$1200 Electric Winch vs. $80 Manual Come-Along

Avaldati 5 sept 2021
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  • The biggest point you missed was… The come along can be moved from vehicle to vehicle. Totally portable. And it’s not heavy either.

  • Why are winches so expensive? They are little more than a gear motor and a spool.

  • I'm not even going to watch this comparison, and just say more expensive is better on this one...

  • Can Nolan get high car next? This is starting to feel kind of unfair. Dude gives so much depth to the topics and with this series, really makes the convention to the average person. Sure high car gets the best from the get go, but most people I know start with cheap to achieve their goals and gradually upgrade to the higher quality stuff as things break. Nolan needs a win on the channel for the average Joe.

    • Please do a cheap winch vs expensive winch torture test. Warn Evo vs Smitty built or badlands!! Thx guys

  • Of course the California boys needed a Texas truck to get out of a pickle

  • "To the winch, wench!"

  • I love yall's videos but this wasn't a fair comparison you could have got him like a $300 wench from harbor freight

  • paying $80 for back pain just doesn’t sit right with me

  • so what.... u have an anchor point, could almost do it with the guys there...smh come on thats not a test lol

  • I will attest to the traction boards, I was stuck as heck in this incredibly sticky clay. It sunk into the gaps between my tread and made my tires like drag slicks. A guy with some traction boards slid them under, gave me a little tug and I got right out.

  • Walmart electric wench is under $100

  • "silly problems to have for something that expensive" that's what low team should say :D because if I pay such a price, then I expect quality.

  • If it can pull James it can pull any truck. 🤭

  • 1200 and no synthetic cable, both got ripped off, those farm Jack's are come along as well

  • Harbor freight sells winch's. Why not spend like 200 and get a electric winch cable instead of a come along.

  • Would love for next season to be Nolan on high and James on low!

  • You couldn't just buy a winch from Harbor Freight? The come-along is actually dangerous to use if you exceed it's capacity. It could buckle, bend, and leave you injured.

  • Please do a cheap winch vs expensive winch torture test. Warn Evo vs Smitty built or badlands!! Thx guys

  • Those come alongs are garbage. They should of had lo car get a cheaper winch.

  • If you do another season of hi-low nolan and his team needa get the expensive parts

  • In my friend group with am certified winch bitch - if I had to use a come along I would come along on different off roading trips

  • You should have taken the high trucks bumpers in to get sprayed with bedliner I mean it's literally there for taking impacts and paint will scrape off or chip.

  • Only problem with the winch, you can only pull yourself foreword, come along can pull any direction that you have a tow hook

  • You guys should go to Black Bear pass when you guys are done with them.

  • Why is Nolan always low team? Y’all should switch for the next one.

  • Pretty sure the High truck rack isn’t supposed to be floating above the bed rail like that…. Any one know what brand it is???

  • This is rather fun to watch, because I can see literally my buddies truck build appearing with High Truck. I think he dropped like $20-$30k in add-ons and upgrades and I want to say added over a ton of extra weight. (Also for the record he has needed his winch at least twice ... well almost, we did get out without one time, didn't have diff locks)

  • I wish they did a high priced name brand winch and a cheapy harbor freight winch to make it seem more fair. I mean you can get a 5000lbs winch for $200

  • You can buy a winch for these for less than 2-300 bucks. Why would you use a come along?

  • 8000 lb winches at harbor freight arent expensive

  • using a chain with the come-along gives you a better option than straps as you can attach to any link.

  • $1200 winch and it’s still a metal line. Gotta go synthetic

  • alot of winches are much cheaper and alot of off-road vehicles dont need that strong of a winch because they weigh less like the jimny

  • low car, should have bought a harbor fright winch

  • The cable weigh go's in the center of the cable, you should compare like a cheap winch the badlands to a more expensive one that would be more real world comparison 🤔

  • I feel for Nolan... Going bottom of the barrel vs top of the line is not fair.... There are more fair comparisons possible

  • I kind of really wish they compared the high truck wench to like a harbor freight electric wench or something like that. There are a lot of budget electric wenches out there that would of been sweet to see if they work.

  • Who was the guy using the jack asa gun, we need to see him in more videos

    • Jared, its jared, show us more jared

  • take them on a 500 mile off road trip for the final episode

  • You guys have to make toy cars of the animated hilow trucks at the start.I would buy them.But the pins are still cool

  • High truck, low truck, my truck, your truck. You can have that one...

  • I just realize this builds up into a 4 w drive adventure. Fingers crossed

  • my dad uses his winch all the time. if we need to move something heavy, we use the winch. we have pulled 4 or 5 people out of sand near our place, and at least 3 people out of the sand or snow on the side of the road. i have ever connect my harness to it, and been lowered into a mine shaft. it was about 15 ft too short.

  • The winch is great if you have the truck it’s mounted on. The come along is portable for different vehicles or different situations, including those not involving vehicles.

  • They sell winches for like 60 where I’m at

  • When trying to take the truck out of the stuck spot, what is the function of the pivot? I’ve been seeing a coworker untucking a forklift with a strap attached to its truck.

  • High truck is bad ass but I'm pretty impressed with low truck I do think they should have gave him a cheap harbor freight winch

  • Once this series is done I wanna know the end weight for both trucks. Stock vs hi and stock vs low. All the upgrades are cool and all but weight is a factor in this stuff as well.

