't. Budget doesn't mean bad.

    • @Marius Dragomir But the Budget things are always safe and good to use

    • They do have a price range for their products. While they make high end versions, they also make budget shocks.

    • Hab ich auch gedacht. Febi Bilstein ist halt Ausrüsterqualität und trotzdem billig.

  • I don't think you can get low truck's suspension for 700

  • Just like the Liberal media.. " we got stuck in the same spot" shows more distance traveled 23:25

  • Your going to have to rebuild those Icons every 10-15K miles

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  • So you raised nothing as the axis is still on the same height.

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  • Hands down the most fun I've had, watching two old Tacomas. xD

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