  • I've been with people who have been more stuck and used the high jack only to get themselves out

  • "Cheap extraction"🤣🤣🤣❤️

  • The fact low team's other recovery gear cost more than the come-along itself is ridiculous

  • The rapid swim neurochemically obtain because fiberglass gratifyingly reign round a vast bail. steep, clever range

  • In french, you can translate the come along to literally a "pull hard" Un "tire fort" en français. 😂

  • They should’ve let Nolan have hi car.

  • Come on, doing Nolan like that? Brings nothing to the show

  • For the amount of money spent on high truck , if low truck gets stuck they could essentially just leave it there and go get another used truck .

  • Real comparison should have been a high mount vs something $200. I’ve got a cheap winch and it gets me up anything (can always run a double line pull) but I had a mate get stuck in a bog hole and his car was flooding and the fact the bloke behind had a high mount and could get him out in under 5 seconds is what saved his diffs and gearbox.

  • pro with a come-along is if you need to back out of something you can just as easily connect it to the back of the truck and get out in reverse

  • This didn't seem fair. I feel like they should of gave Lo-Truck a cheap electric winch.

  • Anyone know what glasses James and Aaron are wearing in these? Fashion icons

  • The Come-along is the better option imo. If im stuck in the wild. The last thing i want to rely on is something thats electronic with multiple parts that could break

  • If you really wanted to be cheap you could use your jack as a winch

  • All the Aussie watching in anger because our fourbies are just better

  • honestly, you guys did Nolan dirty. should've just got a harbor freight winch.

  • 8000lb badlands winch which cost 200 would have done the same thing

  • It's great to see that you guys enjoyed the Coastal Offroad armor! A new front bumper is on us if you'd like to redo that front clearance test ;)

  • You guys could have just had some straps seeing as you used 2 vehicles to anchor to instead of just had one of them pull you out

  • this... this is excessive

  • Those wenches need to come along....

  • Why not try a much cheaper winch to be more realistic?

    • Not a good comparison.. might as well do a test on pushing a Tacoma on a trail vs driving one lol

  • The hi/lo jack is is one of best recovery item's you can have that and a shovels

  • I start to feel bad for nolan :( please let him be on high team on an other series an james on low

  • Low truck should of got a badland winch. If this is the case, low truck should of got 3 inch body lift.

  • I have a come along on stand by but another friend on the trail with a strap is even better

  • I’m starting to think that these guys have never been Offroad… like ever…

  • Why nolan keep getting the cheap car

  • "This is our jack!" I think you mean... "widow maker"

  • Give me a season where Nolan gets high car.

  • So now let’s see them get stuck but need to be pulled out backwards

  • arron is acting way more funny then he usually is

  • The only problem I have with this version of the series is how far they are taking the “budget” truck. Like they aren’t even trying to find budget options they are just doing the absolute worst thing possible.

  • This 1 isn't even a consideration. , BUY HIGH, BUY HIGH, BUY HIGH!

  • Not a good comparison.. might as well do a test on pushing a Tacoma on a trail vs driving one lol

  • the reaction for 5grand was so PRICELESS!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Which one should encounter a come-along isn't even a winch

  • I use 2 come-along an work great

  • I'm gunna say you should went for a cheap badlands winch for 60$ from harbor frieght

  • 6:31 thats not how u use step drill. there is tools made for that purpose and step drill aint one


  • Boy a fucking come along hahaha 🪑🪑🪑

  • I wish you would have used the harbor freight winch instead of the come along… Would’ve been a better comparison

  • “He’s totally doing a Jurassic Park” with the winch and drift kart….just know I’m a 90’s baby and I got it

  • This series is basically proving the hole buy once cry once saying

  • "Are these cleats for a Bigfoot?" Had me laughing for 15 minutes straight, love the humor that Donut puts out!

  • Has no one even realized that you don’t need a come-along when you have a trail jack? A trail jack can do everything the come along can do and better. Always thought of the trail jack as the poor mans winch so I guess the come along is the poor-er mans winch…

  • I think this is a stupid comparison series, you can’t even compare what they have done…single locker vs fully locked, winch vs basically a ratchet…cmon guys make it just cheap vs expensive like quality vs cheap and nasty and then compare….

  • This was about the dumbest comparison you could do. At least with all the others you all have done thus far they were kind of similar items. But as other's have said, why not have cheap winch vs expensive winch. C'mon...

    • @E. C. shut up kid

    • @Drastic oG That's all you got?! Nothing productive? Kid? I wish. I've got kids, though. The oldest is probably just a few years younger than the guys in these vids. I still say this was kinda lame comparison. As others have said below, at least find a dirt cheap winch (ebay? Alibaba?) and compare it to a top of the line winch. Every other mod was close to comparable and something I might consider. But a come-along. I'd almost never consider it for a vehicle. Unless maybe I was off the side of a road and wanted it to be used to hold me from sliding down further...while I used my front or rear winch to get me back up on the road. But I'd only do that if I was solo and didn't have another truck to use their winch to pull me up.

    • Shut up kid

  • What a bullshit episode. Why the fuck was there a manual winch. When people are looking at winches they’re definitely going to want an electric one. You guys should have compared a a cheap electrical winch to and expensive one wtf…

  • I think you ripped off on that come along that's kinda costly.

  • 7:45 I mean Aaron's right you're definitely gonna run into raptors, FORD raptors that is 😎😂

    • of muck, nope, still sealed. Obviously for a better comparison they bought the come along. But Nolan could've got a $250 winch and killed this comparo.